Youth Icebreakers: Scattered Nativity by sappken


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 Youth Icebreakers:
 Scattered Nativity

  Can you locate all the
  pieces of the nativity

Nativity scene with multiple
individual pieces.

Game Play
• This is a scavenger hunt type
• Hide the pieces from the
  nativity scene around the
• Some should be easy to find
  and some more difficult.
• Place one on the snack table,
  one could be in with the
  presents, one in the tree, and
  so on!

 • Give each person a piece
   of paper and a pencil, the
   goal is to be the first
   person to locate all the
   items of the nativity scene
   and correctly write their
   locations on the paper.

  Help Santa find his
  reindeer. 8 people (or 9) to
  find Santa’s Reindeer will
  win a prize.

See Conducting Scavenger
Hunts for help, Hints, Safety
Considerations, Rules, and
other useful information to
make your scavenger hunt a
wild success!

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