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 The story of money                                                                            Grains were the
                                                                                             main food source
                                                                                             and so were very
                                                                                                                                                   they were seen as
                                                                                                                                                   safe places. Ancient
                                                                                                                                                   temples became the
                                                                                             important and
 B     efore there was money Metal                           used to distinguish where                                                             first banks, keeping
       like we have today                                    each coin came from.            valuable.                                             gold safe from
people used shells, salt,     Precious
                                                               The coins were all hand         Temples were                                        thieves as well as
stones, pots or even        metal was
                            often used                       made. First a design was        often used for                                        lending money
whales teeth as money.                                                                       storage because                                       to people.
                            for decoration                   carved into stone. Then the
  Animals                                                    plain metal disc was heated
                            and jewellery and came to
                            be used as money in many         until it was soft and the                                           You’ll find the answers to the
  Cattle were                                                stone with the design was                                         crossword in light blue in the text
                            ancient societies. Our coins
the first form of           are still made of metal today.   pressed into it.
money. Other                                                                                 Across                             1                               2

animals such as               Ancient coins                   Paper Money                     1. 5c, 10c 20c pieces (5)                                     3           4

horses were also                                                                              3. Suitcases, backpacks or        5                       6
                              In China                         Coins                             shopping carriers (4)
used as money in different                                                            $
                            bronze discs                     were valuable
                            were used as                     because of      $
                                                                                  $     $     5. Robbers (7)
                                                                                              7. You find these at

  Shells                    money over                       the metal         $

                            3000 years                       used to make                        the beach (6)                            8                         9

  Shell money               ago. Back then coins had         them, but paper money was       10. Cooking pans (4)                    10           11

was used all                to be weighed to find their      a promise of something of       12. Large continent where there                      12
over the world.             value.                           value such as gold or silver.       are lions and giraffes (6)     13
Cowrie shells were the most                                                                  13. Bronze, tin, copper
common shells used in         Governments started              Paper money was first                                                              14
                                                                                                 or iron (5)
Africa and Asia. The shells giving coins a set value         used in China about 900
                            around 2000 years ago in a       years ago. It was easier to     14. Places of worship (7)
were easy to count and
could be strung together.   place called Lydia in West       carry than bags of heavy        Down                             6. 10c, 20c and 50c pieces are
                            Asia.                            metal and so it soon became      1. Farm animals such as cows,      this colour (6)
 Wampum                        In Ancient Greece the first
                                                             popular everywhere.                 bulls and oxen (6)           8. The opposite of hard (4)
  Wampum                                                                                      2. Places where you can save    9. Large ocean mammals (6)
 were strings
                             coins were small lumps of
                             gold or silver stamped with a
                                                              Banks                              your money (5)              11. White seasoning you might
of shell                     simple design or symbol.        Banks were                       4. Another word for secure (4)     put on hot chips (4)
beads used                                                 originally places
                               It wasn’t long before coins where farmers
as money by
Native North                 were made as flattened        stored grain such                   solution
Americans.                   discs and pictures of gods,   as wheat, millet,
                             goddesses and animals were corn and barley.                            Write the letters from the shaded squares into the spaces.

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