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					 On the Move
               Randall                          Melanie
               Boyd,                            Holthaus,
               Gucken-                          Women’s
               heimer                           Council
               The Red-                         of Real-
               wood City                        tors, Santa
               food service                     Clara Valley
company named Randall            chapter
Boyd chief executive officer     The San Jose nonprofit or-
and chief operating officer.     ganization named Melanie
Previously, he held execu-       Holthaus president. She
tive positions at LSG Sky        serves as a commercial real
Chefs.                           estate agent at Intero.

               Anton                            Lance
               Commis-                          Lennier,
               saris,                           M Squared
               Credit                           Consulting
               Sesame                            The San
               The Moun-                         Francisco
               tain View                         provider
consumer credit and              of project leaders and
loan assistance provider         subject matter experts
appointed Anton Commis-          appointed Lance Lennier
saris chief operating officer.   senior vice president of
He is a founding member          sales for its technol-
of the executive        ogy group. Previously, he
                                 served in senior manage-
                                 ment and sales manage-
                                 ment positions at CDI.
               Cotney,                           Derek Side-
               mBlox                             bottom,
               The                               Rocket Fuel
               Sunnyvale                         The Red-
               technology                        wood City
               company                           provider
that helps connect brands                        of artificial
and agencies with consum-        intelligence advertising
ers online name Thomas           tools for digital marketers
Cotney chief executive of-       named Derek Sidebottom
ficer. Recently, he served as    vice president of people.
a board advisor at Catavolt.     He is former chief people
                                 officer at Kabam.
               Eastburn,                        Melissa
               FiveStars                        Stein,
               The Moun-                        AdMobius
               tain View                      The San Ma-
               customer                       teo mobile
               loyalty net-                   audience
work for local businesses                     manage-
named Pat Eastburn vice          ment platform named
president of local sales. He     Melissa Stein vice presi-
is former vice president of      dent of product. Recently,
sales at AT&T Interactive.       she was vice president of
                                 product at Velti.
                Green,                          Chris
                Bay Area                        Sterbenc,
                Bankruptcy                      Gridstore
                Forum                           The Moun-
                                                tain View
                The San
                                                provider of
nonprofit mutual benefit
                                 fined storage tools named
corporation that dissemi-
                                 Chris Sterbenc vice presi-
nates information, provides
                                 dent of sales. Previously, he
public service and educa-
                                 served as vice president of
tion named Tracy Green
                                 sales at Untangle.
to its board of directors.
She is a partner at Wendel,
Rosen, Black & Dean.                             Dafina Ton-
                                                 U.S. Venture
               stock,                            The Menlo
               Perkins                           Park early
               Coie                              stage ven-
               The global        ture capital firm appointed
               law firm          Dafina Toncheva as a
named Arthur Hauben-             partner. She is a former
stock as senior counsel in       principal investor at Tug-
the environment, energy          boat Ventures.
and resources practice
and will work from the San
Francisco office. Recently,
he was vice president for
regulatory affairs at Bright-
Source Energy.

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