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					Dreamweaver CS5.5 Notes
Most of the projects in the Against e Clock Dreamweaver CS5: e Professional Portfolio book work exactly as
described in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5. e following document details signi cant changes that occur using the
newer version.

Page 148, Steps 6–8                                             You have to manually enter the video dimensions into
  ere seems to be a bug in Dreamweaver 5.5, which               the Height and Width elds of the Insert FLV dialog box
makes Step 6 result in an error message:                        before proceeding:

                                                                        Width: 320
                                                                        Height: 240

Page 185, Step 3
In our testing, we experienced problems trying to insert        Double-clicking the snippet in the panel correctly inserts
the snippet using the panel’s Insert button.                    the selected snippet at the current insertion point.

In our testing, we experienced issues with the Properties       To solve this problem, we had to click away from the
panel not correctly re ecting the properties of the             password2 eld to deselect everything, then click the
selected object. For example:                                   password2 eld again so that the Properties panel re ects
                                                                the settings for the correct eld.
Page 248, Step 6 instructs you to select the Password
option for the password1 text eld. Step 7 instructs you             is was a recurring issue throughout this and later
to repeat the process for the password2 text eld.               projects. When you use the properties panel, make sure
                                                                it re ects the object you actually want to a ect.
However, when we selected the password2 text eld, the
Properties panel still re ected the settings applied to the
previously selected password1 eld.

Page 322, Step 3
   e AP Elements panel includes a large number of
“unnamed” elements that are created when you add
the horizontal menu bar and other spry objects. Simply
ignore these, but do not delete them.

Rev. July 1, 2011                                             Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: The Professional Portfolio              1

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