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					The World of a Multimedia & Internet
Development Company

Presented by John Redmon
                    Introduction

                    Introduction to Redmon Group
                    Cool Projects
 Redmon Group
                    Multimedia Products

 My Start           E-Business Products

 Getting A Job      E-Learning Products

                    My Start: Humble Beginnings
 Starting A
 Company            Want to Start A Company?

                    Recommendations in the New Economy
                    Demos


                  John Redmon, President of Redmon
 Introduction      Group
 Redmon Group     GMU graduate (BA & MBA)
 My Start         Live & work in Old Town
 Getting A Job    Chairman of the Alexandria Chamber
                   of Commerce
 Starting A
 Company          On target with achievement of life
Demos              goals
                  Love what I do
                  Still a 17-year old at heart

Introduction to Redmon Group
                   Multimedia & Internet Development Company

Introduction       Founded in 1990, Privately Owned, Profitable

Redmon Group       We develop:
                    Interactive Multimedia
My Start                  - Interactive Museums
                          - CD-ROM Titles
Getting A Job             - Kiosk Systems
                          - Games
Starting A         E-Business Applications
Company                   - Web Sites (B2B, B2C)
                          - E-Commerce
Demos                     - Hosting Services
                   E-Learning Technologies
                          - Web-Based Training
                          - Computer-Based Training
                          - Online Reference Tools

Cool Projects
                    DEA Narco-Terrorism Traveling Exhibit for DEA
                    Interactive Exhibits for ATF National Laboratory
 Introduction       Work with Homeland Security
                    Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
                    Three Web Sites for Discovery Channel
 Redmon Group
                    Lewis & Clark Web Site for the Smithsonian
                    Interactive exhibits for Gettysburg
 My Start           CommuterPage Web Site and Mobile Web Site for Arlington County
                    Restaurant Web Sites for Sweetwater Tavern, Mike’s American,
 Getting A Job       Carlyle Grand Café, DC Coast, Ten Penh, and Landini Brothers
                    E-Learning for AOL
                    E-Learning for RIF
 Starting A
                    E-Learning for the Patent & Trademark Office
 Company            Dietary Web Site –
                    National Guard Museum
Demos               Good Samaritan Foundation Web Site for Art Monk and Charles

Multimedia Clients
                    Redmon Group has developed Interactive Multimedia for:
                     - Alexandria Economic Development
 Introduction        - American Red Cross
                     - Body Shop
                     - City of Fairfax
 Redmon Group
                     - Drug Enforcement Administration
                     - Discovery Channel
 My Start            - Fairfax County, Virginia
                     - Fairfax Fair
 Getting A Job       - GE
                     - George Mason University
                     - Gettysburg
 Starting A
                     - HP
                     - IBM
                     - Monarch Pharmaceuticals
Demos                - National Guard Museum
                     - Pope John Paul II Cultural Center & Museum
                     - Smithsonian
                     - Town of Warrenton, Virginia
                     - USDA

E-Business Clients
                    Redmon Group has developed Web applications for:
                     - Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
                     - Arlington County's Commuter Store
                     - Artie’s Restaurant
                     - Carlyle Grand Cafe
 Redmon Group        - DC Coast Restaurant
                     - DEA
 My Start            - Deloitte Consulting
                     - Discovery Channel
 Getting A Job       - Ford
                     - Landini Brothers Restaurant
                     - Lucent Technologies
 Starting A          - Mike’s American Grill
 Company             - National Cancer Institute
                     - Northern Virginia Regional Commission
Demos                - PGI
                     - Silverado Restaurant
                     - Sweetwater Tavern
                     - Ten Penh Restaurant
                     - US Mint
                     - WashingtonPost.Com

E-Learning Clients
                    Redmon Group has developed E-Learning for:
                     - America Online
                     - Arthur Andersen
 Introduction        - Bell Atlantic
                     - Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida
 Redmon Group        - CSC
                     - Datatel
                     - Defense Acquisition University
 My Start
                     - Eastman Chemical
                     - Florida Power & Light
 Getting A Job       - Land Rover
                     - Litton/PRC
                     - Lucent Technologies
 Starting A          - MCI
 Company             - National Institutes of Health
                     - PBS: The Business Channel
                     - Reading is Fundamental (RIF)
Demos                - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
                     - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
                     - Wal-Mart
                     - Williams Learning Network
                     - World Wildlife Fund

Capabilities & Services
                    Our services include:
                     - 3D animation development
 Introduction        - Audio narration
                     - Database design
                     - Graphic design
 Redmon Group
                     - Instructional design
                     - Marketing support
 My Start            - Music composition
                     - Programming
 Getting A Job       - Project management
                     - Video digitization
 Starting A          - Web development
 Company             - Web hosting

                    We Host 15 Web sites and e-commerce sites
Demos                - 12 Dedicated Servers
                     - Dual T-1s
                     - Security with Firewall

                  Total staff = 20
                  Development staff = 16
 Introduction     Project Managers = 4
 Redmon Group     What does the company expect?
                      2000 work hours per year
 My Start
                      1600 billable hours per year
 Getting A Job
                  Each staff member averages 12 to 15 projects per
 Starting A       How do we find staff?
 Company             
 Demos                Referrals

                  I interview first

My Start

                 Always thought I would start a
Introduction      business
Redmon Group     Did not get accepted at UVA
My Start
                 Accepted into George Mason
                 Tough times during Sophomore year
Getting A Job
                  at Mason
Starting A       Had to re-build myself
                 Full-time at GMU and full-time job
                 Took bus a lot to Old Town
                 Graduated after 5 years and decided
                  to get my MBA

