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What Is Lyoness


									What is Lyoness?
When you put What is Lyoness into Google, the first answer is from Wikipedia, “Lyonesse is a country
in Arthurian legend”
This is not the Lyoness I’m talking about.

The Lyoness I mean is an Austrian company that is poised to take the English speaking nations of the
world by storm.

So again I ask ‘What is Lyoness?’
Lyoness is the brain child of Hubert Friedl.

The story of how Lyoness came to be goes something like this:

Hubert Friedl walked into a store in Europe, I think it was Kika – a bit like Ikea. When he go to the check
out he asked for a discount, but was told no, not unless he bought more. So he went and clubbed friends
and family together, went back and shopped as a group to get the discount.


That was Hubert Friedl’s big “Ah-ha” moment. Hubert thought, “If I can do that here, perhaps I can do it
elsewhere” [except he thought this in Austrian, not English - sorry for my sense of humor]

                              “Money Back with Every Purchase”

So that is exactly what he did. Hubert Friedl has now formed the largest combined shopping community in
the world, and has negotiated discounts in the form of cash back for its members.

It doesn’t matter what country you join up in, you can enjoy cash back shopping wherever you go that
Lyoness is! To make travel easier you can even get cash back on plane flights, hotels etc.

Wait, There Are More Benefits to Lyoness:
Because Hubert Friedl is such a nice bloke (OK, I don’t know him personally, but I know a man who
does!) he decided to build into his cash back community a reward scheme.
Very basically, this means when you introduce people to Lyoness and they shop – you get paid. How easy
do you think it would be to find people who would want a free card (yes its free) with no membership fees,
that allows them to get cash back globally?

The cash back and the ‘friendship bonus’ are just two of the ways you can earn money through Lyoness.
There are actually 10.

A Word of Warning About Lyoness
If you think this is a good idea, just take one piece of advice – don’t sign up directly from the Lyoness
website. The way the system works is through word of mouth, and Lyoness corporate won’t teach you
how to use the system, or how to gain from each of the 10 ways to earn.

What you need to do is find a sponsor. One that can teach you all about Lyoness, how to use it to gain the
most discount, and how to build it as a business if you so wish.

What Else is Lyoness?
For those of you who are not capitalists, and loathe the prospect of shopping in Walmart, Asda or Harrods,
view Lyoness as a way for the little guy to make money back from the big corporations.

It’s quite clever really.

Let’s take a small independent grocers store for example. Say the store owner becomes a member of
Lyoness and recommends it to his staff and to his customers. The average person may spend $200 a
month on food, gas and clothes, of which the store owner will get $2 if the shopping is done through

$2 per shopper may not seem like much, but say the store owner introduces 1000 of his friends, staff and
customers over a few years. That makes $2000/month income – regardless of where people shop –
Walmart, Kmart, his shop, or Asda in the UK, or the Mall of Emirates in Dubai.

In reality, as there are 10 ways you can earn money through Lyoness, it is more likely the store owner
would be making closer to $10,000 or even $20,000 month if he had 1000 people introduced to Lyoness.

What Next
If you’d like to know more about Lyoness, me and how I work then please have a look at some of my other
blog posts, and join me on Facebook.

Lyoness and Empower Network – a great partnership

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