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4 October 2009


vip magazine
l e t t e r s

here is one thing the entire population has in common regardless of geography, economics, education, politics or religion. We all need a best friend. We learn as young children the qualities of a friend and through the years those qualities are modified and molded to fit our individual needs and desires. A best friend is there to lend a hand, to pick us up when we are down and offer an ear when we just need to talk --- and of course share exciting moments that are destined to become lifetime memories. What’s the key to staying best friends with someone through this rollercoaster called life? This question arose as I spent time with four women who have been friends for 40 years. Through marriages, births, relocations, and sadly even deaths, these ladies have managed to stick together even when they had some tough bridges to cross. They explained that there were periods of lost communication, but even then, they knew when one needed the other, they would find a way. That’s what a best friend ultimately is, a solid, dependable presence in our lives that walks in when the rest of the world walks out. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Domestic Violence Awareness month. Let’s reach out to the people in our lives who might need us during a rough time and let’s toast to those who have been there for us through the years. Gather your lifelong pals, your newly blossomed friendships, or even rekindle a friendship that might have waned, in support of those who need our help. Emmy Award winner Rue McClanahan, from the beloved show, “The Golden Girls,” speaks out about breast cancer and helps raise awareness. We can all agree that a good laugh with best friend is the greatest remedy when we are down or struggling. Everyone needs at least one in their life. Alisha Novich Executive Creative Director



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6 October 2009


Think Pink

y the time you finish reading this magazine, 22 women will be diagnosed with cancer. Since 1950 the incidence of breast cancer has increased by about 60 percent. As these numbers continue to grow, heightening prevention and awareness is essential. You can help by purchasing a Pink Shopping Card from an area retailer. With your card, enjoy discounted shopping while supporting The Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” program. The $50 shopping card is 100 percent tax deductible and it offers 12 days of 20 percent savings at 650 local merchants, including several of our Fabulous Finds retailers and many of our top advertisers. Browse through these pages to see some of the participating Pink Card businesses. Stop for lunch at a Casa Olé on Mondays this month, and a percentage of your bill will also support the Gift of Life’s breast cancer awareness efforts. Save some green and Think Pink this month. You’ll be contributing to the efforts to save lives in our community. For more information or ways to help call 409.833.3663 or visit



October 2009


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8 October 2009


Micah Lindsay & Elvis

Thank You for Being a Friend
text by Micah Lindsay complicated. We can all get so busy with life and commitments that we wake up one day to realize some of our friendships aren’t quite as strong as they once were. Then we find ourselves wondering, how did we go from talking five times a day to a mere five texts a year? A few might be able to equate this to some outrageous “Days of Our Lives”-type of dramatic falling out, but for the most part, as life continues to bring changes, we simply lose touch and some of our best friends become just another thumbnail photo on our Facebook page. There are some friendships that live in the past. When you spend time together, the conversation never escapes from reminiscing about fun times that have already happened. Then there are other BF’s you have known forever and still have a blast with no matter what you do. It doesn’t matter when the last time you spoke was, you can always pick up right where you left off. It’s important to recognize and cultivate these friendships that are fixtures in your life, especially if you want them to remain that way. Our friendships are such an integral part of life and who we are. It’s the whole reason why shows such as “The Golden Girls,” “Friends” and “Cheers” were, and still are, such colossal hits. Thanks to syndication, we can still invite the Golden Girls into our living room virtually anytime of day since they are still on three different channels morning, afternoon and evening. It’s perhaps America’s, or maybe just every woman’s, favorite theme so we all know the words and always hum along with: “Thank you for being a friend, Travel down the road and back again, Your heart is true…” You may even be humming along while reading, or singing along in your head. “The Golden Girls” portrayed four vibrant personalities that entertained with humor while valuing friendship above all. They were living out a great dream and a great story of growing old with your best friends. Recognizing the importance and appreciation in a true friend is what gets us all through a bad day and makes all of our good days even better.

Can we really be Best Friends Forever? The saying is that “good friends come and go.” While this phrase does hold some truth, it poses a serious question to me. If they were really good friends to begin with, then why would they go? On the other hand, I absolutely agree with the saying, “good friends are hard to find.” It’s not like driving down to HEB when you run out of milk. Money can’t buy friends either, that’s why Paris Hilton had VH1 create an entire reality show dedicated to finding her a BFF. (I’m thinking that still didn’t end up working out in the heiress’ favor.) A true friend, someone you share a real bond with and can spend quality BFF time with, is priceless. Friendships are faced with many transitions throughout life, such as moving to different cities, marriage (or frequent marriages), children and all the nonfrivolous arguments like who saw those Gucci boots first. Although marriage and other adult milestones may decrease the frequency of the time you get to share together, the important factor is in knowing that your BFF is always going to be there. As we grow older and aren’t just fighting over Barbie dolls and boys anymore, these hurdles don’t get any easier or less

s’ lviTheyTake“Man’s Best Friend,” but E call me

I don’t think that’s politically correct. I’ll be hanging out with my favorite Golden Girl, Rue McClanahan, this month supporting the Gift of Life and cannot wait!


October 2009


vip shelter
11 kitchens | 12 closets

Choosing Floors and Countertops for Your Kitchen

Creative Kitchens
over time, if not they will show fading and scratches. Cost is in the mid-range. Stainless steel counters have been a fixture in restaurant kitchens, but they are turning up more in home kitchens. Stainless steel is the only countertop that can be safely bleached. They are also stain resistant and utilitarian. However, there are certain acidic foods that will stain the counters if not cleaned immediately. They also need to be dried quickly to avoid water stains. The simple maintenance makes them a great option for a busy family. Throw some cleanser onto them and scour in the metal’s direction. Cost can range from mid- to high-end. A surprise addition to countertop choices is concrete. Concrete is modern and

10 October 2009 |

raditionally, the choices in floors and countertops were mundane and limited. Now, however, with an ever-increasing demand for choice, the possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination. Choices now range from the traditional to the unexpected. All have pros and cons.

Countertops Wood is timeless, beautiful and practical. With stains ranging from dark to light, wood tops easily fit into any design. The maintenance is relatively easy. Wash with soap and water and apply mineral oil once a month to keep them in good condition. A drawback to wood is that

rustic. It offers an organic choice that easily fits with any architectural style. However, it will hold stains if not properly maintained. Chips can also occur, and the countertops require waxing and sealing once a year. Depending on the type of concrete and contractor, prices make it a good choice for the budget-conscious. Recently out of favor, laminate has been making a comeback. This cost-effective choice is easy to maintain and install. With no sealing required, all you have to do is clean with soap and water. The major drawback is its susceptibility to heat and water. Floors The most common flooring used in kitchens is tile. With a variety of styles and material options, tile is one choice that is trend-resistant. The simple installation makes it a popular choice. However, depending on the type of tile you use, the price can easily make a budget spiral out of control. Also, the removal of the floor, if a need ever arises, is tedious and difficult. The maintenance is specific to the type of tile used. Wood flooring is fast challenging tile as the most common flooring used in kitchens. Many people choose wood for the durability and seamless look wood offers. The only upkeep required is to reseal every five to six years depending on the type of wood. However, some woods are easily dented and can be expensive to install. Another option for a floor is brick. Brick flooring is the most durable choice. Characteristics such as the brick’s anti-slip qualities and infinite choices for pattern and color make it easy to see why it is rising in popularity. The maintenance requires a re-grout every few years. Unfortunately, the lengthy installation and rough texture keeps brick on the pricey side. The most unique flooring choice is rubber. Installing it is the most eco-friendly choice because it is made from recycled tires and is the most customizable. A great choice for those who love to cook, it is easy on the feet and back. Once installed, a broom, vacuum and mop are all that are required to maintain the floor, but it will absorb grease if not properly cleaned.

leave a lasting


Brahmin “Jacqueline” croco leather tote in our exclusive toasted almond color. $295. $295

call 1-800-345-5273 to find a Dillard’s store near you


October 2009


vip shelter

text by Haley StraHan

sions Behind closed doors:t Obses Close
reality for more and more Americans, as new homes are regularly built with bigger and more elaborate closet areas. Today’s high-end closets feature elaborate details like wooden cabinetry, granite or marble countertops, lots of storage space, and even flat-screen televisions. Sound familiar? That’s because many home builders consider closets to be today’s new kitchens. While kitchen design is still a major factor in people’s decision to buy a house, a well-appointed, spacious closet is also a must on many prospective buyers’ checklists. When Sharon Margolis of Nederland planned the closets for her new house eight years ago, she made sure to include plenty of shelving and storage for her children. “Right now my son is home from college, and with all his things, he really needs a lot of space,” she said. Her younger daughter’s closet is any little girl’s dream, featuring a hidden door tucked behind a shelf, and three consecutive rooms of shelves and racks. As for the master bedroom, many new homes feature his-and-hers walk-in closets. Chelsea and Nathan Brandimarte are in the process of remodeling their Beaumont home, and increased closet space is a major feature. “When we bought our home, we were 25 years old, and had just moved here,” Chelsea said. “We’ve lived with very little closet space all this time, and with three kids, it’s gotten challenging.” Now, her personal closet features walls of

c l o s e t s

Function and Form

12 October 2009


PHoto By lee StinSon

m ar golis c

hen Mr. Big finally proposed to Carrie Bradshaw, audiences of giddy woman (and a few intrepid men) watched breathlessly to see what trinket he would present her to mark this much-awaited milestone. When the big moment finally

came, the symbol of ra nd his affection im arte proved to be close t a large, expensive, one-of-a-kind… shoe closet? That’s right. Television’s most stylish icon turned down round brilliance in favor of square footage. Many women can understand this decision. The dream of a spacious, organized closet with room for plenty of shoes is becoming

closets. With the first snap of winter comes the first foray to the back of the closet, rummaging around for that sweater, those boots. As the clothes are shuffled around and moved from back to front, most people are wishing they had more space, were better organized, and that they weren’t such a mess. But even those with limited closet space can learn to make the most of what they have. With a few organizational tips, anyone can have a cleaner closet. You can’t really organize your closet until you know what’s in it. If years of clothes are stacked in front of each other and covering the floor, it’s time to completely remove everything and start from scratch.


At this point, it might be wise to purchase some home storage solutions to help you maintain an organized space. Shelving racks, storage bins and shoe holders can help keep clothing in its proper place. Organizational aids are especially helpful when dealing with small spaces.

e emPty your cloSet

clothes racks, shoe shelves, handbag cubbies and even a granite-topped island. Today, the average master closet in a new home measures about six feet by eight feet, and has at least two clothes racks. Many new homes feature walk-ins in every bedroom. Compare this to the average mid-century home, which might feature one small closet per bedroom, and it’s clear that storage and organization is of greater importance to today’s homeowner (and, of course, they just have more stuff).

Decide how you want to present your clothing. Keeping casuals separate from work wardrobe, sorting by type of item or color-coding are all ways of organizing that may work for you. Try to keep everything easy to see, since you won’t wear what you can’t find. Think seasonally. If summer is ending, put all summer shirts, bathing suits, and sandals in overhead bins that will be easy to unpack next spring. Take the time each day to put things back in their proper place, and you will save time in the long run. Each season, look at items with a critical eye and try to weed out some things periodically. By keeping your closet filled only with items that fit and are current, you will avoid a cluttered closet that still feels like you have nothing to wear.

Set uP your cloSet


SeaSonal oPPortunity

This is the time of year when many people start thinking more about their

The hardest part of cleaning a closet is determining what to keep. Though it’s tempting to keep everything, it pays to be ruthless. If you haven’t donned an item in the past year, get rid of it. Take it to a charity and you won’t regret the waste. For special items that you can’t bear to part with, box them up and put them in another storage space. While you’re at it, get rid of all those items that have accumulated in the closet. If it’s not something you wear, find a better place for it, like storage boxes under the bed or the attic.

KeeP it uP

margolis closet

PHoto By lee StinSon


October 2009


on your good fortune
Winner of 3 NLG Best Awards at the 2009 ANA Money Show



If you are interested at all in rare coins or precious metals and you are not acquainted with Mike Fuljenz, then we would like to introduce him to you. For a limited time only, we are making available an introductory package of Mike’s most recent award-winning resources for new customers.




