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  Getting to know us
*1. Informal bios of EB members with a photo that
reveals an aspect of their lives and personalities.
*2. Daily “Quick Thought” with observations and
reflections on news and life that reveal EB
members’ personalities and allow reader feedback.
Possibly printed in paper, as well.

*3. Set up a standing “Ask the Board” box for e-
mailed questions and post answers.

*4. Set up “Editorial Page Blog” to explain thought
processes, decisions, voting and possibly a short
dissenting opinion.
      *5. “Instant Opinion” for breaking news and
instant feedback.

      *6. Seek opportunities for radio & TV
appearances by EB members to promote newspaper
and increase credibility.

       *7. Add reader members to EB to help inform
the paper’s opinion and to serve as community
ambassadors, who’ll illustrate that the board is open
to all views and isn’t taking orders from corporate
   Assessing transparency &
1. Set goals for page views/responses to
Quick Thoughts, Instant Opinions, Ask the
Board and Editorial Page Blog.

2. Set goal for increased EB public and
media appearances.
 • 1. Invite readers to submit phone numbers
   for data base.
 • 2. Send out “Question of the Day” and invite
   responses to be post online
 • 3. Invite text messages in response to
   Letters to the Editors, editorials, etc. to be
   posted online.
 • 4. Reverse publish when
• 5. Use as promotional tool to invite readers’
  opinion content.
• 6. Invite text messages and photos for
  breaking news and interactive maps.
• 7. Promote/market initiative in high school
  and college newspapers/hangouts, public
Meet the Editorial Board
Mudyard “Mudface” Schoblewocker IV is editorial
  page editor of the Gumshoe Gazette. He writes
  each day’s five editorials, edits letters to the editor
  and delivers the morning newspapers on routes 1,
  12 and 17. Mudyard likes to relax by practicing
  fire-breathing with neighborhood kids. Call him
  with questions about editorials, letters and garbage
  pickup. [Cute photo of Mudface practicing firebreathing.]
  (123) 456-7899.
Today’s Quick Thought
  Matricide is not a laughing matter, despite recent
  ads for a movie that contains disturbingly bloody
  depictions of chainsaw-wielding, free-porn-reading
  goons who train cute puppies to round up hot
‘Horrible, awful scenes of gore”
 Fortunately, the movie is just a bad dream. No
  mothers, puppies, squirrels or chainsaws are
  harmed. One goon suffered a paper cut. Doesn’t
  matter. I wouldn’t take my goldfish to see such a
  reprehensible piece of googlish gore.
                   -- Mudface Schoblewocker, March 15, 6:56 a.m.
** Give your response by clicking here. Comments so far: 98,875
Ask the Editorial Board
The 6.2 members of the Gumshoe
 Gazette Editorial Board welcome your
 questions about the opinion section.
 Click here to send an e-mail. We’ll
 respond by e-mail and also may include
 responses in the Editorial Blog.
Warning: Our automatic filters will screen ads for FREE PORN or abusive language. We have no FREE NUDE PHOTOS of our editorial board. Do
     not attempt to post links to FREE PORN or anything resembling FREE PORN or to use banned words, including …

Links to FAQs:
-- How to submit a letter.
-- How to send comments by text message.
-- How to meet with the editorial board.
-- How to …
                    Editorial Board Blog
Readers diss today’s editorial. 7:12 a.m., March 5, 2008
What do you think of tomorrow’s editorial topics? 5:39 a.m., March 5, 2008
Ex-cop, retired subway worker join editorial board. 4 p.m., March 4, 2008
‘Running Phreddy Phogbutt column was mistake,’ editor says. 3:57 p.m., March 4, 2008
CNN leader’s advice: ‘Drop some science on us.’ 1 p.m., March 4, 2008
Board member explains opposition to Gravel endorsement. 11:14 a.m., March 4, 2008
Editorial Board votes 3.2 to 3 to endorse Mike Gravel. 9:30 a.m., March 4, 2008
         Question of the Day
Should Mayor Larry Reisman ban dogs from
  city parks? Text response to 999-888-7777
  or click here.

Yesterday’s responses: What’s your favorite
 table game? Is Scrabble still relevant?
 11,382 responses.

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