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									Spelling and Phonics                     Grammar and Usage                        Spelling (/ī/ /ĭ/)                Geography
Write the meaning. Im- = Not             Write each abbrev.                       Show syllables and accents.
                                         1. Acre                                  1. Infant                         1. The equator divides the Earth into
1. impersonal- ____________              2. Quart                                 2. Finally                        which two hemispheres?
2. impatient- _____________              3. Revolutions per minute                3. Tickled
3. impossible- ____________              4. Gallon                                4. Pickle                         2. The prime meridian helps to divide
4. imperfect- ___________                                                         5. Spite                          the Earth into which two hemispheres?

Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots                  Vocab                                    Writer’s Secret                   Commonly Confused Words
Form words by adding a prefix, suffix,   Circle the most appropriate adjective.                                     all together (phrase)- in a group
or both to the root duc.                                                                                            Altogether (adv)- wholly, completely
                                                                                  Find and rewrite a sentence
1. _duc_ _ _ = to teach
                                         ___ flakes of snow gently                that shows: past tense, present   1. “Let’s sing this (all together,
2. _ _ duc_ _ _ = decreasing             touched my cheek.                        tense, and future tense.          altogether) now,” pleaded the choral
3. _ _ _duct = something                                                                                            director.
manufactured                                                                                                        2. The waiting period for college
                                         Cold, Downy, Bitter, Stinging,                                             acceptance is (all together, altogether)
4. _ _ _ _ _ duc _ = to present on       Icy
person to another so they can                                                                                       too long.
become acquainted                                                                                                   3. John held the group (all together,
                                         *downy: soft:: sufficient: ____                                            altogether) during the crisis.

Poetry                                                                             Spelling and Grammar             4. Sometimes we get (all together,
                                         Write a poem in which you are            Write 2-3 sentences with 2        altogether) too moody and offend
Every poem has a speaker. The                                                                                       others.
                                         the speaker, talking about               proper nouns in each.
speaker is the person or animal
                                         something that happened to               Afterwards, write above each
or being that we imagine is
                                         you yesterday. Then write it             proper noun its personal
speaking the poem.
                                         again from another perspective,          pronoun (I, me, mine, we, us,
                                         with a different speaker.                our, ours, you, yours, he, him,
                                                                                  his, she, her, hers, its, they,
                                                                                  them, their, theirs)
                                                                                                                                    Daily RevUps Week 3
Spelling and Phonics                     Grammar and Usage                            Spelling (/ī/ /ĭ/)                 Geography
Write the meaning. Im- = Not             Write each abbrev.                           Show syllables and accents.
                                                                                      1. quietly                         1. North America is part of which
1. Improper- _______________             1. Miles per hour                            2. Nickel                          two hemispheres?
2. Immovable- ______________             2. Fluid ounce                               3. Diamond
3. Imbalance- _______________            3. Millimeter                                4. Sprinkle                        2. Is Australia part of the Northern
4. Impure- __________________            4. Meter                                     5. Linen                           and Western Hemispheres, or the
                                                                                                                         Southern and Eastern

Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots                   Vocab                                       Writer's Secret                    Commonly Confused Words
Form words by adding a prefix, suffix,   The word bristly is an antonym                                                  Allude (v)- to refer indirectly
or both to the root duc.                 of downy. Which of the                       Find and rewrite 2-3 sentences     Elude (v) to avoid or escape from a
1. _ _ _ duct _ _ = one who leads        following could be described as              each that shows: past tense,
an orchestra                                                                                                             The prisoner who sat before the
                                         bristly?                                     present tense, and future tense.
                                                                                                                         parole board 1.(alluded, eluded) to
2. _ _ duc_ _ _ _ = the act of           a. A piece of felt                                                              the fact that his record as a
taking away                              b. A snowflake                                                                  prisoner was exemplary.
3. _ _ duce_ _ _ _ = a motive,           c. A cactus                                                                     Admittedly, he did not 2.(allude,
purpose                                                                                                                  elude) to several incidents where
                                         d. A silk tie
4.Duct _ _ _ _ = without tubes                                                                                           he had been cited for 3.(alluding,
                                                                                                                         eluding) the guards who caught
                                         * Synonym of bristly:                                                           him trying to escape…..
Poetry                                   Now, don’t sir! Don’t expose me! Just        Spelling and Grammar
Dramatic monologue- a poem in            this once!                                   Make a list of 2-3 different
which we hear a character in the         That was the first and only time, I’ll       places you’ve visited or would
middle of a story, sometimes at a                                                     like to visit.
                                         Look at me, see, I kneel, - the only time,
crazy moment. The character is                                                        Surround each place-name with
                                         I swear, I ever cheated, …
not the poet, but someone else.                                                       at least 3 vibrant descriptive
                                                Go tell them! Who cares
The entire poem is spoken by                                                          adjectives.
                                               What such a rowdy chooses to….
that character.                          Aie, aie-aie!
                                         Please sir! Your thumbs are through my
                                         windpipe, sir!
                                         Ch-ch!                                                                                Daily RevUps Week 3
Spelling and Phonics                       Grammar and Usage                       Spelling (/ī/ /ĭ/)                Geography
Write the meaning. In- = Not               Write an action verb to complete each   Show syllables and accents.      1. Asia is located in which directions
                                           sentence.                               1. diet                          from the equator and from the prime
1. Inactive-                               1. The tightrope performers             2. Vice                          meridian? In which hemispheres is
                                           ___ across a very high wire.                                             Asia located?
2. Incomplete-                                                                     3. Reliable
                                           2. Ten clowns ___ into a very
3. Independent-                                                                    4. Distant
                                           tiny car and drove away.                                                 2. Does the equator cross the
4. Inexpensive-                                                                    5. instant
                                           3. The magician ___ two                                                  northern or southern part of South
                                           rabbits out of his hat.                                                  America? South American is
                                           4. We ___ lots of cotton candy                                           located mostly in which two
                                           and popcorn at the circus.                                               hemispheres?
Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots                    Vocab                                   Writer's Secret                   Commonly Confused Words
Port = to carry                            Draw lines connecting the                                                … However, he did 1.(allude, elude)
For each word, add different suffixes to   word clammy to two related                                               to the many times he had given
make at least 3 new words.                 words.                                                                   blood to help his fellow inmates. In
1. export- _________________               downy                 bitter                                             turn, the parole board reminded him
2. import- ________________                Bristly              sticky                                              of the several attempts he had made
                                                                                                                    to 2.(allude, elude) his
3. report- ________________                        CLAMMY                                                           responsibilities in doing his daily
                                           moist                  dry                                               chores. They 3.(alluded, eluded) to
                                                    Fragrant                                                        the reports made by the guards.

                                           * Name some objects that are
                                           Poetry                                   Spelling and Grammar
                                           See yesterday’s prompt.                 Write 2-3 sentence fragments.
                                                                                   Then turn each into a complete
                                           Can you imagine what happens            sentence.
                                           next in the story? Write another
                                           5 lines to follow the ones from
                                           above. Remember to stay
                                           within the voice of the
                                                                                                                           Daily RevUps Week 3   3
                                           character speaking.
Spelling and Phonics                    Grammar and Usage                         Spelling (/ī/ /ĭ/)               Geography
Write the meaning. In- = Not            Write an action verb to complete each     Show syllables and accents.
                                                                                  1. trial                         1. In which hemispheres is the
1. inaccurate-                          1. The tigers ___ loudly at the                                            North Pole located? Which
                                        audience.                                 2. Mining                        ocean is closest to the North
2. Incorrect-
                                        2. We saw elephants __ on two legs.       3. Vicious                       Pole?
3. Insecure-
                                        3. I saw a man __ fire out of his         4. Spiteful
4. Inequality-
                                        mouth.                                    5. final                         2. What is the only hemisphere in
                                                                                                                   which Antarctica has no land?

Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots                  Vocab                                    Writer's Secret                  Commonly Confused Words
Port = to carry                         Which of the following is an example                                       … In addition to reporting his
For each word, add different suffixes   of a caress?                              Find a passage and sort 3-4:     violations of 1.(alluding, eluding)
to make at least 3 new words.           a. Touching the thorns on a rosebush?     past tense, present tense, and   work details, the guards pointed
                                        b. Tripping over a shoelace               future tense.                    out that he had 2.(alluded,
1. Transport- _____________                                                                                        eluded) them five times in his
                                        c. Scrubbing burnt food off of a pan                                       escape attempts. The prisoner
2. Disport- ______________
                                        d. Stroking a baby’s cheek                                                 was ultimately denied parole.
3. Comport- ______________