Beaumont’s very own Universal Coin & Bullion proudly recognizes its top executive & chief numismatic officer, Mike Fuljenz, on receiving, for the first time, three (3) Numismatic Literary Guild awards for best reporting on rare coins and precious metals. Fuljenz officially received his most recent awards at the recent World’s Fair of Money® convention sponsored by the American Numismatic Association in Los Angeles, California. This year, Fuljenz received awards for Best Dealer Publication, Best Website Article and Best Television Report, which brings his NLG awards total to 31 in 7 categories over the last 24 years. We know of no other numismatic professional who has been so fortunate to be consistently recognized by his industry peers in these areas over such a long span of time. Congratulations Mike for continuing to establish and raise the standard of excellence in reporting on rare coins and precious metals.

Investor’s Profit Advisory “Gold Guide” Publication

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FOX 4 “King of the Road with Jim King” Mike Fuljenz Interview DVD


Best of all, you can receive Mike’s award-winning introductory package for only $5 with free shipping & handling. But hurry, we only a have a limited number of these packages and this offer will be withdrawn without notice once our allotment is depleted.
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offer expires: 11 / 05 / 09
Member: PCGS, NGC

*in a specialized category


u n i v e r s a l c o i n . c o m
Please read important terms and conditions that accompany products purchased, including arbitration agreement. All customers will receive a five (5) year quarterly subscription to our 10-time NLG Award Winning newsletter or e-newsletter, Investor’s Profit Advisory ($200 value) at no charge with order. We may contact you from time to time regarding items of interest.All statements or opinions herein are believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge at this time. They are not guaranteed in any way by anyone and are subject to change over time. We are not liable for any claims or losses which may be incurred by third parties while relying on information published herein. We advise you to independently verify all representations. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after receipt of good funds. Universal Coin & Bullion, Ltd. ® • Est. 1994

14 October 2009


vip style
15 bling it on | 18 brassieres | 18 silver & gold


on! it ng
H mica xt by te lind Say


he fall season has officially begun, and it’s time to get those fall must-have accessories so you’re not charged as an accessory victim of the fashion police! Fall is still about more and more metallics. Look for accessories with lots of hardware and studs or ruffles and trimmings. Ultimate fashioniastas will be adorned with high-impact, chunky jewelry of contrasting mediums worn in layers to really make a statement. Just remember not to go overboard and pile on too many of these trendy pieces at once. Fortunately for those golden girls, gold has transformed itself from tacky to trendy. Gold and other metallics bring a great flash of style to your fall wardrobe with a touch of class especially in the form of a chic accessory. The best part about gold’s comeback is it goes with any outfit, so we can finally ignore the old fashion rules for black and brown ensembles and accessories.


October 2009


vip style
b l i n g i t o n

You’ll be made in the shade with stylish Ed Hardy sunglasses with black frames embellished with bright gems and stones, $220. Available at Gaudie & Co., 409.729.2790.

t t t


We love these broad band gold rings with jewels and mixed mediums such as gold and onyx, $24-$32. Available at BBS, 409.924.0202

Super-skinny and super-chunky belts are all the rage this year, which is why we love these metallic gold belts of different weaves and textures, $18-42. Available at BBS, 409.924.0202

16 October 2009


t t t



This metallic gold chunky, studded belt incorporates all of fall fashions trends and “recessionistas” love its affordable price, $24. Available at BBS, 409.924.0202

Clutch on to this metallic gold handbag with embellished clasp, $38. Available at BBS, 409.924.0202

Step into the fashion winner’s circle in these metallic gold gladiator stilettos with trendy zipper detail on the front, $36. Available at BBS, 409.924.0202



Amp up your ensemble with this artistically bold Otazu bracelet with chain link detail and a large oval-shaped stone. Available at Jackie’s 409.861.5762

Leopard prints are always successful in staying in style. Every girl likes to show her wild side, like with this Hype clutch with a gold link chain strap and buckle clasp, $146. Available at Purse Strings, 409.866.9742

t t t

t t t

Brace yourself for these high impact Otazu bracelets with bright jewels and gems and take your ensemble up a notch! Available at Jackie’s 409.861.5762

Scarves are once again very much in style, so wrap up in one of these Chan Luu scarves in one of fall’s best tones, $42. Available at Purse Strings, 409.866.9742



October 2009


The Perfect Fit
vip style
b r a s s i e r e s

Toss the Torturing Bra, and Slip Into Something More Comfortable
text by Ashley Green


hen taking your bra off becomes as great a relief as kicking your shoes off from a long day on your feet, you might consider finding a better fit for your female frontal friends. Ill-fitting brassieres can be bothersome, painful and unattractive. Finding the perfect balance of size and features is worth your time.

Vexatious bust-wear can cause more dilemmas than discomfort, such as shoulder tension, back pain and headaches. According to Ashley Wyatt, certified bra specialist for Dillard’s in Beaumont’s Parkdale Mall, a poor-fit can cause irritating outcomes. “With a poor-fitting bra you’ll be in constant combat with falling straps,” she said. “If a bra is too tight, you may have bulging skin hanging over the band or cup.”

Bad Bra Effects

Why Do Women Deal with the Agony?
Many women buy incorrect bra sizes because of social stigmas about cup size – too big or small. Other women may need to resize. Our bodies change over time, not excluding our breasts. You may have been a 36B twenty years ago, but what’s your body undergone since?

Finding the Perfect Fit
Wyatt says getting to know a client can help eliminate time spent testing numerous bra styles. “Knowing a person’s lifestyle, what she does, what her activities are, if she attends a lot of formal events – this information can help us determine which type of bra a woman needs,” Wyatt said. “A lot depends on lifestyle and body type. As we’re measuring, we can assess which style will best suit a customer.”

18 October 2009


Secrets from

Brassiere-making mogul Victoria’s Secret dishes on “The 3 Secrets” to a well-fitting bra, in the steamy, yet informative “Bra Guide.”


The Man Girdle

Victoria’s 3 Secrets

STYLE - Which bra style suits your needs? •	 Push-up: Lift and boostage, at a variety of padding levels. •	 Full coverage: Maximum support with least exposure. •	 Demi: For a more revealing décolletage. •	 Multi-way: Suit your ensemble with one-strap, two-strap, no-strap options. •		 Wireless: Light support for natural lift SWELL – Which level of lift do you love? •	 Unlined: Natural shape, with light support. •	 Lightly Lined: Natural, lined-shape, medium support. •	 Push-up with Padding: Lift and cleavage. •	 Padded: Varying degrees of lift from the subtle to ultimate. SIZE – Sizes aren’t forever. Measurements change over the years. The balance between band size (number) and cup size (letter) is at the heart of a perfect fit.

Quick Solutions for Bra Bothers
• Moves up throughout the day:Tighten, or try a smaller band size. • Bulges slightly: Loosen, or go up a band size. • Cuts into shoulders: Loosen straps, or try a larger cup or smaller band. • Constantly slip down: Tighten, or go down a band size. • Overflow, feels constricting: Try next cup size up. • Gaps or puckers: Tighten, or go down a cup size.

Back Band



According to Wyatt, the Dillard’s lingerie department top-selling bra is the Modern Movement Ultimate T-shirt Bra (Dillard’s, $36). This bra features a seamless cup for a no-show look under tees and other knits, and also offers cushioned wide shoulder straps for comfort. Everyone loves a Victoria’s Secret bra. How could you not, with 14 collections, and 10 different styles to choose from. Something for everyone is an understatement. The Most-Loved Bras from Victoria’s Secret are their demis, push-ups, Gel-Curve and multi-ways.

charT-BuSTEr BraS

Men can now “enjoy” the same effects of spandex and nylon that women experience from Spanx. Spanx undergarments, and other brands like it, give women flattering, shapely results by wriggling into suits of spandex and nylon that entrap unflattering “excess.” Until recently, men have been left to fend for themselves through means of exercise, eating right, sucking-in or loose clothing, in order to tighten flab, or give the (false) impression of a slender physique. Now, thanks to manufacturers such as Equmen and Underworks, men can revel in the slenderizing repercussions of a retail-sold body slimmer just for them. Men’s compression clothing comes in styling similar to T-shirts, undershirts, girdles and underwear. The “belly busters,” “zip ‘n trims” and “precision undershirts” are ultimately designed to slenderize and improve the fit of clothing. Other alleged benefits include better circulation, improved posture and increased support. While the restrictive fit will likely take some getting used to, hidden love handles, and the perception of a toned and sculpted torso, will presumably pull positive results. Welcome to the world of spandex, guys!

How To Measure by Victoria’s Secret
Band SIZE – Wear a non-padded
bra. Using a soft tape measure, hold it around your back at band level. Bring to the front just above your bust. Round down if an odd number. Use the following guidelines to determine cup letter. Difference Size 0 AA 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 DD

Products to try: •	 Equmen	Core	Precision	undershirt		 or tank top. Retail $89 to $109. •	 Underworks	Belly	Buster	Zip	‘n		 	 Trim Girdle for Men, body shirt or briefs with banded waists. Retail ranges $22.99 to $42.99.

Cup Size = Bust size – Band Size.


Measure around the fullest part of your bust. Round up to nearest whole number.


October 2009


Fabulous Fall Specials


vinyl albums ~ kitsch art ~ 50’s - 60’s retro art art ~ 50’s - 60’s retro art ~ betsy johnson ~ Juicy couture betsy johnson ~ juicy couture ~ bcbg ~ andy warhol betsy johnson ~ juicy couture ~ bcbg ~ andy warhol

Designed by women... for women

6385 Calder 866-9742

20 October 2009

~vintage accessories ~ vinyl albums ~ kitsch

vip style

Silver & Gold
s i l v e r & g o l d

Th alm

Get New Jewelry but Keep the Old…
text by CAthleen Cole captions by miCAh lindsAy

This Swarovski and silver ensemble is a fabulous find. The perfect dangle Otazu chandelier earrings, the Avant Garde brand necklace embellished with round crystals and a chic oval Avant Garde ring are versatile and powerful jewelry pieces for your fall collection. Available at Jackie’s, 409.861.5762


These stacked gold bangle bracelets of different widths with varying embellishments put the finishing touch on any ensemble, $18-$48. Available at BBS, 409.924.0202

o you remember this classic camp song? “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.” It’s a lesson about friendship that can cross over to fashion. You don’t have to choose one precious metal over the other. Wear both! Once upon a time in fashion land, the fashion police said that the rule for accessories or jewelry was to never wear gold and silver together. And then there were the hair color and skin tone rules: Tan blondes must wear gold. Fair brunettes must wear silver. One day, a more open-minded fashion officer said it was acceptable to wear silver and gold jewelry at the same time as long as the pieces were separated by bodily zones. For example, it was fine to wear a gold watch and ring and a silver necklace and earrings. You could even wear gold rings on one hand and silver rings on the other. But the rule was to keep everything segregated. Heaven forbid if the two ever touched.

Th bro



October 2009


vip style
s i l v e r & g o l d

22 October 2009


Photo by FeliCiA Jeter

Brian Alter, managing owner of Alter’s Gem Jewelry, agrees. “There’s no such thing as the jewelry police,” he said. “You wear what you want. You don’t have to worry what anyone else thinks.” He wants to know who made up all these rules anyway! “People mix and match all the time,” he said. “I think the rules have changed,” Joy Taylor, co-owner Combination pieces are popular with his customers, of The Joy Shop, said of the old rules on never mixing gold especially white gold with yellow gold or rose gold accents. and silver jewelry and having hair color and skin tone “White metals are more popular than yellow metals right dictate the choices. “It’s an individual choice. now,” he said. His fashion jewelry lines include David YurI’m a mixer.” man, Rebecca and Elle. “It’s very affordable, very fun,” he Taylor’s shop offers several lines of gold and silver said. “You can wear it with anything.” jewelry including Pandora and Island Cowgirl with lots of As Burl Ives crooned in the classic film Rudolph the pieces combining silver and gold. “People don’t like to be Red-Nosed Reindeer, “Everyone wishes for silver and gold. tied to one or the other,” Taylor said. “Most customers are How do you measure its worth? Just by the pleasure it gives going more for that mix. Gold and silver mixed is the trend.” here on Earth.” Make yourself happy with silver and gold!

Well, not any more!

