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					Farmilo Primary School & Nursery                                 Governors Newsletter 2
Autumn 2012

Chair of Governors - 2012 Update                                  The Farmilo Governors
Hello and welcome to the new school year and a special                  Chris Woolley – Chair
welcome to our new parents whose children are                           Carol Brierley – Vice Chair
attending Farmilo Primary School & Nursery for the first                Suzanne Tryner – Head teacher
time. I hope that most of you already know me, Chris                    Adam Newman Teacher
Woolley, Chair of Governors for Farmilo Primary, and the                Kay Ledger – Non teaching
other governors. (If you are not sure who the governors                 Tom Peacock
are, we have information on the website and our pictures                Andrea Stanforth
are on the notice board near the reception area).                       Stewart Rose
                                                                        Eric Shivley
Firstly, we want to say what fantastic SATs results for our             Roger Walton
previous year 6! These results continue our upward trend
                                                                        Jonathan Walton
of progress and reflect all the hard work put in by the
                                                                        Emily Mason
children and the staff, not just in year 6 but also in all the
others classes that feed into these final results. Well                 June Stendall
done again to all at Farmilo!                                           Barry Answer

We welcome Mr Smith as the new Principle of the new
Queen Elizabeth’s Academy and we are delighted that               All the Farmilo Governors all have
the school want to play a more active part in working with        subjects that we are responsible for
the family of schools in the area. We look forward to more        supporting, we also attend the school
opportunities to work with all our local partners                 termly to go into classrooms and find out
developing our transition for children entering and leaving       how the strategies are working in
our school and other initiatives to support our children.         practice feeding back to the full

                                                                  We also attend training to update our
                                                                  skills and knowledge in order to help
                                                                  support the school further as we have
We also want to welcome 2 new governors that                      the responsibility for the use of public
Nottinghamshire County Council has appointed to our               funds, the quality of education provided
school, Councillor June Stendall and Mr Barry Answer.             and the wider contribution to the
We also say goodbye and thank you to Rev Holloway                 community.
who has been a governor at the school for many years
and has now retired. All our governors give up their own          As Chair of Governors, I meet regularly
time to support the school and always go that extra mile          with the head teacher where we
as we all are so committed to ‘being the best that we can         regularly review the progression of all
be’. Just recently 2 of the governors helped to paint one         children in the school with the individual
of the class rooms! But our “official” role is:-                  staff, offering support and challenge
     setting the strategic direction, policies and               towards positively impacting on the
       objectives for the school                                  outcomes for children.
     approving the budget
     reviewing progress against the budget and
     challenging and supporting senior staff
     playing a part in appointing staff                                                                       1
                                                           Farmilo Foundation 1 – A great start!
                            The School Development             Link Governor - Carol Brierley
                            Plan is a strategic
                            planning document,            A high quality early years’ experience
                            covering all of the           provides your child with a firm foundation
                            school’s present              on which to build future academic, social
                            activities, but also          and emotional success. We are very
                            includes some longer          fortunate to have a great team led by
                            term objectives focusing      Vanessa Blore, who makes sure that our
                            on raising standards.         provision is of the highest quality and
                            Some priorities in the        meets all the safeguarding, welfare and
                            plan are:                     the      learning    and      development
        To raise achievement in Literacy and Maths       requirements. We aim to provide high
          across the school                               quality experiences to support your child’s
                                                          personal and emotional development,
        To raise standards through curriculum
                                                          monitoring their progress and identifying
                                                          any particular needs and arrange
        To raise standards through enrichment
                                                          appropriate intervention.
          provision and wider opportunities within the
          school and at home
                                                          All staff are getting up to speed with the
                                                          revised Early Years Foundation Stage
Staff are constantly striving to improve the outcomes     from Sept 2012. This is a structure of
for children and this year will be focusing on Writing    learning, development and care for
within Literacy.                                          children from birth to five years old which
If children are to stay focused and engaged, then         all schools and early years providers have
the staff must provide a rich, broad and balanced         to follow. We are pleased to see that it
                                                          continues to put learning through play at
curriculum which is relevant to our children.
                                                          its centre. Through play children learn to
Parents are the key partners in the education of our      communicate, to count and solve
children so the school will continue to provide           problems,       developing       physically,
training to enable parents to support their children at   emotionally and mentally. They are
home.                                                     learning how to deal with success and
                                                          failure, making positive relationships with
                                                          others people. Play provides a sense of
                                                          well-being and good self-esteem and
                                                          opportunities to be creative and
We have several committees who do the hard work;          imaginative, think and have ideas and
Finance & Personnel, Strategic and Curriculum.            develop concentration - Wow! All this and
Some of the discussions and decisions in recent           lots more too – so never under estimate
meetings have included:                                   the power of play!

        Investment in ICT equipment to ensure that       We know that you as parents are a child's
         our children are up to date with the latest      first and most enduring educators. We
         technology                                       value, respect (and expect) parents'
        Parental engagement with learning                engagement in their children's learning as
        ECAR reading project and the transferring of     your involvements make a difference to
         these skills across the school                   your child’s lives and their outcomes. Our
        Financial constraints due to school budget       foundation      stage    encourages       and
         cuts                                             develops strong relationships with parents
        Development of curriculum subjects through       and carers so that we can all work
         projects such as the International Schools       together to provide the best start in life for
         Status intermediate award which the school       your child and their future success.
         received last year
        Looking at assessment data from classes and
         identifying the best ways to allocate Pupil
         Premium Funding                                                                                   2

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