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									Whether you’re a parent with quadruplets or just 4 small children, a quad
stroller can provide a safe and convenient way of transporting your
children around, making relaxing walks with your whole family possible.
Quad Strollers have risen in popularity in recent years as stroller
technology has continued to advance further.

The Foundations Quad Four Child Stroller has been designed with comfort,
convenience and safety as the highest priorities so the larger family is
well catered for. Here we'll drill down into the features and functions
of the Foundations Quad Stroller to help you determine if it's the right
stroller for your family.

Features of the Foundations Quad Four Child Stroller

- Seats up to 4 Children, up to 40 pounds per seat

- Seats recline independently upto 25 degrees front and upto 60 degrees

- Fits through standard door frames, at just 33 inches wide wheel to

- SafeBrake System

- Dual canopies

- Laminated heavy-duty fabric

- 10 Rubberized foam wheels, offering a comfort level similar to air-
filled tyres

- Large storage baskets

Safety as Standard

Foundations have gone all out to ensure this stroller delivers the
ultimate in safety. Each of the 4 padded seats are equipped with a 3-
point safety harness ensuring your child is protected in the event of a
collision or sudden stop.

For extra comfort, the rear seats recline independently up to 60 degrees
and up to 25 degree at the front. This is ideal for keeping a closer eye
on young babies who need a greater recline to sleep or travel safely. In
addition to this, each seat has its own canopy to protect your children
from adverse weather conditions.

The wheels are made of rubberized foam which provides a comfort level
similar to air-filled tires. This eliminates any worries of the tires
becoming flat and delivers an extra-smooth ride for your little ones.

Fit for the Crowds

If you’ve ever used a quad stroller before, you’ll be aware how difficult
it can be getting through doorways which can be especially frustrating in
crowded places. The Foundation Quad Four Child Stroller is only 33 inches
wide from wheel to wheel in its open position so getting your children
through doorways in those busy places is no longer a struggle.

Durable and Versatile

Quad Strollers need to bear plenty of wear and tear so durability is
important if a stroller is to last the distance. The Foundations Quad
stroller has a sturdy, strong tube frame so you can ensure it will
withstand the rigors of daily use.

The laminated fabric seats and canopies have easy to clean material so
cleaning is simple and no laborious task.


These days, parents want plenty of amenities with a stroller to meet
their daily needs. The Foundations Quad Stroller is a little
disappointing in this area. There aren’t any trays or cup holders to give
you easy access to items or keep you refreshed on the move but given the
size of this stroller it’s understandable.

A large storage basket is provided to give you ample storage for all your

Final Thoughts

With a high level of comfort, convenience and durability, the Foundations
Quad Stroller is ideal for large, growing families who want a practical
way to bring their little ones anywhere. The design is attractive with
royal blue color material and beautifully streamlined.

The only downside is that it’s not very lightweight so loading it to and
from your car can be awkward but given the fact it carries 4 children
this is not surprising. In terms of value, at just under $400 it’s very
reasonably priced on a per child basis with the level of quality and
features it provides.

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Foundations Quad Four Child Stroller Review
 by: Steve D White

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