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									Paper towels are used for a large number of purposes; they are used for
cleaning kitchen counter tops, to wipe your hands and even when you are
down with a cold. These handy paper towels were invented by Sir Arthur
Scott and have been around for more than a hundred years. However, many
people do not notice that these items include many variables and choices.
Here are few of the variations that will definitely help you with your
purchase –


Ply refers to many   single sheets that are used together to form a single
paper towel. These   are often sold as a one or two ply. One ply towels are
used in commercial   settings, such as in restaurants or bathrooms. Two ply
towels are sold to   consumers for home use. Two ply towels are generally
thicker and absorb   more than one ply towels.


These types of towels are sold in rolls with up to a hundred or more
sheets per roll. These rolls are either placed on a holder for consumers
or inserted into a dispenser for commercial and public use. The number of
paper towels on each roll varies. Manufacturers who sell these to
consumers set a number of perforated sheets on each roll that is sold.
Paper towels used in public dispensing machines also have a predetermined
number of sheets on a roll.

Size of each sheet

The size of each sheet is mentioned on the package for consumers. A
typical sheet size for consumer products is 11x11 inches. Commercial
sheet sizes, such as those used in public toilets, are typically shorter
in width. Each sheet is perforated with cut-lines to allow the user to
tear off sheets for use.


Companies pack them for sale to consumers in retail stores. Packaging is
typically based on the quantity of rolls. Common quantities are single
roll, three, six and eight roll. Consumer pricing is usually discounted
to provide the incentive of savings for purchasing more than one roll at
a time. Paper towels purchased from commercial or industrial use are
usually void of extensive or decorative packaging.

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All about Paper Towels
By: Kathleen chester

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