                                        *What word is related to caress?
                                            E __B __ __ C__
Poetry                                                                             Spelling and Grammar
Fill in with untruths. Share with a                                               Use these irregular verbs
friend.                                                                           (choose, drive, know, swim,
                                        5. I never go anywhere without ___.
1. I eat ___ for breakfast.                                                       take, go, bring, burst) in 2-3
                                        6. I go swimming in ______.
2. I carry ___ in my backpack.                                                    sentences.
                                        7. I have _____ in my room at home.
3. Every afternoon, I make a                                                      Write the verb tense above
                                        8. Yesterday, someone called me and       each verb.
trip to ____.
                                        offered me _____.
4. My best friend is ______.
                                        9. There is a ____ hiding in my locker.

                                                                                                                     Daily RevUps Week 3
Spelling and Phonics                            Grammar and Usage                           Spelling (/ī/ /ĭ/)                       Geography
Use these prefixes to fill in the blanks. Bi-   Write a linking verb (connects subject      Show syllables and accents.             1. Most geographers agree there
2, Tri-3, Mid- middle/half.                     with noun/adj that follow it) to                                                    are really 5 oceans. Name the 5
                                                complete sentences. (were, am, seems,       1. infants
                                                smell, turn, appears, looks, is, being,     2. Ticklish                             oceans. Which of the oceans is
1. My grandmother wears __focals                feels, grow, sounds, tastes, remain, are)                                           closest to Antarctica?
so she can see both close up and                                                            3. Quiet
                                                1. The roses in the backyard __
far away.                                                                                   4. Idling
                                                very good.                                                                          2. Africa has land in both the
2. We are learning about different                                                                                                  Eastern and the Western
                                                2. The animal in the yard __ to
__angles in math class.                                                                                                             Hemispheres. Africa is
                                                be a raccoon.
3. We get out of school around                                                                                                      considered part of the Eastern
                                                3. The foghorn __ very eerie at
__afternoon.                                                                                                                        Hemisphere. Why?
4. The toddlers I baby sit for each             4. The pasta __ like my mom’s pasta.
have a red __cycle.
                                                5. I __ happy to see my
                                                grandparents again.
Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots                         Vocab                                       Writer's Secret                         . Commonly Confused Words
The root dic or dict, = say.                    What does the word chafed                                                           Allusion (n)- an indirect reference or
1. A ruler who has total control and            mean?                                                                               mentioning of something
                                                                                            Write your own sentence that
power over people                                                                                                                   Illusion (n)- a mistaken perception,
                                                                                            shows: past tense, present tense,       impression, or idea
2. To foretell the future                                                                   and future tense.
                                                The tight collar of the uniform                                                     1. Poets often make (allusions,
3. To charge someone with a crime, to           chafed the soldier’s neck.
accuse                                                                                                                              illusions) to the universe in
4. To disagree with, speak against a)
                                                                                                                                    explaining their theories of life.
contradict, b) dictator, c) indict, d)          *Chafe : rub:: soothe : _____                                                       2. It is an (allusion, illusion) to
predict                                                                                                                             think that merely doing the work
                                                                                                                                    results in a passing grade.
Poetry                                                                                      Spelling/Grammar                        3. A mirage is a perfect example
Write a poem about some kind of                                                             Write 1 of each type of sentence.       of an (allusion, illusion)
skin- something that covers,                                                                a) Interrogative, b) Imperative, c)
encloses, or protects something                                                             Exclamatory, d) Declarative
else. Be imaginative: buildings,                                                            Interrogative: asks a ?
furniture, human put on different                                                           Imperative: requests/commands
‘skins’ for different occasions?                                                            Exclamatory: expresses strong emotion
How does an object look with and                                                            Declarative: states a statement           Daily RevUps Week 3
without its skin? What happens? …
Vocabulary                        Geography
List other words that relate to   1) Cartographer
   the sense of touch.
                                  2) Equator
• Create a chart whether the
                                  3) Hemisphere
  qualities are pleasant or       4) North Pole
  unpleasant.                     5) Prime Meridian
                                  6) South Pole
                                  Which continents are
                                     considered to be on the
                                     Eastern Hemisphere and
            Daily RevUps Week 3      Western Hemisphere? 6

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