Men & Women’s Clothing

Dynnara Illa Jeremy Habash Owner

•MEK •Rock Revival •7 for All Mankind •7diamonds

zy’s tiz
Mon-Sat 10-7 Sun 12-5



3015 Nederland Ave Ste. D Nederland, TX 77627

6385 Calder, Ste. D Beaumont, TX 409-866-8108

6755 Phelan, Ste. 17 Beaumont, TX 77706 409.861.5762

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Joys Pet
Original Paintings of Your Pet!
These beautiful hand painted portraits make a timeless gift for you or someone you love!
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OR WRITE TO Joy Wooley 12990 Westchester Ln Beaumont, Tx 77713

A Unique Floral & Gift Boutique in Downtown Beaumont ~Over 35 Years in Floral Design

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health beauty
25 ta-tas | 28 blondes | 29 confessor


Keeping “The Girls” Healthy
text by AsHley Green

Breast Practices for Women:


reasts beautifully distinguish the female form. Whether you are an A cup or a double D, your shape has probably had an influence in “shaping” your self-image. While they can drive your man wild or fill out a flirty halter top, they also nurture and comfort. They can cause pain, and host very serious, sometimes terminal, illnesses. Whether you call them ta-tas, boobs, jugs or bosoms, breast health is important to anyone who has a pair or loves someone who does.

A recent poll gave insight into local women’s attitudes
Some women admitted their breasts were mostly ignored, except when dressing, while others confidently stated they liked their breasts. “I never gave much thought to my breasts until I began breastfeeding,” one participant said. “Then I realized how important a woman’s breasts can be, and the special function they can fulfill.” Most participants believed the size of a woman’s breasts can influence her self confidence, stating that regional and media pressures can highly influence women young and old. As far as wardrobe appropriateness, participants felt the right amount of public cleavage depends on the occasion. Most agreed some cleavage was tolerable at work, but noted women should be mindful of nonverbal messages.

Dishing on “The Girls”


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health beauty
t a - t a s


Breastfeeding 411
The number of women who breastfeed their infants may surprise you. A bold 77 percent of women breastfed their infants in 2008, based on statistics from the Center for Disease Control. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends moms exclusively breastfeed the first six months of a child’s life, and continue, supplementing with baby food, until at least one year of age.

Breastfeeding Benefits
Exclusively breastfeeding provides children more protection from lower respiratory tract infections, ear infections, skin irritations, childhood obesity, diabetes, leukemia, SIDS and gastrointestinal tract infections. The Center for Disease Control states that breastfeeding may lower rates of certain breast cancers. In a Nurses’ Health Study spanning from 1997 to 2005, women with a family history of breast cancer had a 59 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer before menopause if they breastfed their babies.

losing a Breast to Cancer
“In September of 1990, I noticed a lump, and knew it wasn’t normal,” said Sharon greene, a Beaumont resident. “I went to my gynecologist, who verified the knot was there, and sent me to an oncologist, who performed a biopsy. Then I waited.” Waiting for the results was the hardest part for greene. “I tried to keep myself busy. I had just started a new job, and I was pretty preoccupied. Three-weeks passed from the time I found the lump to the time we got the results. It was malignant. I was diagnosed with Stage 1, non-invasive breast cancer in my right breast.” greene was an active 32-year-old at the time of the diagnosis. When she received the results, she said it was a clear cut decision for her. “The choice of a mastectomy assured me they would get all of it. to me, it’s just part of your body you can live without.” As it turned out, the more radical decision for mastectomy was a wise choice, because there was a second, smaller lump that did not show in the mammogram which would have meant surgery again later. “Thankfully there was no need for chemo or radiation, because it was small, contained and caught early,” greene said. greene wore a prosthesis until she had reconstructive surgery in 1999, after laws were passed that required insurance companies to cover reconstruction of breasts for mastectomy patients. greene’s double-encounter with cancer changed her perceptions. “I want to let women know that just because you have cancer, it’s not the end. Keep a good spirit and good mind set, and you can get through anything. Stay positive, and surround yourself with positive people.” She also emphasized the importance of early detection through body awareness. She cautioned not to let fear prevent you from seeking medical assessment. “You have to pay attention. If you feel like something is wrong, take action.”

Many women have trouble breastfeeding. Don’t feel alone, and don’t be afraid to utilize these local resources for help.

Breastfeeding Trouble?

LA LECHE LEAguE INtErNAtIoNAL – BEAuMoNt 409.347.1245 html” html CHrIStuS St. ELIzABEtH BrEAStfEEDINg WArMLINE 409.899.8595 WHoLE MotHErINg CENtEr of SoutHEASt tExAS 409.347.1245

26 October 2009


PHoTo By Kyle PeTersen

Tune into your Body. It Could save your life.
Knowing what’s normal for your body, and examining yourself regularly, is what it takes to stop breast cancer before it stops you. over 192,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, according to the American Cancer Society. Early detection increases the chances of beating the disease. gay-Lynne Jones, the clinical director of The Julie and Ben rogers Cancer Institute and a nurse practitioner, said the Institute begins educating females about breast self exams (BSE) in 12th grade. The earlier a woman becomes comfortable with herself and knows her body, the better her chances for early detection. “It’s imperative for women to realize the importance of self exams and knowing what their breasts look like,” Jones said. “We want them to be familiar with their bodies, so they can detect abnormalities and seek medical advice as soon as possible. Being comfortable with your body is extremely important. Years ago, people weren’t comfortable with examining themselves, and they weren’t aware of the importance of self exams. Now, knowing early detection increases the cure rate, it’s all about that comfort level and knowing what’s normal for you.” Jones recommends women perform exams once a month. “Examining five days after the start of the menstrual cycle is average,” she said. “Post-menopause, women should pick a day of the month and remain consistent with that day.” Don’t fret about conducting your exam correctly. Jones said it’s more about checking consistently than technique. “one of the most common mistakes is only examining what fits in the bra cup,” she said. “Many women aren’t aware of the vast area of breast tissue, ranging from three finger widths below the bra line, under the arm, to around the collar bone. The lymph nodes in the collar bone area must be checked for lumps inside a lymph node itself.” Also, it’s important to do the self-exam twice, Jones emphasized; once while standing up, and once while lying down, as the change of position redistributes the tissue. Additionally, a visual exam is important because not all breast cancer starts inside. Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) starts outside, and is undetected by mammograms. Women may think they have a rash, eczema, or poison ivy, and fail to seek medical attention. “Know what’s normal for you. You’ll always have lumps and bumps, but you know when something is abnormal. Make a map of your breast, and document abnormalities, so you can feel for changes each month.”

Lie down, place right arm behind head. use pads of 3 middle fingers on opposite hand of the breast you’re examining, using dime-sized, circular motions. use light pressure to feel tissue closest to the skin; medium pressure to feel a little deeper; firm pressure to feel tissue closest to the chest and ribs. use each pressure level before moving to the next spot. Start under your arm. using an up-anddown pattern, move across the breast to the middle of the chest. Check the entire breast area from the collar bone and down, until you feel ribs. Stand in front of a mirror with hands pressing firmly down on your hips. Examine breasts for any changes of size, shape, contour, dimpling, redness, or scaliness of the nipple or breast skin. With arm slightly raised, examine each underarm while standing. Source: American Cancer Society

“Now, with the increased rate of cure with early detection, it’s all about that comfort level and knowing what’s normal for you.”

AugMENtAtIoN AttrItIoN
According to the Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 347,000 breast augmentations are performed each year, making breast augmentation surgery the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the u.S. on the flipside, breast reduction surgery is not far behind augmentation in popularity, ranking fourth.



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health beauty
t r e s s e s



It’s not easy being brunette. It might not be fair, but clearly it’s the blondes who get all the attention. for example, when was the last time you heard the term “brunette bombshell?” for all the pigmently-endowed women seriously considering if the grass is sweeter on the blonder side, top stylist John Wayne Evans, co-owner of tizzy’s Hair Salon, settles the debate once and for all. Do BlonDes reAlly HAve more fun? True. Blondes often do have more fun because brighter hair color exudes a warmer, cheerier energy. However, beware. “There is such a thing as being too blonde,” Evans said. “And, it can be more difficult to be taken seriously.”

ruth About Blondes T
eyebrows, which should coordinate with your hair color. It’s pretty hard to claim that you’re all natural with black eyebrows! GoInG BlonDe frIes your HAIr. False. “New cream bleaches are less drying and damaging than traditional powder bleaches,” Evans assured. trained stylists will know how to professionally touch-up your hair so that highlights are not overlapped – which can cause breakage and damage. AT-Home Color Is jusT As GooD As wHAT my sTylIsT uses! False. Most boxed hair colors carry golden-orange tones which, when used inappropriately, will not give you the look you want. As Evans explained, it’s better to communicate with your stylist about budget rather than require an emergency corrective color treatment for twice the money. BlonDe HAIr Is DIffICulT To mAInTAIn. True. It can be difficult to maintain blonde hair if you’re naturally dark. regular touch-ups are necessary to keep the

text by HollI PeTersen roots at their best. Blondes should also use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for blonde colortreated hair. Evans recommends brands like Schwarzkopf, redken and Paul Mitchell. BlonDe HAIr Is noT reCessIon-frIenDly. False. good stylists will work with you to give you the right shade and amount of blonde for your budget. Just be honest and upfront about your finances. A partial highlight can sometimes be the most costeffective way to go blonde without breaking the bank. “I always want to give my clients a budget-friendly look they can maintain,” Evans said. If BlonDes HAve more fun, THen BeComInG BlonDe wIll Cure my DePressIon. False. When feeling low, it’s probably best to hold off on experimenting with hair color. If you’re ready for a change, talk with your stylist about the most responsible way to get the effect you desire. “You don’t want to shock yourself,” Evans cautioned. “That will only make you feel worse.”

Anyone CAn Go BlonDe. False. Proceed with caution! “Depending on your skin-tone, blonde hair can wash you out,” Evans said. “You definitely don’t want your hair color and skin color to match!” for best results, consult with your stylist about which shade of blonde complements your skin tone. Don’t forget about the
28 October 2009 |

PHoTo By Kyle PeTersen

Chat from the Chair with john wayne evans, stylist and partner, Tizzy’s Hair salon

My Hairdresser, My Confessor

VIP: How HArD Is IT To KeeP TIGHT-lIPPeD on juICy sAlon GossIP? Evans: Well, if you allow the talk then you will be a part of it. My advice is to always divert the questions to a more positive topic. VIP: wHAT Are THe sAlon “HoT ToPICs?” Evans: Color, fashion, the newest haircuts, what the stars look like for all the award shows, and how to achieve those looks. VIP: ever HAD Any HeATeD momenTs or CATfIGHTs Go Down? Evans: Yes! If it does turn into a heated affair, then I try to pull them away and clear the air. VIP: wHICH Is BeTTer – A CHATTy ClIenT THAT GIves T.m.I (Too muCH InformATIon) or A TIGHT-lIPPeD ClIenT THAT sAys noTHInG AT All? Evans: All clients, talkative or not, are equal to me. With god’s gift of gab, I hope I have a way to make all people feel warm and get them to open up to me. VIP: wHAT’s THe BesT lIfe ADvICe you GIve To your ClIenTs? Evans: Look within yourself before you look outside yourself. VIP: wHAT Is your fAvorITe THInG ABouT BeInG A HAIrsTylIsT? Evans: Being blessed to have a talent, and I hope to be able to touch people’s hearts.

yla Ka

s ro

fro m


inn ie


ometimes, a girl’s greatest “girlfriend” is her hairdresser. Whether male or female, hairdressers are the unofficial gurus on everything from fashion advice and interior design to life coaching and relationship counseling. VIP visited with seasoned stylist John Wayne Evans, and asked him to spill the beans about what it’s like to be a “hairapist” in Southeast texas. VIP: How muCH “CHATTer” Goes Down In your CHAIr? Evans: A lot! But it’s mainly just chatter about everyday life.

VIP: ever feel lIKe A “HAIrAPIsT?” Evans: Sometimes, but it is an honor to be here for all! VIP: How Is IT HeArInG ABouT All THe Ins AnD ouTs of your ClIenTs’ lIves? Do you ever GeT Too emoTIonAlly InvolveD? Evans: Yes, I have a big, emotional heart and soul, so I have had to learn how to be caring and always listening, but not absorbing all of it. But I will always care.


