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					                  Muir Minutes
                 Jan. 23, 2012
            Happy Chinese New Year!
Road to Success-Week 17
Week 18 top readers-Robinson AM, Anderson & Taylor

Jan. 23, Chinese New Year begins.
This Week:

         Hearing Screening
Jan. 24, 4th Gr. Ski Day-Drop of students on Davis Blvd.

SEP Conference Week, early out all week! Adopt A book!
Next Week:

Kindergartners Wanted!
We are beginning to collect our 2013 kindergarten list. If you or someone you know has a child that
will be 5 on or before Sept. 1, 2012 please call the Muir office and give us your mailing address, phone
number, am/pm preference, Chinese immersion or traditional kindergarten, name and birthdate of your

Dry Clothes
Wet weather makes our playground slippery and muddy. Please send an extra pair of pants, socks,
and shoes in your child’s backpack. This saves time and energy and students can get back to class
sooner. Thanks for your help, its’ going to be a wet winter and spring.

Adopt a Book!
The library is now taking donations for Adopt A Book! $15 for each book! More information coming
next week!

Donations Needed
Muir Elementary needs donations for a Silent Auction basket for the Davis Education Gala. Davis
Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money and provides an avenue for tax-
free donations to go to schools in Davis School District. Some of the items purchased for Muir through
the Foundation have been projectors, projector mounts, rocket launchers (for 6th grade), and
books. This is an important and necessary part of our funding at Muir. Our basket theme for this year
is "Entertainment." Ideas for donations could include: tickets to movies, plays, sporting events and
activities; a timeshare week or other "get-away" packages; a family excursion gift card; etc. Donations
are much appreciated and need to be delivered to the office by Wednesday, Feb. 1. There will be a
cash donation to the school that receives the highest bid at the auction (schools are divided so that
Muir competes only against the other south elementary schools for the prize).

Jazz Tickets
The Utah Jazz has offered PTA members a great deal on one more Utah Jazz game. To get this offer,
we would have to commit to purchasing 100 tickets. THIS IS NOT A FUNDRAISER. The cost of the
tickets is $30.00 per seat for lower bowl and $7.00 per seat for upper bowl. You need to be a PTA
member for this, if you are not, the cost to be a member is $5.00. The Jazz have offered this to all PTA
members (statewide), and it is on a first-come basis (seats are limited). This last game is on Monday,
Jan 30th, 7pm against Portland Trailblazers.
Please do not go through the school office; you need to go through Jana Uryan, the PTA
president. Please email her at if you are interested in purchasing tickets. Include in
your email: how many tickets, upper or lower bowl, and a phone number. This offer concludes at
10am on Wednesday, January 25.

Bad Weather makes for bad drop off and parking. Here’s a few tips that might help you!
      1. Turn off cell phones and slow down in school zones.
      2. Watch for children in crosswalks.
      3. Be considerate of other drivers.
      4. Park in designated stalls only.
      5. On snow days without 4-wheel drive, walk or use alternative drop-off.
      6. Use drop off/loading zone. The bus loop is reserved for busses during 8:15-9:00 am and 2:45-3:45
         pm. Do Not Use the curb on the front corner of the bus loop. This clogs the traffic behind you and
         cars cannot pass you!

Flu Symptoms: Please review these simple Flu guidelines: If students have a temperature of 100, please
keep them home. Cough into your sleeve or tissue, then wash your hands. Always wash your hands
before and after meals, after using the bathroom, after blowing your nose and coughing, after touching
garbage, after touching public surfaces and after playing outside.
Dress students in warm clothing, have students get at least 8 hours of rest each night and drink a lot of
For other ailments, after being under a Doctor’s care, we love to have children at school after they have
been on antibiotics for 24 hours

                                                - JRawlins

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