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									 Here’s A Short Cut If You Want to Perform
           a Web Content Audit
Among the different facets of SEO services, we often hear the statement “content is
king.” This is actually part of the aftermath of Google’s algorithmic shifts aimed at
bringing search engine users the best web experience possible. In an ideal scenario,
the better the content, the higher it is ranked.

Many online marketers may jump right in and get involved in content marketing.
However, before you can take a step further, you need to know where you are in
terms of your web content. Traditionally, a web content audit is an epic online
marketing task, just as every social media agency knows that doing an online
conversation audit needs significant amount of time to accomplish.

However, if you don’t really have the luxury of that golden commodity of time, here’s
a checklist you can use for a no-nonsense and quick web content audit.

Review Your Most Viewed Pages

It does not take technical SEO services knowledge to figure out that the first pages
you should look into are the web pages with the most page views. These are the
pages that are seen or browsed the most so you would want the content of these
pages to be superb.

Determine what the purpose of these pages is (inform? sell? capture emails?) and if
their content actually helps push this goal. Ensure that all the information listed on
the page is accurate and current. Take it a step further and check if your web content
has been copied elsewhere. Also, make sure that the links on these pages are
working perfectly – that they do lead to pages that extinct (internal links) or if they
link to quality sites (for external links).

Next, you need to determine how these pages are performing on search engine
results pages and for which search terms. Make sure that you look into any historical
data such as previous PPC campaigns. Do the Meta descriptions on the page match
up for the keywords it is ranking for? Once you’ve identified this, you can fill in the

Do not forget to check the conversion rate of these pages and whether content is
playing a role why it is low (if it is). Can searchers find the information they are
seeking for without difficulty? Are your calls-to-action clear?
Overall, your content in these pages should be contributing to anexceptional user

Review Your Top Exited Pages

Why are people leaving and not staying? Here, it becomes an issue of engagement.
Every social media agency knows that the internet is becoming more social every day
and there’s no reason why your web content should not follow suit.

To fill in the gap, you have to be very creative and innovative when it comes to using
tried and tested SEO services to a relatively new paradigm. Should you promote
these pages on your social profiles to reiterate their value? Should you frontload
these in your email marketing and other online CRM initiatives? Whatever it is, make
sure you supplement your web content with other forms of content marketing.

Just like how a social media agency would regularly conduct an online conversation
audit, you need to be on your toes when it comes to your web content. Through the
quick tricks mentioned above, you can make sure that your web content is accurate,
up to date, compelling to be able to catalyze provide direction to other SEO services
you are using.

Author is working as an Internet Marketing professional in a social media company in
SF, San Francisco. He likes to write informative articles on various topics related to
Internet Marketing. Through this article, he wants to share his knowledge with
people who are about to hire a social media company for their business.

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