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Ten Important Tips to Post Resume Online


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                                  Ten Important Tips to Post Resume Online                                                                              De c 14, ' 12 3:37 AM
                                                                                                                                                               fo r e ve ryo ne

                             Submit yo ur resume o nline is quick and easy and is do ne in three different ways depending o n the agency yo u are filing. Tho se
                             with the three fo rms allo w yo u to present yo ur assistant wo rking thro ugh the task. Or else yo u can submit a DOC file o f MS Wo rd
                             o r Ado be PDF file, o r uplo ad a template to cut and paste. So prepare yo ur resume with this keeping in mind the keywo rds
                             co mmo n types KSA has to yo ur credit.

                             Use as many keywo rds as po ssible witho ut here keywo rds means abo ut yo ur wo rk experience fo r example, if yo u are an
                             acco untant, yo u co uld put acco unting, acco unts manager, finance manager, financial manager etc. Weave these thro ugho ut yo ur
                             resume at appro priate places.
           naukri            Here are the to p 10 tips fo r po sting a resume o nline.
                             1) Custo mize yo ur resume fo r every particular jo b applicatio ns. Jo bs have different needs so it is very impo rtant that yo u make
                             yo ur bio data acco rding to the task at hand.
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                             2) A well written bio data o f a candidate takes no t mo re than half a minute to attract the recruiter. A written pro file do es much better
                             than anything else. Once yo u have finished co mpo sing yo ur bio data give it to a third perso n to read it and judge whether the
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                             descriptio n matches yo ur family.

                             3) In case yo u are interested in a who le new career that yo u had to make sure yo u mentio n the vital po ints that things that are
                             go o d at what yo u lo ve to do and what is its special feature so mething abo ut yo urself.
 Blog                        4) Prepare all yo ur past achievements in previo us jo bs. Whether o r exceed go als win prizes, pro ject co mpletio ns o r attract new
                             custo mers to yo ur bio data sho uld have all yo ur past achievements.
                             5) Do no t go fo r fancy tricks such as pho to s, design do cuments, etc. So metimes yo u get yo ur applicatio n rejected almo st

                             6 ) Be sure to print the CV o n A4 size do cuments. Always use high quality paper if resumes are to be delivered by hand instead o f
    being emailed. An o fficial so urce flat as Times Ro man o r Ariel is preferred in the mo st luxurio us. Use a fo nt size o f 10 o r 11. Fo r
    o nline submissio ns is go o d RTF o r pdf file an extensio n to avo id co mpatibility issues.

    7) Do no t make the bio data fo r lo ng. A maximum o f three pages sho uld be yo ur go al. Give o nly info rmatio n that is relevant to the
    purpo se o f their recruiters and no t everything that yo u have ever do ne. Remember to o lo ng to o o ften bo ring. In additio n to yo ur
    recruiter will no t have much time to devo te to a single CV.

    8 ) Use keywo rds that are unique to the industry in which yo u are applying. This creates a greater impact o n recruiters. Also , if the
    selectio n o f candidates is do ne by so ftware, these wo rds give a better o ptio n fo r the CV that has.

    9 ) Check yo ur CV fo r any spelling o r grammatical erro rs. Also ensure that no ne o f the sentences are to o lo ng. Sho rt sentences
    are crisp, eye-catching.

    10 ) Co ver letters are very essential as the recruiter sees first and then read the CV. It is wo rth mentio ning so me o f their success
    sto ries in terms o f po ints in the letter to draw attentio n.

    Neelam Kumari is an experienced jo b co unselo r with keen interest in writing. At present, she is spreading her experience by
    writing articles o n to pic related to placement co nsultants , emplo yment news and o thers.
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