SS2G1 GA geographic regions

					Kristen D. Chavous Primary Focus of Lesson: Georgia’s Geographic Regions Grade Level: 2nd Grade Length of Lesson: 30-45 minutes Georgia Performance Standard(s): SS2G1- The student will locate major topographical features of Georgia and will describe how these features define Georgia’s surface. A. Locate all the geographic regions of Georgia: Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Valley and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau. Lesson Objective: Students will know:    Students will know that Georgia has 5 land regions. Students will know that each region contains certain types of landforms that differ from the other regions. Students will know that the 5 regions can share some of the same plant and animal life.

Students will be able to:  The students will be able to identify the geographic regions of Georgia and describe the regions by completing a research project telling about a given region with 100% mastery.

Essential Question:    What are the land regions of Georgia? How are they different? Where is each region located?

Assessment of Objectives: Rubric Rubric 4 (4 pts) 3 (3 pts) 2 (2 pts) 1 (1 pt) Meets Critera All questions are Most questions are Some questions are Few or none answered. answered. questions are Given (1, 25%) answered. answered. The group members Presentation (1, The group spoke The group spoke The group one at a time; one at a time; members spoke all were hard to hear 25%) clearly and clearly but were at the same time, and did not speak loudly. hard to hear. but were heard. one at a time. Posters (1, 25%) All answers to Most answers to Some answers to Few or no answers

Kristen D. Chavous the given the given questions the given questions questions were were shown. were shown. shown. Most group Some group Collaboration All group members worked members worked members worked (1, 25%) together well. together well. together well. to the given questions were shown. No one worked together.

Introduction:    Introduce the project. Explain what information they will be responsible for. Introduce the Regions by showing them on a map.

Teaching Procedures/Strategies:   Break the students up in their groups. Let them research their region with the information you provide in their folders. Let the groups research information on the internet. Be sure to supervise them as they surf the web! (This is a great time to find neat pictures.) Give the students the materials to create their posters. Pass out the graphic organizers. Tell the students to fill them out while the others are presenting.

 

New Vocabulary: Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Valley and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau, land regions, landforms, Upper Coastal Plain, Lower Coastal Plain Materials and Resources:
   

A folder for each region conatining information on the region and a copy of the guidlines attached below Graphic Organizer for each student (attached) 6 posterboards Various art and craft supplies

Here are a couple websites that are very useful for researching information and finding pictures. ThinkQuest: Regions of Georgia Georgia's Wildlife Website: Regions of Georgia

Kristen D. Chavous Graphic Organizer Doc attached

Poster Requirements Doc attached

What do I need to put on my Regions poster?
 Name your region  Show where it is on a map  Tell about the landforms that make up the region  Tell about the plants and animals that live in the region  Tell how many people live in the region  Tell some interesting facts about the region

Kristen D. Chavous Test Doc attached Credits and References:

Georgia on My Mind
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1. Who is the Governor of Georgia? ____________________________ 2. Name one thing he does for our state? _______________________ _________________________________________________________ 3. What is the capital of Georgia? ______________________________ 4. What is the state bird? ____________________________________ 5. What is the state tree? ____________________________________ 6. What is the state flower? __________________________________ 7. Which flag is the current Georgia flag? (circle)

8. Label the regions of Georgia. 1________________________________________ 3 1 2 2________________________________________ 4
3________________________________________ 4________________________________________

5 6

5_________________________________________ 6_________________________________________

Word Bank
Upper Coastal Plain Piedmont Blue Ridge Lower Costal Plain Appalachian Plateau Ridge and Valley

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