Sloths in corporate by drsranganathan


									Sloths are described to be one of the slowest animals that live in tropical rain forest.
They are strictly arboreal (lives in the upper canopy of trees) animals. Sloth is although
described to be one of the slowest animals but is definitely not a lazy animal.

Why they are slow? When most animals are quick, swift, fast and alert as their life is
always surrounded by predators and poachers, why Sloth alone has preferred to be slow?
How the approach of a slow life as preferred by the Sloth is not hurting them in the dense
tropical forest?

The corporate should delayer the answer of the above question and fit the same to the
context of their corporate.

Sloth can afford to be slow in their life. They live in tropical rain forests as arboreal
animals. They eat the foliage of trees. The tropical forests are very dense and because of
the dense crown cover, even the sun shy to shine inside such forests.

The most remarkable aspect of the sloth is that their body is covered by thick fur. The fur
is mostly colonized by certain green algae that give green, natural colour to the animal.
When green coloration of algae in the black fur of the animal coupled with the slow
movement, offers an excellent camouflage benefit to this arboreal species. The animal
can perfectly conceal its identity from its environment with the above algal partnership.

Only when the sloth prefers to be slow, the algal colonization can sustain in the fur of the
animal. When food is available in plenty and is well supported by the camouflage benefit
naturally the animal need not be fast.       The slow lifestyle only offers benefit and
advantage to them.

Another reason prior to the slowness of the animal is that they sleep nearly 15 hours a
day that further support the colonization of green algae.

The excellent camouflage due to the algal colonization in the fur, long hours of sleep,
poor appetite and poor rate of metabolism only allows the sloth to be slow.

Many Sloths do exist in most corporate. Instead of asking or blaming these people, one
should ask what really support them to be so in the corporate world.

The corporate that are governed by single man are the perfect ‘tropical rain forest’
ecosystem for these people.

Unless the factors that support the people in corporate to be ‘slow’ like sloth are not
clearly understood and eliminated, the people would remain like ‘sloth’ motivating many
others also to join their communion.

Sloth can afford to be slow as the ecosystem where it lives support and want them to be
slow for their benefit. Whereas the people in corporate are employed primarily for the
benefit of the corporate and the benefits of the employees are only consequential.
The HR function must learn a lot about nature in general and sloth ecology in particular
to bring an excellent culture where the employees should be motivated to perform and not
whipped to do the same.

Dr. S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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