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									Why Hire Perri Cebedo and Associates
Perri Cebedo and Associates (PCA) provide training in 4 broad areas: Pharmaceutical Selling Skills, Field Sales Management, Train the Trainer and Training for Product Managers and Marketing Managers. Unlike other big training agencies where junior trainers are delegated the training task, Perri Cebedo himself does the training. Perri brings with him more than 25 years experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, rising from Rep to Area Director to International Trainer. In comparing the quality of PCA training services with other international Training Agencies, we are pleased to share some of the feedback given by participants who have participated in both PCA Seminars and other international seminars, such as Systems 100, 200, 500 etc. According to them: 1. Perri´s Seminars contain a lot of new, updated and practical material. Others present material that is old and dated. 2. Perri´s training methodology is much more dynamic, enthusiastic and high motivational. Traditional learning methodology is more academic and quite formal. 3. Perri´s Seminars have more involvement and participation. During a typical selling skills seminar, each participant get to practice roleplay more than 40 times! Others do provide some amount of roleplay but not to the intensity and frequency of Perri´s seminars. 4. Perri allows videotaping of all roleplay exercises (only the best) and these models (equivalent to a value of $10,000.00) can be a value added collateral of each selling skills training seminar. In other words, the video recordings can be used to reinforce and follow-up training, as a valuable resource for refresher training and as resources for training new reps. 5. The problem with training today is its overemphasis on knowledge, ideas and concepts. What really sells is Selling Skills and Technique. This is PCA´s competitive advantage: Perri puts more emphasis on Selling Skills and techniques. 6. On our Marketing and Product Managers seminars, PCA´s emphasis is on Tactical issues and how to do innovative Promotions, like How to Improve Congress Participation, How to Do Marketing in the Internet, How to Launch a New Product Successfully, How to Conduct Effective Marketing at the Pharmacy ....etc. Many of the participants who have attended traditional training programs have commented that the emphasis is on data research, how to read and interpret market data and that little time is devoted to tactical issues such as how to do innovative and non-traditional pharmaceutical promotions. Others say that some training agencies

waste too much time explaining the process of marketing planning or how to do a marketing plan. 7. One of PCA´s topics in Pharmaceutical Marketing is called How to Conduct Cross-Promotions campaigns and in this topic alone, more than 120 different new ideas are presented on how to do effective promotions with minimal promotional expenditure. Managing Directors and Finance Managers love this topic!!! 8. Implementation and Follow-up We also track the implementation of ideas and Action Plans as well as provide Prizes and Recognition Certificates for Participants who demonstrate excellence in the implementation of their Action Plans. 9. Finally, PCA provide after sales service to our customers. We give Free Training Consultation and we provide articles and Bibliography Free of Charge. 10. Cost of Seminars The training rates of PCA compared with any international training agency is cost effective. If one considers, how many participants there would be in each course, the number of days, hours per seminar, the number of topics, action plans and new ideas that will be generated (plus in the case of Selling Skills, the number of practice Role Plays per participant and finally the number of Training Video Skills models that can be produced), one can easily appreciate how reasonable the whole training can be. 11. Training Validation and Effectiveness But will these training seminars really result in increase of sales and market share? You will be surprised:  Last year, one of our clients in the Dominican Republic grew their business by 69% while the pharmaceutical market decreased by 3%.  Six months ago, we trained a team of Medical Reps in Ecuador. Last week the Jefe de Linea called me to say that the sales increase of his team is now up 61%!  Conclusion: Training does work and can produce very tangible results both in the short and long term. Taken in this light, one can see that PCA training is not a cost but an investment. Perhaps PCA Training may be the best investment you can do for your company. For people, unlike equipment, do not depreciate. They can only appreciate and you can accelerate this process by developing and training your people. And if you invest in quality training, you will surely attain your best competitive advantage. Why? Because the most important resource of the company are capable and motivated sales and marketing people!

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