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									Is your child’s no-tray high chair a health hazard?
Parents are becoming increasingly aware of unhygienic high chairs, both
in restaurants and at home.

As a Daily Mail Online news article recently highlighted, a report
conducted on UK restaurants by Microban, makers of antibacterial
products, found that “while some of the high chairs were relatively
clean, others had concentrations of bacteria as high as 1,200 bacteria
per square centimeter, which is worrying.”

Our top 5 tips to avoid a high chair health hazard:

1. Get an easy-to-clean high chair. Anything with cloth, padding or
complicated structures usually gets very dirty very quickly. Simple
wooden or plastic highchairs with few or no crevices are ideal.

2. Ensure you clean all high chair surfaces regularly, particularly the
seat area, and ideally after each use.
They must also be cleaned thoroughly, not just wiping away obvious stains
and spills.
We recommend anti-bacterial wipes or sprays which are widely available.

3. Consider a no-tray design. Trays can harbour many bacteria and are
usually more difficult to clean than a table surface.
A 2007 Hygiene Council study discovered that 60 per cent of high chair
food trays in the home held Coliforms - bacteria that indicate a surface
has been contaminated by faecal matter, raw meat, soil or unwashed

4. Use high chairs with replaceable straps and belts. Clean and / or
replace washable parts regularly. All straps, harnesses and seat belts
will get dirty with use, so either wash them or just order replacements.
A dirty crotch strap or safety belt looks awful and is probably full of
bacteria too. Keep them clean!

5. Store the chairs in a clean, safe place when not in use.

Remember – as parents we care about our children, protecting them and
keeping them safe. Keeping your high chairs spotlessly clean will help
keep them that way.

Daniel Broude, buyer at Gondola Group, whose restaurant chains include
family favourites such as Pizza Express, ASK and Zizzi’s, recommends the
No-Tray High Chair:

“We have been using the No-Tray High Chair in our restaurants for over 25
years and have always been happy with their performance, stability,
safety and ease of cleaning. I would recommend the product to any café /
restaurant group and parents looking for a stylish, safe and easy-to-
clean children’s chair.”

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No-Tray High Chair
By: Alex Planidin

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