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									                Tips On How To Make Money At Boarding School

Earning money while you’re at boarding school may seem difficult to think about but it isn’t very
different from when you are at home. For most boarders, there are a few factors that make it
difficult for them to earn pocket money, such as time, curfews, school works, social life and
many more. Boarding school will have you juggling all of these and with the right tips to follow,
you too can surely succeed on earning money minus the hassle.

Here are tips for students on how to make money in school

1. Get yourself a real job that suits you- a lot of students are trying to get a part-time job but time
constraints them to do so. Still, there are tons quick jobs out there that may do just fine. Simple
jobs like handing out flyers is an easy task and it won’t require too much of your time. Get a job
that won’t keep you for hours and try to apply for ones that aren’t too far away from your
boarding house.

2. You can offer to do simple chores to other people to earn some quick money. Ask your house
mother if they want to get their car washed and charge around $10 for it. Again, it won’t take too
much of your time and you don’t have to commute or tire yourself by going to different places.

3. Control your spending- the best to save money and to have more to spare is to limit your
spending. Refrain from buying unnecessary items and buy only the things that you really need.
A little sacrifice on your part may be needed for this one, but it will surely be worth if you have
enough money for whatever you want at the end of the month.

4. Sell your stuff- do you have a lot of junk in your room? Sell those items or post them online to
make money out of it. This is a simple yet effective way to earn some cash and you don’t even
have to do much about this. What’s good about this is that you’ll be cleaning out your room and
your closet with this one.

5. Make use of your blog- for this one, all you’ll need is a reliable internet connection and a bit of
creativity. You can start earning money on your blog by putting up pay-per-click ads, wherein
you get paid when online visitors click on it. Or you can also join online survey sites that pay you
for the number of surveys that you answer.

6. Offer your skills- if you happen to be good in something, let’s say in math, you can offer to
tutor your classmates and charge them per hour. Just be reasonable with the price so that your
clients won’t be intimidated with the price. You can also offer to do certain projects to earn more
on the side. Find out what you’re good at and start working on it. It would be better if it’s
something you enjoy so that you’ll get the hang of what you’re doing and you won’t get bored it.

7. Get an online job- you can always freelance your way to earning money while you’re
boarding. You can work as a writer, photographer, editor, consultant, tutor, translator and many
more. Post your resume online or look for people who are in need of your services. Online jobs
are often very flexible and can easily fit a student’s schedule and the pay is not bad as well.
Now that you’re earning money on your own, don’t forget to put your money to good use. You
can use it to pay for your tuition or for your daily allowance. You can also use it to finish off your
debts then do a credit check to see how your credit score changes as well as your credit history.

Time management is essential if you want to combine work with school. Just keep in mind that
you should balance everything and as much as possible, don’t let your studies sacrifice the

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