Explore The Beauty Of Ladakh - The Land Of Lamas by animasharma99


Ladakh – little Tibet Of India or the land of high passes, the land Gompas is an ideal destination as one of the best adventure capital of India where people from across the world comes here to take part in various adventure activity.

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  Explore The Beauty Of Ladakh - The Land Of Lamas
  By animasharma99 on December 14, 2012

  Ladakh – little Tibet Of India or the land of high passes, the land Gompas is an ideal destination
  as one of the best adventure capital of India where people from across the world comes here to
  take part in various adventure activity. It is an exotic province is placed in northern Indian state
  of Jammu and Kashmir. Tucked away between the great Himalayas and the Karakorum mighty
  mountains, it is often described as a land like no other. It has been an internationally renowned
  destination for adventure tourism in India. It offers exciting outdoor activities and plenty of
  adventure sports. A large number of adventure lovers visit this exotic region of India in pretty
  good number to explore adventure travel here. The region is visited by about eighteen
  thousand tourists each year. There are well preserved Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the                FEATURED STORIES
  region to do more and more attractive and gorgeous.

  This land is rich in culture is one of unbelievable destination in the whole of India. Leh (capital
  of the state) and Kargil districts are two of its excellent place to visit. The magnificent land of
  here not only offers eternal only to adventure lovers, but also for tourists who like to explore
  this rich Indian culture and highlights the Buddhist culture of the region, and gives you a great
  prospect to meet the villagers and discover their lifestyle. Its trip adventure has clusters to offer,
  and can serve as an experience of eternal life by their outstanding attraction is simply
  magnificent and beyond imagination. It is also known for its marvelous monasteries amongst
  which Hemis Gompa is the biggest of all monasteries in the region, where artifacts, architecture
  and attractions are beyond admiration.
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  Magical Trekking Trails

  Ladakh: The Land of thrilling mountain biking trials like no other destination of the world, rest in
  the middle of the highest peaks, is appreciated worldwide for being home to every adventure
  lovers. Its majestic landscapes and mountainous region offers exceptional familiarity never
  before seen adventure. The most well known destinations for trekking here are Zanskar, Indus
  Valley and Kargil. It trek introduces Trekker incomparable blessings of Mother Nature and gives
  a golden opportunity to explore magnificent dwellings in villages and majestic monasteries. One
  of the most adventurous and exciting routes for trekking in the world rests in the region Zanskar
  is Chaddar route, bringing the fascinating journey through the route can become an eternal
  lifetime experience for fans adventure. Trekking here can complete trekker's quest on different
  adventure activity and from mid-June to mid-October are ideal month for trekking here. You can           Best Dressed Pooches at the 2012 NYC
  also trekking in Valley of Flowers(http://www.trekhimalayas.in/valley-flowers-summary.php) as            Halloween Dog Parade

  White Water Rafting in Ladakh

  Its incredible adventure tourism charm has been the matchless with White Water Rafting
  especially in the blessed region of Ladakh. The delight of rafting here in its fast flowing rivers of
  Indus and Zanskar whose gushy waves adds doubles adventure charm to its beauty. The best
  time to visit here is during the month of June to September when the river water level is rises
  due to melting of ice in the mountain top.

  Therefore, the list of adventure tourism in Ladakh goes on and on. However, it is said that
  actions speak louder than words; therefore, an unsurpassed adventure tour to here is a simple
  way of exploring the world's best adventure bonanza.                                                     10 Actors Who Are Surprisingly Fluent
                                                                                                           in Other Languages
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