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“Save money, save lives”

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eating drinking
31 recipes | 33 drinks | 35 brew review



bou For An Wi


hese days, people are making fewer visits to their favorite restaurants opting, instead, to dine at home. Inspired by cookbooks and television programs, such as Bravo’s “Top Chef,” home cooks are getting increasingly more creative in the kitchen. With a greater array of kitchen helpers and chefs’ own trusted shortcuts available in grocery stores, it’s never been easier to cook like a top chef at home. Here are some great recipes to try, inspired by a recent Quickfire Challenge on “Top Chef.” Thai Roasted Squash Soup is a sweet and spicy dish, infused with flavors of coconut, curry, fresh ginger and cilantro. For a rustic dish that pairs beautifully with a variety of main courses, try Roasted Tomato and Barley Soup. Visit and for more . chef-inspired recipes and tips.

PreP: 10 minutes Cook: 40 minutes Bake: 25 minutes Ser SerVeS: 8 1 can (about 28 ounces) diced tomatoes, undrained 2 large onions, diced (about 2 cups) 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tablespoons olive oil 4 cups Swanson Chicken Broth 2 stalks celery, diced (about 1 cup) 1/2 cup uncooked pearl barley 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 1. Heat oven to 425°F. Drain tomatoes, reserving the juice. Place the tomatoes, onions and garlic into a 17 x 11-inch roasting pan. Pour the oil over the vegetables and toss to coat. roast for 25 minutes. 2. Place the roasted vegetables into a 3-quart saucepan. Stir in the reserved tomato juice, broth, celery and barley and heat to a boil. reduce the heat to low. Cover and cook for 35 minutes or until the barley is tender. Stir in the parsley.

Roasted Tomato and Barley Soup


en Del

s ou ci i

PreP: 35 minutes Bake: 25 minutes Cook: 25 minutes Ser SerVeS: 6 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 teaspoons curry powder 1 butternut squash, peeled, seeded and cut into 2-inch pieces (about 6 cups) 1 large sweet onion, cut into eighths 1 tablespoon chopped fresh ginger root 3 cups Swanson Chicken Broth 1 can (15 ounces) cream of coconut 3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro leaves 1.Heat oven to 425°F. 2. Stir oil and curry in a large bowl. add squash and onions and toss to coat. Spread vegetables onto a 17 x 11-inch

Thai Roasted Squash Soup

roasting pan. 3. Bake for 25 minutes until vegetables are golden brown, stirring occasionally. 4. Heat vegetables, ginger, broth and cream of coconut in a 4-quart saucepan over medium-high heat to a boil. reduce heat to low. Cook for 20 minutes or until vegetables are tender. 5. Spoon 1/3 of the vegetable mixture into an electric blender or food processor. Cover and blend until smooth. Pour mixture into a large bowl. repeat blending process twice more with remaining vegetable mixture. return all of the pureed mixture to the saucepan. Cook over medium heat until mixture is hot. Season to taste. Divide soup among 6 serving bowls. Sprinkle with cilantro.
F FamIly FeaTureS ea eaT


October 2009


eating drinking
d r i n k s


Creepy Cocktails
y Mary Blood
makes 6 IngreDIenTS • 6 pounds ripe tomatoes, coarsely chopped • 6 celery ribs, coarsely chopped • 2 cups very coarsely chopped flat-leaf parsley sprigs (from 1 large bunch) • 2 tablespoons fine sea salt, divided • 2 1/2 to 3 tablespoons bottled horseradish • 2 1/2 to 3 teaspoons Tabasco • 2 1/2 to 3 teaspoons fresh lemon juice • Lemon wedges for rims of glasses • 16 ounces (2 cups) ice-cold vodka garnISH: large caper berries or green olives make TomaTo juICe: Purée tomatoes, celery, parsley and 1 tablespoon sea salt in several batches in a food processor until smooth. Transfer to bowl and chill for an hour. Force through a food mill or medium-mesh sieve into a bowl, discarding solids (you’ll have about 10 cups juice). add horseradish, Tabasco, and lemon juice. aSSemBle DrInkS: mix remaining tablespoon sea salt and 1 teaspoon finely ground fresh pepix per on plate. moisten rim of glass with lemon wedge and dip rim in salt and oisten pepper. Fill each glass with ice and 1 ounce vodka, then top with about 2/3 cup juice.


IngreDIenTS • 7.5 oz. Smirnoff Vanilla Flavored Vodka • 1.5 oz. Godiva White Chocolate liqueur • 1.5 oz. half and half • 1.5 oz. simple syrup • 6 teaspoon(s) grated white chocolate PreParaTIon add half and half, simple syrup, godiva White Chocolate liqueur and Smirnoff Vanilla Flavored Vodka. Shake with ice and strain into a pre-chilled martini glass. garnish with grated white chocolate.


hocolate ath by C

m makes 6 Ingre IngreDIenTS • 7.5 oz. Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka • 1.5 oz. Baileys Original Irish Cream • 1.5 oz. Godiva Original Liqueur • 12 scoop(s) chocolate ice cream

am Soda Scre

PrePara PreParaTIon P Para In a blender, add Smirnoff No.21 Vodka, Baileys original Irish Cream, godiva original liqueur, ice cream, and puree briefly. add ice. Blend until smooth, a pour into a hurricane glass and garnish with chocolate shavings.

makes 6 IngreDIenTS TS • 7.5 oz. Captain morgan original riginal Spiced rum • 30 oz. lemon-lime soda • 6 slices lemon • 6 slices lime PreParaTIon add Captain morgan original Spiced rum and lemon-lime soda in tall ice-filled glass. garnish with lemon and lime slices, if desired.

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Quality Floor Covering...Where Customer Satisfaction and Quality Come Together!
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Shaw Seasonal Rugs Milliken My Team Rugs


For the Seasoned Diner

D.J.’s is your hometown supplier of boudain and rice dressing. Look for it at any one of your local grocery stores.


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eating drinking
b r e w r e v i e w


Golden Swirls
Ingenuity and exploration with new ingredients have led brewers to evolve and stretch many style definitions, and in some cases, their popularity can breed an entirely new style. The Beer judge Certification Program ( Brandon East is a nonprofit organization with roughly 2,950 beer judges who provide and publish beer style guidelines within 77 styles in 23 categories. These judges also participate in beer competitions such as the great american Beer Festival (gaBF), World Beer Cup and even local fairs and community events.

text by Brandon east
on the flip side, there are events where a much higher percentage of total entries are awarded medals. I see this more often in wine judging. At the 2009 Houston Livestock Show and rodeo International Wine Competition, 57 percent of all entered wines won a medal! If I see these unmerited, self-aggrandizing breweries or wineries (local wineries will remained unnamed) advertising and marketing their achievements in these types of competitions, then I know their products are unpalatable and justifiably lamentable. For the most part, awards truly do not matter; beer is still one the world’s most affordable luxuries where you can go into a store with $10 and pick up an entire six- pack of a world-class beer. We all have an opinion about something, so read what real consumers are saying about your favorite beer by visiting and

There are some breweries that spend thousands of dollars to enter as many competitions as possible because they believe awards and medals are a wonderful marketing tool to help build a brand’s reputation among beer consumers. There are others who feel that competition is completely extraneous and steer away from the circuit to allow their beer to speak for itself. Sure, judging and awards play an important role in the overall beer picture. I’ll admit that I am on high alert when hearing of a beer or brewery that received a gold medal from a respected competition. However, not all beers that win medals and awards at contests are great, or even average. at the 2008 gaBF, 472 breweries entered a total of 2,902 beers, and only 7.6 percent (222 beers) were awarded medals. This is the most respected american beer contest.

AllAgAsh White Allagash Brewing Company Portland, Maine

grade A


lone stAr Pabst Brewing Company Woodridge, Illinois
(contract brewed in Fort Worth, TX)

grade D+


2005 Gold Medal Winner, GABF BelgianStyle White The rich frothy collar rests atop the lemon cloudy brew and suggests a white aurora towards the bottom of the pint glass. Aromas reminiscent of lemon zest, coriander, Creamsicle and some faint bubblegum powder in the back. Citrus (lemon and orange) flavors, toasted cracker, pale wheat, clove and a noticeable hop profile create a wonderfully balanced beer that concludes with an effervescent carbonation.

2007 & 2008 Gold Medal Winner, GABF AmericanStyle Cream Ale or Lager I give huge props to Pabst for keeping this beer brewed in Texas. The 1.5” white foam quickly disappears from the transparent, pale yellow liquid. At first draw, Lone Star brings strange aromas of processed canned chicken broth, canned cream corn [note of DMS (dimethyl sulfide)], and wet grain sack…better drink this from the bottle. When the fizzy brew hits the lips, alcohol is most prominent with a slight metallic tinge that allows flavors of purple grape peel, cream corn again, and bran cereal to dominate - minute hop profile. Thin carbonation is somewhat creamy from the adjuncts. The saving grace of this beer is the price and ultimately the picture puzzles beneath each cap. Appearance: 2 Smell: Taste: Mouthfeel: 1 2.5 2 Style: American Adjunct Lager Alcohol By Volume: 4.72% Availability: Year-Round Sample Size: 12 oz. dark brown bottle Pairings: Cuisine: fried chicken, boudain Cheese: Monterey Jack, Asadero Price: $4.79/6 pack Glassware: Not recommended

Appearance: 4.5 Smell: Taste: Mouthfeel: 4.5 4 4

Style: Witbier Alcohol By Volume: 5.20% Availability: Year-Round Sample Size: 12 oz. dark brown bottle Pairings: Cuisine: Crab bisque, bacon and eggs Cheese: Monterey, Feta Glassware: Pint glass


Drinkability: 5 Price: $9/4 pack

Drinkability: 3

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Where Football Fans Celebrate!



2290 IH 10 South at Washington Blvd. • (409) 842-0686
Sun - Thur 11am-10pm • Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm

LUNCH : 11am-4pm Adults $7.35 Children $5.35 DINNER : 4pm-9:30pm Adults $9.95 Children $6.95 For special events reserve one of our private meeting rooms seating up to 100 people.

LUNC incluH SPE des e C ggro IALS $ l l , so u p and 5.95 rice
Best Chinese Food • Best Take Out

4328 Dowlen Rd. (next to Conn’s) Beaumont, TX • (409) 898-3338

Now Open Chinese Gift Shop

* Best Asian Buffet • Best Buffet


3135 Calder Avenue • Beaumont, TX • (409)833-0537


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Com o Even Cen

L ndsca s

Leaders in Service and Style


Plan Now for your

Thanksgiving & Christmas Parties
Weddings ~ Balls Concerts ~ Meetings Seminars & Reunions
409.840.MEET (6338)
(Across the Frwy from Antioch Baptist Church)




Fax: 409.840.4838 4155 Cardinal Dr. Beaumont, TX 77705

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totally social
e v e n t s

A Tasting for Some Other Place
1 2 3

6 4






Photo by Judy Stokely

1-Trinity United Methodist Church: Zerlina Shafer, Rev. Katy Ware, Ray Shafer, Martha Jo Starke, Charles Starke. 2-Brian, Angela and Alex Hafernick. 3-Sheri Delmage and Cindy Lindeman. 4-Reid Jowers, Andrew Jones, Thomas Waddill. 5-Bert and Betty Lane. 6-Marcel and Linda Elissalde. 7-Miriam George, Gladys Gorvie, Tornyia Mornya. 8-Shelley Tortorice. 9-Matt Thompson, Ty Thompson and Clint Pace. 10-Popular local band Mid-Life Crisis performs.


October 2009


totally social
e v e n t s

Business After Hours at Accents Fine Rugs
1 2

1-Rebekah Giblin and Scott Shaw. 2-Terry Bean, Melinda Bean and James Bean.

75th Anniversary of Coburn Supply, Inc.
1 2

1-1930s Coburn Plumbing Truck. 2-Executive VP A.J. Maloney with a fully restored 1934 Ford V-8 Stake Bed Truck similar to the company’s first delivery vehicle, a surprise anniversary gift from State Water Heater Company.

Pink Monday at Jason’s Deli Corporate Office
1-top to bottom, L to R: Amber Ellis, Tracy Wilkins, Ashley Green, Judy McFarland, Helen Lazarus, Janet Nichols, Terisa Leblanc, Frances Shelton, Linda Simoneaux, Lori Lista, Prisci Vaught, Bridgette Holdsambeck, Cheryl Snapp, Stephanie Hunt, Renee Hodge, Lindsay Parish, Amy Srader, Sandra Grass, Jennifer Blackwell, Willa White, Samantha Greene, Marilyn Rigdon, Mary Parham, Mea Chaisson, Gretchen Foster, Kim Villemez, Alecia Gamble, Sierra Neville, Charlene Grass, Kristina Roberds, Amy Woodruff, Misty Gonzales, Regina Jones. 2-Breast cancer patient Jennifer Blackwell sports a pink Mohawk.