My Start

                 Worked full-time at Mayflower
Introduction      Hotel while in MBA program
Redmon Group     Learned how to first work with
My Start          computers
Getting A Job    Developed a computer program
Starting A
                  in final class which gave me my
Company           start
Demos            Professor asked me to consult
                  with him on a project for the
                  United Nations

My Start

                 Started my company out of my
Introduction      apartment living room
Redmon Group     Caught the wave – learned Windows
My Start
                 First clients were: Wal-Mart, NIH,
                  IBM, and Discovery Channel
Getting A Job
                 My girlfriend joined me full-time
Starting A       Had to get an office – more
                  professional and our cats were
Demos             jumping on clients
                 Grown the company to a good size
                  and we are profitable

The Way It Was

                 Where have all the foosball tables
Introduction      gone?
Redmon Group     What does your company do again?
My Start         You mean I’m not going to make 6
Getting A Job     digits by the age of 25?
                 You mean I won’t get a car if I work
Starting A
Company           here 2 years?
Demos            You can breathe. Do you want a job?
                 “I have the most seniority here even
                  though I’ve only been here 6 months.”

Getting a Job in These Times

                  No more sense of entitlement – you
 Introduction      have to pay your dues.
 Redmon Group

 My Start         Many lay-offs these last two years so
 Getting A Job     competition for jobs is tight.
 Starting A
 Company          Not all jobs are fun.

                  Companies may not be as willing to
                   spend for training.

Getting a Job in These Times
                    Don’t go for just a paycheck - go for a career.
                    Develop personal Web site.
                    Research the company before you send resume.
 Redmon Group       Do not fax your resume. Do not send from current
                     employer. Do not use current employer’s phone for
 My Start
                     an interview.
                    Write a professional cover letter. Make it specific to
 Getting A Job       that job.
                    Write a clear objective in your resume that states
 Starting A
                     what you will do for an employer.
 Company            Only list software that you really know.
                    Don’t list too many jobs. This could appear as job-
Demos                hopping.
                    If they don’t respond, then be persistent.
                    Keep all replies professional.

Interviewing Questions

                 Ask the following of an employer:
Introduction       Why does the company exist?
Redmon Group
                   Where is the company going?
                   What are the core values of the
My Start            company?
Getting A Job      What’s in it for me if I go above and
Starting A         How many work hours are considered
Demos              What type of person does the company
                   What is a trait that the company frowns

Starting A Company

                 Why are you starting a business?
Introduction            To create your own job
                        To retire early
Redmon Group
                        To be your own boss
My Start                To make a difference
                        To achieve a life goal
Getting A Job
                        To sell it
Starting A       Why shouldn’t you start a business?
                        You have too much to lose
Demos                   You are risk averse
                        You like set hours
                        You do not like pressure
                        You see the glass half empty

Starting A Company

                 Challenges of starting a company
Introduction         Finding clients & work
Redmon Group
                     Getting paid on time
                     Hiring and retaining staff
My Start
                     Financial and legal issues
Getting A Job        Delegating
Starting A
Company          The odds are against small business:
Demos              Only 20% of businesses survive after 5
                   Only 4% survive after 10 years

Starting A Company

                 Determine an exit strategy before you
                 “Pay your dues”
Redmon Group
                 Don’t quit your day job or college, and
My Start          don’t burn bridges
Getting A Job    Learn the benefits & costs of different
                  types of funding:
Starting A         Boot-strapping
Company               Total control
                      Difficult to grow or to react to cash crunches
                   Loans from family & friends
                      People you trust the most
                      What if business fails?

Starting A Company

                 Bank loans
Introduction        Don’t have to give up equity.
Redmon Group        Must be proven with collateral.
                 Partnerships
My Start
                    Sharing of funding.
Getting A Job
                    Don’t have high success rate.
Starting A       Venture capital
                    Quick source of money.
Demos               Must give up equity.

Where’s The Glory?

                 When a staff member tells you that “this is
                  the best job that they ever had”.
                 Creating products that make a difference.
Redmon Group
                 When the mailman delivers the BIG CHECK.
My Start         When potential clients call you because they
                  have heard of your work.
Getting A Job
                 When people think that your staff size is 100.
Starting A       When you become debt-free.
                 Going to Office Depot is a night on the town.
Demos            When you have publicity in magazines &
                 When you are no longer working IN your
                  company. You are working ON it.

Finding Business

                  Build your company’s portfolio by
 Introduction      doing work for free or for barter
 Redmon Group     Check out opportunities with the Fed
 My Start         Universities may have opportunities
 Getting A Job    When you receive RFPs, you need to
                   make a bid/no bid decision
 Starting A
 Company          Washington Business Journal is my
Demos              favorite business newspaper


                  As a business owner, I look for two things:
 Introduction        Are they making money for me?
                     Are they making my life easier?
 Redmon Group
                  Let people know what is expected of them.
 My Start            2000 works hours, 1600 billable
 Getting A Job    Invest in your people
                     Identify your core staff and future leaders
 Starting A
 Company          Realize that you cannot please everyone
                  Identify what is important to them


                  How we allocate staff to projects
 Introduction        Monday morning meetings

 Redmon Group
                  Salaries
                     Based on what clients are willing to pay
 My Start            Use 40% rule
 Getting A Job    Benefits
                     Be creative
 Starting A          We combined sick & vacation together
                  Review process
 Demos               6 month reviews
                     Review budget based on financial performance of

The Numbers

                  You have to know the score
                  Develop a method of tracking your
 Redmon Group      staff time. This will help to:
 My Start           Track hours on T&M projects
 Getting A Job
                    Ensure that you are within budget on
                     fixed-price contracts
 Starting A         Use numbers for future proposal efforts
                    Know how your business is doing
                  Plant calculators throughout your



Redmon Group

My Start

Getting A Job
                Demo Time
Starting A



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