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					Rep’s Major Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Physician Selection and Classification: Continuously selects and classifies doctors on the basis of their prescription output and potential. 2. Md Coverage: Calls on the right physicians with the right frequency and with the right message. 3. Call Planning: Records and utilizes proper call planning information. 4. Selling Skills: Utilizes communication skills and available resources to persuade all customers to prescribe recommended Abdi Ibrahim products. 5. Customer Rapport: Makes productive use of personal rapport to increase sales of Abdi Ibrahim products. 6. Medical and Product Knowledge: Demonstrates knowledge of the product, customer, competition and promo cycle and uses same to sell Abdi Ibrahim products. 7. Meetings: Attends and participate at meetings. Completes study assignments. 8. Resource Management: Maintains and cost-effectively utilizes company property. 9. CME Activities: Organizes and conducts CME activities, e.g., video showings, journal clubs, doctor meetings, congresses, symposia. 10. Other Promotional Activities: Organizes other types of promotional activities, e.g., free clinics, group presentations to nurses, pharmacy clerks, exhibit selling, etc. 11. Plans, Organizes and Achieves prompt inclusion of Company products in the Hospital Formulary. 12. Distributor Salesmen: Coordinates with and motivates distributor salesmen, discusses monthly sales plan, identifies problem accounts, monitors weekly sales. 13. Account Selection and Coverage: Selects and calls on all pharmacies, wholesalers and other accounts as required. 14. Market Intelligence: Provides intelligence service to our marketing department. 15. Administrative Procedures: Prioritizes work. Submits complete reports with consistent punctuality

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