2195 Calder @ 6th St. Beaumont, TX Tues thru Sat 10-3 Thurs til 5:30 or by Appt.
38 October 2009 |

Photo by lee StinSon

Kid Fest
1 2 3




Photo by kyle PeterSen

1-Chris, Heather, Kailee and Madison Johnson. 2-Jim, Jerre and Tristin Croley. 3-Heather Migues, Samantha Brown and Kiara Lange. 4-Amanda, Paul, Colton and Madeline Morris. 5-Dawn Pickens, Bree Persley, Nina Semien, Trinity Elliott. 6-AcroDunk.

me nd




commen P re de d VI

m en d e d V com IP re r

VIP recom

Hot VISP tS po
m om ec
ended VIP rec

hem love t We


1-Keith Esmond and Carol Aucoin. 2-Stephen Romero. 3-Gerald Farha and Jessica Laird. 4-Lauren Priestley and Brandon Chambers. 5-Brad and Magan Beauchamp.

4 3
Photo by Judy Stokely




d ed



October 2009


totally social
e v e n t s


Celebrity Salsa Dancing
1 2




4215 West Cardinal Beaumont, TX 77705 (409) 842-8280 2390 North Main Vidor, TX 77662 (409)769-4845
40 October 2009 |




1-Dayna and Kendall Simmons. 2-Lucia Booth and Deloris Ramirez. 3-Greg Benskin, Jenna Benskin, Ruby Martin and Dave Martin. 4-Charlene and Danny Babineaux. 5-Diana Hill, Gordan Williams and Angie McClelland. 6-Vicky Tynes and Regina McFarland. 7-Tom Bordwell and Liz Courville. 8-Bryan Pain and Michael Pain.

Photo by Felicia Jeter

Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition

IEA Camp Bright Star Ceremony

Photo by Silvia Mcclain


1-Andrew Strange and Falicia Wise. 2-Ami Kamara.

Texas Karate Academy UFC Fight Night
1 2






Photo by Felicia Jeter

Photo by lee StinSon

1-Kacy and Crisesth Compton. 2-Glenn, Ella and Emily Dupree. 3-Tara Johnson and Brittany Martin. 4-Doug Combs and Laura McLaughlin. 5-Linh and Mike Berryhill and Cliff and Cassie Palermo.

1-Linda Domino, Mattie Phelan and Toni Mulvaney. 2-Dr. Paul Szuch and Raj Ataya. 3-Kevin Roy, Nancy Newton, Most Reverend Curtis Guillory and Charline Dauphin.


October 2009


totally social
me nd
e v e n t s


commen P re de d VI

m en d e d V com IP re r

VIP recom

Raos Tasting

Whiskey River

Hot VISP tS po
m om ec
ended VIP rec

hem love t We










d ed


1-Toni Harrison, Alicia Weaver, Laura Biddle, Kristi Johnson. 2-Dorris Schaeder, Sherry McGalliom. 3-Michael Thompson, Jamie Wallace, Vicki Johnson, Jessie Davis, Marcas Thompson. 4-Darlene, Wayne, Gary, Vicki. 5-Robert and Judy Leger, Tasha Hargraves.

The West
1 2

Photo by Felicia Jeter

1-Michael Moeller. 2-Carlton Mansery. 3-Kari Parfait. 4-Rosemary Jimenez.

1-Corey Koenig and Linda May. 2-Renee Harrington and Sandrine Noble.

42 October 2009


Photo by Silvia Mcclain

Photo by Felicia Jeter

text by cheryl roSe

Robert Earl Keen

Photo by Silvia Mcclain

Photo by Felicia Jeter

Austin-based singer and songwriter Robert Earl Keen played Ford park in Beaumont in August. Keen, who grew up in Houston, has carved a musical niche in his 25-year career. Neither country nor folk nor alternative but some of all and more besides, Keen has a devoted following for his repertoire of poetic ballads and hilarious sing-along –songs. Some of his familiar hits include “The Road Goes on Forever,” “Merry Christmas From the Family,” “Corpus Christi Bay,” and “Copenhagen.” His new album, “The Rose Hotel,” debuted September 29. touring 200 days a year, Keen returns to our area in December, when he will play in Houston.

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October 2009


Any ties to southeAst texAs? My first oil-field job was right outside Beaumont. your show here followed the yMBl/PBr Chute-out Bull ride. ever try to ride A Bull? Yes, I have ridden a few bulls. is it true you onCe PlAyed A gArAge sAle? Yes it is, and they would’ve of sold me too but the people didn’t take credit cards. As An A&M grAd, do you ever get BACk for the gAMes? I haven’t been to an A&M game in about five years. Any PrediCtions ABout this yeAr’s footBAll seAson? We’re Number 1. do you hAve A fAvorite venue in the Austin AreA? Yes, Stubbs. where should PeoPle go to CAtCh soMe of thAt Austin “weirdness?” The Continental Club. enChilAdAs or Brisket? Enchiladas. siMPlest PleAsure? playing music. when i’M not working, i’M…. Cooking. you sing ABout A lot of PuBliC viCes (diPPing, sMoking, etC.) – do you hAve A seCret viCe? I have all the vices. I am the vice master. lAst Book you reAd? I just finished Larry Brown’s “on Fire.” BAll CAP or stetson? Stetson. song thAt insPired you in your youth? “Gentle on My Mind.” I think it is a love song that brings all the meaning to love without focusing on the word love. APPle Pie or ChoColAte CAke? Apple pie. fAvorite BrAnd of jeAns? Levi’s. if you Could PlAy A jAM session of front PorCh MusiC with Any Artists living or deAd, who would you invite? Ricky Skaggs, Willie Nelson, Norman Blake, Graham Hall. fAvorite guitAr? Collings oM Acoustic. whAt Color would you Be? tangerine. it’s the 20th AnniversAry of “the roAd goes on forever,” A song thAt hAs BeCoMe An AntheM. did you AntiCiPAte its PoPulArity And longevity? I didn’t know what the consequences would be when I wrote that song. All I was trying to do in that crunch situation was tell a good story.
44 October 2009 |

vip worthy
45 rue mcclanahan | 49 gift of life | 53 toast to life | 56 vipersonality

that seems like two lives’ worth.” Rising above her small-town roots, struggling with single motherhood and broken relationships, in addition to the fierce competition of the profession, McClanahan persevered to become one of the busiest actresses of her generation. Along the way, she has brought gales of laughter to her fans of all generations. However, when McClanahan found a lump in her breast at age 63, it was serious business.


Entertaining and edifying, McClanahan is a woman of many talents text by cheryl roSe

golden, baby!
to do what I could do to express myself. Not to do that would go against who I was. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” With a career spanning more than fifty years, McClanahan has dozens of films, stage plays, tV sitcoms and movies to her credit. “When I look over my resume, I don’t see how I did it,” McClanahan marveled. “All


here were many times in her life when giving up on acting would have been the easier choice for Rue McClanahan; the easier choice perhaps, but not the right choice. “It felt like a life or death matter,” McClanahan said. “It didn’t feel like a choice. I felt I had the talent to succeed. I really had

Everyone remembers her as the sexy Blanche Devereaux on “The Golden Girls,” but many do not know that McClanahan battled breast cancer. A survivor for 12 years, McClanahan tours the country to speak to other survivors. “It’s pretty invigorating,” she said. “Breast cancer survivors are upbeat, positivethinking people.” McClanahan believes mental attitude is as important to surviving cancer as any treatment. “When I bring it up, they (survivors) all agree that they intended, from the beginning, to get well, like I did.” The women who take a business-like approach to surviving fare better than those who give into despair, McClanahan believes. According to her, survivors have an attitude of “what do we have to do to get me past this as quick as possible.” “These women aren’t less sick, but they are determined to be well,” she said. “I really do think the mind is very influential, along with the prayers, meditations and the support you get. I did a lot of visualization; that way you are fighting, doing something active when you cook up a scenario and close your eyes and fight.” In her visualizations, McClanahan imagined that her white blood cells were spaceships with annihilating laser beams, while the cancer cells were dumb and fat, with poor posture and bad balance. She’d see in her mind’s eye the spaceships shooting the cancer cells, and that was one way she fought.

attitude is everything


October 2009


vip worthy
r u e m c c a l a h a n

McClanahan has always been strong on determination. She was born in Healdton, O.K. and named Eddi-Rue, a combination of her parents’ names. In her early years, she was primarily a dancer. She graduated cum laude from the University of Tulsa with a theatre degree. Like most aspiring actresses, she left her small town and headed for the Big Apple. In New York, she was accepted as a student of the formidable acting coach Uta Hagen, and embarked on a career of trying to find enough acting jobs to pay the bills. Though she had periods of working as a file clerk or waitress, McClanahan was consistently hired for stage productions. She married her first husband and had her only child while still in the early days of breaking into the business. Husband No. 1 soon deserted, leaving her to raise their son alone. Nothing kept McClanahan down for long, and soon she was maintaining a steady career as an actress. The variety and consistency of her portfolio speak to her talent, as does the recognition by her peers. The Village Voice awarded her an Obie Award (Off Broadway theatre award) in 1970 and she received an Emmy in 1987.

A determined talent

Husbands and the Ones that Got Away.” (Maybe there’s a reason she was such a terrific Blanche?) She is currently married to her sixth husband, Morrow Wilson. In her book, released in 2007, McClanahan dishes on her frequent affairs and marriages. Though she never had trouble finding sexy swains, finding lasting love was elusive. “I was always rushing in,” she said. “Good looks and sexuality are more common to find than a feet-on-the-ground, grown-up and well-balanced partner that can make a relationship last. You have to be grown up and well-balanced yourself, too. It requires one hell of a lot of dedication.”

being ank you for Th devoted a friend onMany “The Golden sider
“My favorite episode is when the Girls visit Blanche’s childhood home and Dorothy impersonates the ghost of Blanche’s father. Or, the episode in which Rose has surgery and the Girls realize how much they take her for granted. Also, anytime Sophia begins a story by saying, “Picture it…Sicily, 1925.” - Grayson Meeks, Beaumont

c e viewers still ds, just as th be their frien Girls” to ised. e song prom show’s them

The marrying kind

Maintaining a steady love life was another matter all together. McClanahan’s autobiography is titled, “My First Five

Though she has played many roles, from the maniacal (remember Caroline Johnson on “Another World?”) to the zany, McClanahan said her three favorite roles were playing Faye Precious in a play by Oliver Hailey, Vivian on “Maude” and Blanche on “The Golden Girls.” “They are all comedies,” she noted. “I learned maybe 25 years ago that it’s more enjoyable to do comedy because it hurts less than tragedy. I love to interact with a live audience and now I’m finding that stand-up comedy is a natural thing to do. I do like making people laugh.”

