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Destination Overview
Manchester is one of the most         When to visit
gay friendly cities in the UK         Visit in August to see world’s
and is often described as a           largest Gay Pride celebration!
gay capital of the North!             Over ten days of indoor and
Famous Canal Street was               outdoor parties will give you a
where one of the first gay pubs       great chance to see what
opened in 1940’s and till today       Manchester has to offer!                       Image by EMjBU on Flickr

it offers exciting and glittery
nightlife!                            Book cheap train tickets to
                                      Manchester and enjoy one of
Nightlife                             the most vibrant cities in the
If you remember the original          UK. And don’t forget your
‘Queer As Folk’ TV series, then       umbrella – Manchester can
surely you will recognise Canal       be very rainy!
Street, the centre of the Gay
Village.                              Shopping
                                      Manchester is also very well
This liveliest area in the city has   know as a great place to shop               Image by iansthree on Flickr
a number of cafés, bars and           and many fashionistas visit the
clubs, and a great time is            city especially for that.
guaranteed for anybody!
                                      Visit the Exchange Square and
Transport                             King Street where some of the
Though it might look                  hippest brands have their
complicated at the first              boutiques and stoics.
glance, transportation in
Manchester is fairly easy.            Find more information about
Always get a return ticket for,       best local vintage stores and
and if travelling often, buy a        designer hangouts here.
                                                                                     Image by EMjBU on Flickr

day ticket to save money.                                                   Rainbow Flag image by torbakhopper
                                                                                                       on Flickr
Get off at Piccadilly Station for
the Gay Village.

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