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“CouponAlbum   provides   shoppers   with   most   desirable   discounted   shipping   coupons   and  
exclusive Christmas promo codes”

Online   holiday   shopping   is   reaching   new   pinnacles   with   almost   every   retailer   boosting   its  
efforts to spellbind consumers with attractive online coupons and free shipping offers. Amazing 
discounts and thriftier prices are surely a smart move to win over eager shoppers during this 
competitive   holiday   shopping   season.   But   price­cuts   are   hardly   the   only   strategy   used   by 
merchants to lure shoppers. Discounted shipping is an additional perk that is driving shoppers  
to fill up their virtual carts.

According to National Retail Foundation, over 90% of major stores are offering some sort of 
no­cost shipping or discount shipping to woo customers this year. Similar to this report, a study  
commissioned by UPS revealed that shoppers rated “free/discounted shipping” as the most 
important criterion while shopping online at their favourite store.

Something that's most disappointing for e­retailers is shopping­cart­abandonment. Consumers  
stock up their digital carts and then fail to go through checkout quite frequently. The major 
reason for this consumer behaviour seems to be non­availability of zero­fee shipping coupons. 
As per ComScore's research, 55% of cart abandonment took place due to the reason that 
shipping   costs   were   higher   than   expected.   The   report   also   mentioned   that   70%   of   online 
shoppers have added additional items to their shopping cart to qualify for zero shipping, and  
73% consumers stated that they would like to see discounted shipping option at checkout.

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                                             One Stop Destination for Online Coupons, Coupon Codes, Promo Codes and Discount Deals

“More   retailers   are   now   offering   discount   Shipping   Coupons   to   increase   sales   and   avoid  
shopping card abandonment”

It seems that merchants have been entertaining consumers’ choice. According to a survey by, retailers are converging more on free shipping offers with no minimum order amount. 
Overall   30%   of   retailers   said   they   will   be   providing   no­cost,   no­strings   attached   standard 
shipping, in comparison to 16% a year ago.

One   of   the   leading   online   consumer   savings   destinations   since   2006, 
provides eager­shoppers with online coupons, exclusive discount deals and printable coupons 
along   with   shipping   coupons   from   major   retailers.   The   hottest  Christmas   coupons   and 
discounts  are already a big treat, but is making them bigger by clubbing 
together zero­fee shipping offers from almost every store.

In  order  to  avoid   last  minute   delivery rush, extra  shipping  charges,  and  "out  of stock"   tag, 
consumers can make sure to shop online with CouponAlbum, and take out all complications  
from   holiday   shopping   2012.   These   discounted   shipping   coupons   will   help   consumers   buy 
festive stuff in time to celebrate Christmas 2012. From fashion apparel, winter boots & shoes, to 
Christmas  gifts,   flowers,  designer  jewelry,   home   products,   and   more,  consumers   can   shop 
everything with huge savings including discounted shipping.

   “Start Shopping Now to Make Your Christmas More Enjoyable”

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