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     Judge Lifts Ban on U.S. Sales of Samsung Tablet


       The California federal judge has lifted a sales ban that was previously imposed on a
Samsung Tablet Computer (Galaxy Tab 10.1) to resolve patent dispute between Apple Inc. and
Samsung Electronics Co. The tablet computer can now be sold freely in U.S. Although Galaxy
Tab 10.1 is not the latest product of the series, Samsung still has some pieces in their warehouse
and ban lift will help them to clear the rest. Although Apple opposed the ban lift in court, judge
was indifferent. Apple declined to comment on this matter.


       Patent war between Apple and Samsung began in April last year and both of the
companies are still in the field. In accordance to the battle, couple of months ago Apple sued
Samsung for potential patent infringement and demanded sales ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 and
other similar product. Apple won this time and in 26 June Judge Lucy Koh imposed a
temporary sales ban on the product.

       Samsung appealed against the ban and after 3 months the injunction was released.
California federal judge stated that the juries found, infringement was no longer valid. Thus the
sole basis for June 26 preliminary injunction no longer exists. The effect of Lucy Koh’s ruling
is limited as Galaxy Tab 10.1 is no longer Samsung’s latest tablet. Judge Koh is expected to
rule on the posttrial motions in early December.

       Samsung already suffered enough in terms of legal harassment and if Samsung really
violated Apple’s patents, Apple has suffered losses in terms of intellectual property theft. In
August the jury found that Samsung violated six of apple’s patents and awarded $1.05 billions
in damage though Samsung appealed. The Wall Street in keenly watching the battle.


Wall Street Journal Online; 2 October, 2012

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