Make’em laugh

“The Golden Girls” represent the fellowship and sisterhood women share in true friendships. This is best represented in a classic Golden Girl scene: late-night pow-wows over cheesecake in the kitchen. They really kept each other in line, as in this exchange: Rose: “Can I ask a dumb question?” Dorothy: “Better than anyone I know.” - Grace Nichols, Beaumont “I was, and am still, a fan of ‘The Golden Girls.’ The re-runs have not lost their appeal. They could effectively deal with what were once questionable topics with great wit, humor and fun.” - Charlexa Smith, Beaumont

The Girls Are Still Golden
“The Golden Girls” was a hugely popular comedy sitcom that ruled Saturday night from 1985 to 1992. The series starred four women – Rue McClanahan, Betty White, Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty – whose characters were all single, older women sharing a home together. McClanahan was the youngest, in her early fifties at the show’s inception. A bit of trivia is that McClanahan was originally asked to read for the part of Rose, the sweet airhead, and White was slated for the vampy sexpot, Blanche. Fortunately for all, the two switched roles and the rest is history. The idea for “The Golden Girls”
46 October 2009 |

originated with Brandon Tartikoff, the former executive of NBC, McClanahan explained. He wanted a creative spin on the movie “How to Marry a Millionaire,” but casting senior women. The chemistry among the actresses and the clever writing made the show a runaway hit. “All the guest stars had the same thing to say after working with us, that it was a happy, congenial set,” McClanahan said with some pride. “So many sets were not like that. There were no fights, no strife. We did our work and we laughed a lot.” Off the set, however, the women went in four different directions. “We all had

our separate circles of friends,” she explained. Seventeen years after the series finale, “The Golden Girls” still has a wide popularity all over the world, as new generations see the show in syndication. McClanahan said she believes people still love the show because of its warmth. “This was a created family; it wasn’t blood relationships, but friendships that were solid and dependable,” she said. “Also, there was the message of not letting years make you into a dull person, but going ahead and being sexually active and adventurous.”

as well as two melodies. She hopes to take Now in her seventies, McClanahan has the show on tour once her knee heals. no intention of retiring and continues to Beyond her work, she enjoys time in keep an energetic schedule. Last month, her garden at her home in New York, and she was in Atlanta working on a TV sitcom creates color “doodles,” abstract, colorful called “Meet the Browns.” She’s also been artwork that she’s traveling to toying with perform what she calls “sit“I learned maybe 25 years ago turning into greeting cards. down comedy” that it’s more enjoyable to do She’s an active (she’s had knee trouble), comedy because it hurts less volunteer with animal rights a variety of than tragedy. I love to interact groups and for live comedy monologues. with a live audience and now breast cancer awareness She is also I’m finding that stand up “If I’m a true collaborating with her son, comedy is a natural thing to do. artist in anything, it’s in acting,” she Austin-based I do like making people laugh.” said. “Anything jazz guitarist else is for fun.” Mark Bish, to create a stage show musical of her autobiography. Bish has composed the theme songs of the first five husbands as well as one for himself. McClanahan has written many of the lyrics,

Latest ventures

An Evening with Rue McClanahan
Rue McClanahan will visit Beaumont this month to talk with breast cancer survivors and as the guest speaker at a special event hosted by the Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program. General admission is limited. Call 409.833.3663 for information.

P a s c d


Date: Thursday, Oct. 22 Reception: 6:30pm Dinner and Program: 7pm Where: Holiday Inn Beaumont Plaza


October 2009


vip worthy
g i f t o f l i f e

An Enduring Present

text by ChERyL RoSE


The Gift of Life program celebrates 15 years of cancer prevention
500 free mammograms in 1993 at the time As board president of The Julie Rogers of the dedication of the Julie and Ben “Gift of Life” Program for the last 11 years, Rogers Cancer Institute. Rogers wanted to Morris still gets fired up when meeting breast cancer survivors and hearing their find a special and meaningful gift to honor stories. “We get notes on a regular basis her mother, Julie, who had just suffered a from women who have been diagnosed and stroke. As her mother was a breast cancer successfully treated who tell us how survivor and an advocate for those unable they wouldn’t have had a life without this to afford insurance, Rogers felt that free program,” she said. “They mammograms would be a fitting tribute. are there to see their chil- There was an overwhelming response dren grow up because of by clients and donors alike that revealed having a mammogram a significant need and interest in through our program.” the community. Morris knows that “There is not another program like this the Gift of Life’s anywhere that we know of,” Morris said. efforts to provide free “We’ve been approached by any number of mammograms and people from other states about our model educational outreach because they thought it worth investigating.” are making an Though there is a professional staff, the impact in our program thrives on the dedicated efforts community. “We have of more than 500 volunteers who give hard facts that there 5,000 hours of volunteer service annually. are 100 people alive Volunteers help in the governance today that would not of the organization, fundraising and be if we did not have educational outreach. Some, such as Marty this program, Craig who serves as a vice president of because they didn’t the board, are breast cancer survivors. have the ability to Others serve because they are passionate pay for screening,” about the cause, such as Linda Domino, Morris said. “We who in addition to being a vice president on know from the board, has spearheaded the Pink Card offering 15,000 fundraising initiative with Co-chairwoman free mammograms Gay Scott for several years. that there are that many people and more who couldn’t MORE THAN MAMMOGRAMS afford to have a With the success of the free mammoscreening.” gram program, the Gift of Life began to consider expansion. Through lead contributions from Rogers, Charline Dauphin, Linda and George Penland and corporate partners including BASF and Total, the Gift of Life initiated several new A GIFT BECOMES A “GIFT” “GIFT programs and services. Begun in 1994, the program The first addition was beginning an educelebrates its 15th anniversary this year. cational outreach effort that connects with Starting a new program was not Regina thousands of citizens each year in schools, Rogers intention when she offered to fund churches, neighborhoods and

hen she talks about the survivors, Nell McCallum Morris’s voice gets tight and tears come to her eyes. “Last year, we did this awesome celebration, walking from the Beaumont Civic Center to the Julie Rogers Theatre in pink boas with flags that marked

Charline Dauphi

Morris Nell McCallum n and the breast cancer

survivors. I just stood back and could hardly maintain my composure, looking at how many people were touched. It’s absolutely overwhelming.”
48 October 2009 |

phoToS CouRTESy of “GifT of LifE” pRoGRAM

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fabulous finds


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from polished...

phoToS CouRTESy of “GifT of LifE” pRoGRAM

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October 2009


vip worthy
g i f t o f l i f e


received positive cancer diagnoses; one with breast cancer, one with prostate. Even with all of the communication, education and testing efforts, it’s a battle that not all people win. For this reason, Morris, the myriad volunteers and staff members such as Pat Willard, the educational outreach coordinator, and Charlotte Simoneaux, the mammography services coordinator, emphasize prevention. As a guideline, Morris pointed to the recommendation from the National Institute of Health to have a first mammogram at age 40 trips to rural and inner city areas to and then an annual provide mammograms and exams. They check up thereafter. added an educational outreach effort that “However, if you’ve got a connects with thousands of citizens each hot spot, don’t wait a year year in schools, churches, neighborhoods or two. Go to a doctor who and civic groups to talk about cancer understands women’s health awareness topics. In September each year, the program offers free prostate screenings issues,” she urged. “Early detection saves lives. The for men. most important fact that anyone could take away PREVENTION, DETECTION, LIFE from our efforts is that if “Everyone is touched by cancer,” you get diagnosed early Morris said emphatically. “I defy you to enough, it does not have find someone who hasn’t had someone to be a terminal illness.” they love affected by cancer.” Morris just learned that two of her friends have civic groups to talk about cancer awareness topics. Beyond the cost of testing, another major obstacle to getting women services was accessibility. Through a partnership with The University of Texas Medial Branch (UTMB) at Galveston, a mobile screening van now makes regular

“What better cause is there than helping save peoples’ lives?”
Fifteen years later, Regina Rogers is gratified that the endeavor she began as a means of conveying her love, appreciation and admiration for her mother has taken on such a life of its own. “The years have passed so quickly,” Rogers said. “I am sure my parents would be so pleased to know that thousands of people have received medical care and attention through our efforts.”

They are there to see their children grow up because of having a mammogram through our program.


15 Years of Saving Lives
The Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program established




The Prostate Cancer Program initiated

Creation of Prostate Cancer Support Group

Introduction of the “Don’t Smoke Your Life Away” Tobacco Program

1999 1998

UTMB van begins making on-site appointments in targeted areas


Creation of the Sidney “Chief ” Dauphin Educational Outreach Program

15th anniversary

Though Rogers is often shy of accepting credit, Board President Nell McCallum Morris was quick to describe the Gift of Life founder as an irreplaceable member of the community. “She is the most caring person I’ve ever known in my life,” Morris said. “She is the most giving, caring human that I’ve ever encountered. She is unbelievable in her generosity and her heartfelt involvement in all the areas of need in our community.”

50 October 2009

Arriving by umbrella, not broomstick.


The Professional Nanny Source
Residential, Commercial & Industrial Title Insurance

Choose from pre-screened applicants Full and part time ~ Day and evening sitters 3442 Eastex Frwy ~ Beaumont, TX 832-2062


409-212-1419 (fax)

Joseph D. Deshotel

Attorney/Branch Manager

Rette W. Browning
Architectural Landscape Design

For All Your Landscape Needs





Locally Owned, Bonded & Insured and Operated

Ric Arena. 409.866.1211 or 409.781.0978.
Architectural Landscape Design and Consultation


October 2009


vip worthy
night out with gift of life

Gift of Life volunteers and recipients share what the program means to them
coordinated by holli petersen

Girls Night Out to Toast to Life

nne East Martinis apas and very and A to easys T ren fontenot, pat A te thanks nsall, Ka to celebra , Vicky Bo a moment orgie Volz ls enjoy The gir Smith, Ge ht: Janice “When I hear the stories and see the gratitude of ‘Gift of Left to Rig

– Pat Avery, Board Member

Life’ clients, it warms my heart to know we’ve helped those who need it! I am so proud that Total sponsors a mobile mammography van for the program.”

52 October 2009



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October 2009


night out with gift of life

– Georgie Volz, Breast & Ovarian Cancer Survivor

“This is a personal mission for me. Over three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. It became clear to me how important early diagnosis is in saving lives.”

– Janice Smith, Gift of Life Breast Cancer Survivor


M oti vat ing •


ing • Inspiring • Leading

“The program touches so many lives with love, laughter and in many cases, truly the gift of life! Personally, it provides me many avenues to reach out and show love and compassion, while receiving so much more in return.”
– Karen Fontenot, Executive Committee Member

ing • Insp iring • Leading


•M ot iva tin g•


– Vicky Bonsall, Gift of Life Breast Cancer Survivor
ea •L

“Without the mammogram I received through the ‘Gift of Life,’ I wouldn’t be here today! My breast cancer diagnosis came as a shock, but the ‘Gift of Life’ made sure I got the treatment I needed just in time! I’ll be forever grateful!”
d i ng
• Motivating • Lov

“The program has touched me personally because I have a history of breast cancer in my family. My company and I strongly believe in Breast Cancer awareness. Casa Olé created a program to support the ‘Gift of Life’ called Make Mondays Matter where we donate 10 percent of our sales each Monday in October.” –Anne East, Volunteer
54 October 2009 |

i Insp

r i ng •

Leading • Motiv

atin g

ding • M ng otivating • Lovi


Ins piri ng

• L ea

• ing spir • In

ov in


g din ea


ns •I


g r in


“They saved my life! The program has provided me with hope, encouragement, perseverance and the knowledge that I don’t have to be alone – help is available! Sharing the message of early detection has shown me that I can be a part of something so much bigger than myself.”

In spi rin g• Le

vip worthy

adin g•
g• irin nsp g•I Motivating • Lovin

in ad



i ng




 LAY...


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October 2009


vip worthy

Zach Dishman
text by ChERyL RoSE
The life of a rodeo cowboy fits anyone’s definition of tough. For 26-year-old zach Dishman, rodeo has been part of his life since he was a small boy. “I can’t remember when I didn’t rodeo,” he said. “I was really young. By the time I was eight years old, I was definitely going to quite a few rodeos and won money, too.” When Dishman goes to work, he is clinging to a bucking bronc, hand held high, fighting to stay on a few precious seconds while impressing the judges with his spurring technique. A professional bareback rider, Dishman has been a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association since 2002. He travels throughout the United States and Canada to compete in 80 to 100 rodeos a year. He’s finished within the top 25 of bareback riders several times in his career, and has notably won money at some of the big shows in Houston, San Antonio, Ft. Worth and Cheyenne, WY. “It takes a lot of determination to stay with it,” Dishman acknowledged. “There’s a lot of mental and physical abuse. It would amaze people – the injuries and aches we deal with. There’s a mentality that it takes to do that kind of physical contact sport. Then when things aren’t going well, it eats on you and you really have to stay positive.” The daredevil gene resides in the family line, as Dishman is a third generation rodeo cowboy. His father, Monk Dishman, is a three-time qualifier and two-time National Finals Rodeo bareback riding champion. His grandfather, the late James Clyde “J.C.” Dishman, rode for Texas A&M. The younger Dishman experimented with bull-riding in high school, but settled on bareback riding. He started high school at Hardin-Jefferson, but graduated from West Brook in Beaumont. He qualified for the National High School Rodeo Association finals as a senior. He went on to get his B.S. degree from Texas Tech in Lubbock, while already a member of PRCA, qualifying four times for College National Finals Rodeo. October starts the new season in Professional Rodeo. Dishman anticipates continuing his rodeo career for a few more years. “I just really enjoy it,” he said. “I don’t have to rodeo –I’ve just done it so long I’m used to it. After the season, after you rest up, you get the desire and drive to go back out and do it again.” This year, however, it may be harder to tear himself away from home. Dishman and his wife Ashley are expecting their first child in January. “I just really can’t wait,” he said, with a touch of awe in his voice. “I’m anxious, but so happy about it.”

v i p e r s o n a l i t y


just try to allow God to work through me in every day situations, and to be glad for what I have.

