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									Nursing Home Private Room Averaging Over $120,000 Annually in California

Long-term care is extraordinarily expensive in the United States as a whole, and it is even more
expensive here in the state of California.

It is important to be cognizant of these expenses and recognize the fact that they are relevant to all of
us. Most seniors will need living assistance eventually, and Medicare is not set up to absorb long-term
care costs.

Every year, the elder law community anxiously awaits the release of the new MetLife Mature Market
Institute market survey that examines assisted living costs. The 2012 survey has now been completed,
and the results indicate a continuance in the upward spiral.

This year the average charge for a year-long stay in a private room in a nursing home in the United
States has been $90,520. This figure represents a 3.8% hike over the 2011 average of $87,235.

A lot of things tend to be more expensive in California than they are on average across the country, and
living assistance is no exception. The average charge for a year in a private room in a nursing home in
The Golden State has been in excess of $120,000 this year.

If you are looking ahead toward the possibility of requiring long-term care in 10, 20, or 30 years, these
figures could be significantly higher.

To be prepared you must plan ahead in an intelligent and informed manner. If you sit down and discuss
your future with a licensed and experienced elder law attorney, he or she will help you develop a
comprehensive plan that addresses all the eventualities of aging.

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