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									A Society of Law and Order

                                      All of our Western or civilized societies are based
                                      upon law and order. However, for anyone who has
                                      ever been unjustly accuse of something and is
                                      standing trial, one does perhaps hope for the rise of
                                      man taking the law into his own hands.
                                      Anarchists typify this sentimentality by condemning
                                      all government. Libertarians are able to talk about
                                      local governments and self government, and self
                                      government is a proponent of anarchism, rather than
                                      the ever popular belief that anarchism is based upon
                                      chaos and rioting.
                                       In a civilized society, members have agreed to abide
by the rules and the laws set down by higher members of that group, and this way
everyone lives a vastly fulfilling existence where rules and ordinances are obeyed for the
good of everyone participating in that society.
When workplace drug testing is put down, as it sometimes is, this network of understood
rules governing society must be identified as the reason why Alcohol testing even exists.
There are understood codes of conduct and manners of behavior which are acceptable to
those reared in this society. If, however, that code of conduct is broken, it is not just
about making the masses comfortable or to keep them from being nervous…it is about
following laws which place limits on disorganized and destructive methods of operating.
Workplace drug testing laws exist to help people understand that specific industries, such
as mining and aviation, where many people’s lives are at stake and where accidents are
most likely to occur must be regulated. Drug and alcohol testing serves a very useful
purpose in this system of rules and regulations. Rather than such decisions being made by
peers in a court of law, subject to human opinion and the veracity of your attorney, they
are made through explicit scientific methods.
Alcohol testing is great for testing employees who come in to work and are obviously
inebriated. This can occur right there on the spot. Drug screening is available for regular
drug and alcohol testing, to test for residual levels of illicit drugs in their bloodstream.
Onsite drug & alcohol testing is available through Mediscreen.

This article has been taken from http://mediscreen.net.au/articles/?p=1876

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