RODEO CLOWNS ARE…Funny. I DON’T GO INTO THE RING WITHOUT…Praying, laying hands on my
animal and me.

WHO DO YOU ADMIRE? Jesus, for FAVORITE MEAL? Steak and gravy,
though I like seafood a lot, too.

being my Savior; my dad for teaching me about life; my wife for supporting me.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU: Appreciative, cheerful, conservative. FAVORITE RODEO TOWN? Houston.
It’s really cool and the biggest regular season event of the year.

Riding, the actual competition.


DO YOU HAVE A TRAINING REGIME? When I get to the gym, I try

HOW MANY BONES HAVE YOU BROKEN? I’ve had a lot of different

injuries: a bone in my hand, fingers busted up, broke my nose twice, shoulder surgery, rotator cuffs, torn ligaments, a broken rib, and two serious concussions. I think bones heal better than some of these other injuries. really good ride, giving it your best.

BIGGEST THRILL? When you make a BIGGEST WIN? The Southwestern

so many different ways. Some fast, some slow, hanging in air or some take long jumps. When a horse jumps high but doesn’t go far, you feel more in control. When they are fast, you have to just try to spur fast and it can feel like you are just going through the motions. When they take big jumps they get really strong and they have a good chance of bucking guys off. Sometimes I’ll hunt and do some fishing, fellowship with friends.

to do cardio and light exercises, no weightlifting because with all the jarring, you don’t want tight muscles. You want your muscles agile. I work to strengthen my core, do some functional exercises.

PETS? A mini-Australian shepherd named Grizzly, the first inside dog of my life, and the most spoiled little dog! HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HIT THE SNOOzE BUTTON? Pretty
regularly, at least once each morning.


Exposition and Livestock Rodeo in Fort Worth in 2006.

grandpa, my dad’s dad.

“Are You Tough Enough to Wear Pink?” is the slogan of the national campaign by the rodeo and western-wear industry to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Many rodeos host a Tough Enough to Wear Pink night, inviting fans and participants alike to show their support by wearing pink.
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phoTo By Judy SToKELy

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58 October 2009

text by Haley StraHan

Oh Yes, It’s Ladies Night
eave the kids at home. Tell hubby to order a pizza. Grab a bottle of wine and pick up your best friend. It’s Girls Night! Ever since housewives first gathered to play bridge, sip martinis and gossip about the

neighbors, the tradition of Girls Night Out has been going strong. Today, many women are often stopping by after a long day at work, the game is more likely Bunco, Pokeno or no game at all, but the martinis are still strong and the gossip is still delicious. Kelly Knox of Beaumont participates in

a Bunco group once a month with a group of friends that includes old high school classmates and new co-workers. “We have such busy schedules that it’s nice to be able to take a break and get some time away,” Knox said. Her Bunco group alternates hostesses each month, with the hostess serving dinner and guests bringing their


beverage of choice. Bunco is the latest party-game craze to sweep the nation, and there are several active groups in this area. Bunco is a dice game consisting of 12 players. Members bring an allotted “buy-in” amount each month, and the winner takes home the pot. “Being in a Bunco group is awesome because it’s a way to have fun with your friends without going out and spending a lot of money,” Knox explained. Beaumont native Keely Snyder joined a Pokeno group comprised of fellow teachers after moving to Katy for work. “I had just started a new job, and this Pokeno group was a way for me to really get to know other people outside of school,” Snyder said. Most women say that participating in these types of groups is, primarily, a way to

How to Play Bunco
Recruit 11 friends who are willing to commit to playing each month and volunteering their homes one month a year. (Or more if you would like to have substitutes). Decide how much your “buy-in” will be. Most groups choose $5, $10 or $15. Set up three playing tables of four with three die at each table. The “head table” keeps track of time and rings a bell to start and end play. At the bell, one player at each table will begin rolling all three die. The object of Bunco is to get the most sixes. Each six is worth one point. A single roll of three sixes is a “Bunco” and worth six points. A roll of three ones is considered “Snake Eyes,” worth three points. If the player rolls neither a single six nor Snake Eyes, the die are passed. Tables are divided into two teams of two. These teams play against each other, keeping track of sixes until the winning team at the head table reaches 21 points, at which point they ring the bell to stop play. The winning team from each table moves to the next table, the losing team stays at their current table but is no longer teamed up. Six consecutive games are considered a set. The game can continue through as many sets as desired. Winners are determined by Most Buncos, Most Wins of individual games, Most Losses, and the last person to have rolled Snake Eyes (usually denoted by wearing a silly hat or feather boa.) Money can be divided up however the group chooses, but Most Buncos is always worth the greatest prize.

“Having a set day, knowing that your friends are relying on you to have enough people to play, really gives you the motivation to go, even if you’re tired or busy. Then you’re always so glad that you made the time,”

reconnect with their girlfriends, often difficult in such a fast-paced society. “Having a set day, knowing that your friends are relying on you to have enough people to play, really gives you the motivation to go, even if you’re tired or busy. Then you’re always so glad that you made the time,” Snyder explained.

Some women find other reasons to celebrate Girls Nights, such as a Birthday Club, in which members go to dinner every month to celebrate each other’s birthdays. “After you have kids and get busy with life, you don’t make such a fuss over your own birthday,” said Charlene Meek of Beaumont, who participates in a Birthday Club with several friends. “It’s fun to have a little party to look forward to.” Other women get together to watch a particular television show each week. Beaumont Marianne Youngblood hosted a finale party for “The Bachelorette” in her home, complete with “Bachelorette” trivia quizzes. Of course, many groups of girlfriends aren’t able to get together quite so often, and instead plan an event once a year. “My mom is part of a group of ladies who were sorority sisters and now live all across the southern United States,” said Ashley Hurlburt of Beaumont. “They still keep in touch, and go to the beach each summer with all of their kids. I have been going with her for 24 years and it is so much fun for all of us.” As friends and family move further and further away from one another, it becomes even more important to find time to spend together. Many women plan annual retreats with high school or college girlfriends as a way to stay close, when busy lives don’t leave much time to keep in touch.


October 2009


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2 0 w a y s o n f u n

Frightfully Fun
20 Halloween To-Boos
text by Cathleen Cole


Get into the spirit of with these frighteningly fun places to go and things to boo!


with cute pumpkins and scarecrows or scary skeletons and bats, decorate for Halloween! Let the kids help with homemade creations and don’t forget the jack-o-lanterns!



at Wesley United Methodist Church’s Pumpkin Patch or Camp Junction in Beaumont. They’ll both be offering fall festivals with games, contests, crafts and hayrides too. Don’t be afraid to check out these websites: and




60 October 2009


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at the Mcfaddin-Ward House in Beaumont Saturday, Oct. 24 to carve pumpkins, make crafts, play games and taste harvest treats all while listening to a lively bluegrass band. There will be hayrides and a costume parade for the little goblins. Mosey on over to for details.




chairs in your front yard and invite other neighbors to come with their candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters. Turn out the porch lights and burn citronella candles to set a mosquito-free spooky mood.

bread, muffins, cookies, roasted seeds) and share them with your friends. Need a recipe? Go to, foodnetwork. com or


A TRICK-OR-TREAT ALTERNATIvE: Eventually, your kids


wrong with this holiday favorite. Play games, tell ghost stories and give a prize for the best costume. Check out partycity. com for lots of choices – maybe a Michael Jackson number or a Kate Gosselin wig.

will outgrow the desire to dress up and ring doorbells for candy. Here’s an idea for teenagers. Instead of asking for candy treats, ask for canned or dry goods to donate to the Southeast Texas food Bank in Beaumont ( Tip: Pull a wagon. Canned food is heavy!

Saturday, Oct. 10 at the Julie Rogers Theatre in Beaumont. Offered by Beaumont-based S.O.U.L.S. (Searching Out and Uncovering Lost Spirits) Paranormal, this is the first paranormal convention in Southeast Texas and will feature national and international ghost hunters. Go to if you dare.

of local theaters. If they aren’t showing this classic, audience-participating film, a theater in Houston is bound to have it. Road trip!

It’s not for vampires. GIvE BLOOD AT LIfESHARE BLOOD CENTERS in Beaumont. See for more information.


TAKE A HAUNTED HALLOWEEN TOUR of Beaumont’s John Jay french and
Chambers House Museums friday, Oct. 30. There’s nothing like a spooky old house to get you in the mood for Halloween! Check out and for details.

CHECK INTO THE HAUNTED HOTEL in Beaumont. for ghostly details, or
go to

happens. Bring your camera. You never know what might pop up! (Mark your calendars for the first Annual Southeast Texas Paranormal Convention March 12-13, 2010 at the Beaumont Civic Center. Check for details.)


Port Neches) Road in Port Neches. Legend tells of Sara Jane who hid her infant under a bridge when she heard news of Union soldiers coming. When they left, she rushed to retrieve her baby, but the river had risen and the child was gone. Heartbroken, she hanged herself from a tree. The road is said to be haunted.

term Halloween derives from All Hallowed Eve, the evening before All Saints Day. for the Catholic Church, All Hallowed Eve is in preparation for a holy day of remembrance of those who have been named saints. The day after that is All Souls Day, when the souls of deceased family members and friends are remembered.


with your family and friends. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is always a good choice! for a tamer tale try Ghostbusters or Casper (the friendly ghost).


Spooky Texas: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore and Ghost Stories Deck: 50 Spine-Tingling Tales to Tell After Dark (each story is printed on its own card) by S.E. Schlosser. for the kids, check out the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine.



and toast the Celts for starting this spooky tradition. Before it was a Christian holy day, Oct. 31 was a Celtic celebration. The Celts believed their departed family members and friends returned to their homes on this day to eat and drink. Since it was harvest time and food was plentiful, some was left out on this evening to feed the returning souls. Trick-or-Treat!


( Saturday, Oct. 31 for an alternative to trekking the streets for candy.

on Saturday, Oct. 31. The entertainment district will offer live music, tasty food and a costume contest. Stroll to crockettstreet. com for details.

Happy Have a ween! Hallo


October 2009


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c a l e n d a r

This event will present a view from the most renown paranormal investigators, haunted survivors and authors, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. from the most skeptic to the most seasoned Ghost HUNTER...there will be something for everyone! $50.00 and up, 10am-12am, 409.350.7465 or 409.454.3813
Do you have an event you would like to promote? Do it with VIP for FREE! Please send us details – dates, times, location, contact phone, web address and a brief description to Information should arrive at least 60 days in advanc eof the event.
62 October 2009 |

October 10

S.O.U.L.S Fest-Paranormal Convention


October 30-31

Dark Night of The Scarecrow
Written by Beaumont native, J. D. feigelson, who will be on hand to introduce the film. It has been shown in multiple cities around the country and is being shown here through special arrangement with the producers. Proceeds from the showing(s) will go to Beaumont Community Players. Tickets will be sold exclusively online, scarecrow.htm on a first come, first served basis. October 30-31

Dazzling costumes, acrobatic stunts, lively music and a fascinating story create an amazing live show. 7pm. Beaumont Civic Center, 1.800.782.3081

October 10

Cirque Dreams Illumination



great dates october



October 1 Sample an array of the finest specialty and seasonal beers from around the world paired with complementary food dishes, plus beer floats, chat with brewmasters, musical entertainment and much more. Art Museum of Southeast Texas. $35 for museum members; $50 for non-members 409.832.3432

Art of Beer

{ October }
OctOber 1 Texas Rice Festival

Clays For Kids

Inventive Genius” will be held on Saturday at 2pm. Museum of the Gulf Coast, 409.982.7000

2009 Southeast Texas Senior Celebration & Consumer Expo

Youth Livestock show (which has the largest breeding beef show in southeast Texas), craft show, parades, big name entertainment, street dances, rice cooking contest and a great group of vendors with some of the best food you will ever eat! September 30 until October 4th. 409.296.4404

Stars Over Texas Softball

Put your five man team together now for this Lewis Class Division Scoring Event! 2 flight times: am or pm. Great food & beverages all day. Goodie bag provided for each shooter. Awesome prizes & chance to be a Clays for Kids “Top Gun!” Reserve your team today! Sponsorships also available. 409.833.3860 ford Park Event Center (ford fields) 409.951.5400

S.O.U.L.S. Fest-Paranormal Convention/Conference

Street Rod, Sports Cars, Emergency vehicles, Custom, Mustangs, Pre-engineered (race cars) & more. vendors & food booths are available. There will also be entertainment & games for the kids! 8am - 4pm. 409.880.3927 This event will present a view from the most renown paranormal investigators, haunted survivors and authors, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. from the most skeptic to the most seasoned Ghost HUNTER... there will be something for everyone! $50.00 and up 10am-12am 409.350.7465 or 409.454.3813

Art of Beer at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas

It’s an exciting day for adults of all ages. Over 100 exhibitors, free health screenings. 9am Lava Daddy’s in concert, 10am Bingo, 11am “The Best of the first 10 Years of Senior Celebrations!” featuring “Texas Country Reporter” Bob Phillips. 12noon celebrity style show at Parkdale Mall, 1pm Elvis Wade in concert, 2pm Bingo, ACES car club auto show classic cars & trucks on display all day. Plus games, informative and educational presentations, clowns, music and much more! Beaumont Civic Center, 409.835.5951 ext. 117

OctOber 8 Lunch-n-Learn by the Better Business Bureau

Cirque Dreams Illumination

Discover how to turn customers into raving fans . . . and, much more!! Registration includes lunch, training materials, networking opportunities, and 60 minutes of fast paced learning and professional development. MCM Elegante Hotel, 11:30am–1pm Advance: $30 / Day of: $35 409.835.5951 x117

Stars Over Texas Softball

Dazzling costumes, acrobatic stunts, lively music and a fascinating story create an amazing live show. 7pm. Beaumont Civic Center, 1.800.782.3081 ford Park Event Center, 409.951.5400

OctOber 13 Sabine Area Restaurant Association
“Chef ’s Delight” Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Beaumont Plaza

Sample an array of the finest specialty and seasonal beers from around the world paired with complementary food dishes, plus beer floats, chat with brewmasters, musical entertainment and much more. Art Museum of Southeast Texas, 6pm–10pm, 409.832.3432

OctOber 9 Nederland Chamber of Commerce & Tourist Bureau 14th Annual Golf Tournament

10:30am registration, 12 noon tee time. Belle Oaks Golf Course. 409.722.0279.

OctOber 14 Beaumont Destination Training

OctOber 10 2009 CavOILcade Parade

OctOber 2 The Odd Couple

Presented by Port Arthur Little Theatre. Directed by Ann Holland and Rosie Einkauf. Show dates: friday-Sunday, October 2-4, friday-Sunday, October 9-11 friday-Sunday, October 16-18 The Courtyard Cafe, 409.727.7258

2009 CavOILcade Youth Fishing Tournament
Pleasure Island. 409.983.1009 or 409.983.4034

Downtown Port Arthur. 409.983.1009 or 409.983.4034

Join this fREE half-day tour of Beaumont where you’ll learn all about the fun and exciting things there are to do here in your own backyard! Oh yea, and did we mention the free food?! Beaumont CvB, free, 409.880.3749 Call for reservations.

OctOber 15 Fall Harvest Festival

Pancakes & Prevention on the Plaza & Flamin Hot Car Show
Pancake breakfast with all the trimmings will be servied and the flamin’ Hot Car Show will take place with trophies being awarded in the following categories: Classic (20+ years), Muscle Cars (1964-1976), Antique 1 (pre 1948), Antique 2 (post 1948), Trucks and 4x4s, Show Cars,

Daily pumpkin patch, costume contests, apple bobbing, toe sack races, hay rides & more! Camp Junction, 409.898.2966

OctOber 3 Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition
free film screenings of the PBS documentary “Rauschenberg:

OctOber 16-17 21st Annual Harvest Festival

An East Texas folklife festival! Pioneer demonstration, music (Dulcimer, Bluegrass, folk, Gospel), dance (Native American, Polynesian,


October 2009


Where Business & Pleasure Meet
Business Meetings & Conferences State-of-the Art Communications Flexible Room Arrangements Exquisite Decor Receptions & Luncheons

1776 C al der Ave. B eaum on t , Te x a s 409. 832. 1621

Let the Sun Shine In.
ney ave Mo s! S ive Save L


w w w.b ro u ssa r d sc e n t re. com

7396 College St.

Beaumont, TX 77707


Toll Free 877.281.9717

The Blind Factory

64 October 2009


Shriner’s Circus

Russian), food, artisans, Civil War Confederate Camp and much more! $6 Adults, $3 Children 5-12, free, Children under 5. Heritage village Museum in Woodville. 9am - 5pm, 409.283.2272 ford Park, 409.951.5400

to play professional major league baseball.Grades 4 and up. 9:30am & 11:30am, 1.800.828.5535

OctOber 22 The Julie Rogers Gift of Life Program

OctOber 17 Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition
free film screenings of the PBS documentary Rauschenberg: Inventive Genius will be held at 2pm. Museum of the Gulf Coast, 409.982.7000

The Julie Rogers Gift of Life Program will host “BIG Puttin’ on the Pink” with guest speaker Rue McClanahan from “The Golden Girls.” Holiday Inn Plaza.

NAACP 27th Annual Freedom Fund & Award Banquet
The banquet is the Branch’s primary fundraiser and proceeds benefit their scholarship fund. The banquet also provides an opportunity to recognize individuals, businesses and organizations that have made invaluable contributions to the community. Beaumont Civic Center 409.842.0294

OctOber 23-25 Beaumont Boys Bash Presented by Tracy Byrd, Mark Chesnutt & Zona Jones

Activities Wednesday-Sunday! Beaumont Boys Bash, Beaumont, TX 615.465.8152 Kerri Taliaferro SCHEDULE OF EVENTS:
OctOber 23

Oct OctOber 24 Harvest Hoedown

Symphony of Southeast Texas All Orchestra Concert

The Madonna as Muse: The Paintings of Rene Avarado

Julie Rogers Theatre, Beaumont. Tickets available on line or at the box office concert night. 409.892.2257 Exhibit through Jan 3. Art Museum of SETX. 409.832.3432 Exhibit through Jan. 3. Art Museum of SETX. 409.832.3432

Beaumont Boys Bash Songwriters Night featuring Nashville’s #1 Songwriters: Mark Nesler, Casey Beathard, Wynn varble, David Lee, and Kevin Denny. Dixie Dancehall, 7pm. Tickets available at all fastlane Convenience Stores and florida Tans. $12 in Advance, $15 at the Door
OctOber 24

free and open to the public. Good ole’ fashion fun! Bluegrass music, harvest games, campfire, craft demonstrations. 4-H Links & Drinks for sale. Come in costume! 5pm-8pm, Mcfaddin Ward Carriage House, 409.832.1906

OctOber 26 Lyle Lovett and His Large Band

Tickets $40-65, varies on location. 7:30pm, Lutcher Theater. 1.800.828.5535

Ojos Para Volar / Eyes to Fly With: Photographs by Graciela Iturbide

Beaumont Boys Bash Concert Tracy Byrd, zona Jones, and friends. Crockett Street, 11am. Tickets available at all fastlane Convenience Stores and florida Tans. $15 in Advance, $20 at the Door – Children 12 & Under free
OctOber 25

OctOber 30 Haunted Halloween Tours

Parsons Dance: Remember Me

John Jay french Museum / Chambers House Museum 3025 french Road / 2240 Calder Ave 409.898.0348

OctOber 18 Dog Jam 09

The Black Crowes, Sevendust and Saving Abel perform at ford Pavilion. Tickets $22.50-$42.50. 4pm. or 409.951. 5400

Beaumont Boys Bash Golf Tournament at Bayou Din Golf Club Benefitting Charities – Children’s Miracle Network, the Garth House, and the Humane Society have been confirmed so far. Children’s Miracle Network will use the proceeds to continue remodeling the NICU at CHRISTUS Hospital – St. Elizabeth. Mcfaddin Ward

The Altos

A high-energy mix of contemporary American dance, opera and rock music. A one hour daytime performance (10am) will also be held featuring this brilliant company. Grades 3 and up. 10am & 7:30pm $40 - $65 varies on location Lutcher Theater, 707 Main, Orange, TX. 1.800.828.5535 Presented by Port Arthur Little Theatre. Directed by Jean Heubach. The Courtyard Cafe, friday-Saturday, October 30-31. 409.727.7258

OctOber 21 Most Valuable Player

The triumphant story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American


October 2009


Dark Night of The Scarecrow

Written by Beaumont native, J. D. feigelson, who will be on hand to introduce the film. It has been shown in multiple cities around the country and is being shown here through special arrangement with the producers. All proceeds from the showing(s) will go to Beaumont Community Players. Tickets will be sold exclusively online on a first come, first served basis. October 30-31

nOvember 10 Stega Nona: The Musical

Based on the children’s books by Tomie dePaola, this is the musical tale of the a friendly magical witch - with a funny name - who strives to cure the ills of her tiny Italian town. Grades PreK-4. Lutcher Theater. 9:30am & 11:30am, 1.800.828.5535

nOvember 20-22 River Dance

nOvember 13 Peter and the Wolf

“A Phenomenon of Historic Proportions!” raves The Washington Post. Whether its your first time or your fifth, you won’t want to miss these farewell performances of Riverdance! $40 - $65 varies on location Riverdance 7:30 pm & 2pm 2586 Lutcher Theater 1.800.828.5535

The duck, the bird and the cat join Peter and his grandfather to outsmart a wily wolf in this familiar cautionary tale, set to music both classical and contemporary. Grades K-4. Lutcher Theater. 9:30 am & 11:30 am, 1.800.828.5535

nOvember 21-January 30 Illuminated Manuscripts and Tapestries

Entwined across the Ages highlights the variety and richness of manuscript illustrations in the Book of Hours and includes images of the Christmas story.

OctOber 31 “Eat a Bug” Family Arts Day Dinosaur Day

nOvember 14 Annual Harvest of Hope Gala

Art Museum of SETX. 409.832.3432 Texas Energy Museum. 409.833.5100

Nightmare on Crockett Street Halloween Trick-or-Treating
409.832.2944 Parkdale Mall. 409.898.2222

{ November }
nOvember 5 Mamie McFaddin Ward’s Birthday Tea at the McFaddin Ward House

Nuncrackers Auditions

benefiting Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas will be held Saturday, November 14, at 7:00 p.m., at the MCM Elegante Hotel Ballroom. Alex Broussard, James Broussard, Jim Broussard and Tom Broussard will be honored for their many years of service to numerous community organizations. $100 each. Call Catholic Charities at 409.924.4421 for more information or visit

nOvember 28 McFaddin Ward House Junior Interpreter Guide Day

Open to the public. Newly-minted and veteran JIs from the McfaddinWard House’s teen educational program will tour visitors through all three floors of the house. The Carriage House will also be opened as a bonus. 10am-3pm, Mcfaddin-Ward House, free 409.832.1906

Reservations are a must and tours start at 1am, 11am, 1:30pm, and 2:30pm Mcfaddin-Ward House visitor Center 1906 Calder Avenue at Third Street Beaumont, TX, 409-832-1906 free & open to the public. In honor of Mamie Mcfaddin Ward’s birthday, all tours of the house for this day are free. Tea and refreshments based on family recipes will be served. Lamar Institute of Technology’s Restaurant and food Management Classes will prepare and serve the refreshments. Mcfaddin family members will host the tea.

It’s the Mount Saint Helens annual Christmas concert! Audtions Nov. 13-28. Contact Allan Anderud at 409.866.5834 or

nOvember 15-22 Christmas Card Photo Op

Snap your family’s Christmas photo on the home’s staircase. Bring your own cameras. Amateur photography only. The house is open for these photos once a year. Sundays, November 15 & 22. Mcfaddin-Ward House 1pm-3:30pm, 409.832.1906

Holiday art/craft/gift market. We feature unique handcrafted items. vendors are always welcome to apply. Come and enjoy two fun days of holiday shopping. Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm. Get Details. Beaumont Civic Center. 409.225.2739, $3.00 10 & up

nOvember 28 Santa’s Gift Market

66 October 2009



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