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					               Hr Consultants Reach Out Globally, Offering High Level Placements

Hr Consultants is based in Mumbai and is known to provide high level placements to Indian
companies, companies in the Gulf, Europe, Americas, Australia and Africa. The prime recruit agency
has a presence in 55 countries and so far has placed over 25000 high level professionals in top jobs
with leading companies. Hr Consultants serves leading companies across the world by offering them
exact matches according to job profiles.

Hr Consultants take on the entire process of staffing solutions. “We have expert staff to carry out
interviews and vet likely candidates. Where needed, we call in industry professionals to assess a
candidate. We function as the HR arm of our clients and by working on their behalf with their interests
at heart; we ensure they have the right personnel manning responsible positions in critical, competitive
environments. Staff recruited by us has proved to be long term assets contributing to a company’s
growth and prosperity,” said a company rep. “HR consultants India has a well designed website with
an online chat facility. Companies looking for staff only have to get online and let us know details. We
have a compiled database of professionals looking for opportunities. Our thorough prescreening
ensures a perfect match.”

Unlike other staffing solutions providers, Hr Consultants has a global presence. Hr consultants has a
ready database of professionals in Engineering and industry, petrochemicals, oil and gas, banking,
finance, projects, construction, mining, shipping, hospitality and media. Hr Consultants has a deep
understanding of the work environment in each segment and relies on specialist professionals to pick
candidates in the client’s market segment and areas of operation.

All that an employee has to do in order to start the process is to send in a demand letter in the format
available on the HRConsultant website, issue a letter of authority as required by gulf and eastern
countries and an agreement of employment. The process of selection is short and employers can
expect the right candidate to join services in the minimum possible time.

Hrconsultants is also the right avenue for professionals in India looking for better positions abroad. Not
only does HR take care of getting them the right job, it also ensures that the interests of such job
seekers are safeguarded and they are not at risk when they make a move to an unknown country.
HRConsultants takes precautions for their safety and security. Additionally, HRConsultants has
introduced a process to give selected candidates an in-depth understanding of what they are in for
when they relocate. HRConsultants has also put in place a scheme to assist in relocation with
guidance and assistance where needed for a smooth transition.

About: HRConsultants is a leading International recruitment agency, specializing in top level corporate
placement services. It is known to match job profiles to candidates and safeguards interests of
employers as well as employees in a fair, transparent way. Whether it is a case of companies looking
for staff or professionals looking for lucrative and rewarding positions abroad, HRConsultants act as
the hub and provide a perfect match. HRConsultants can be reached by online chat, phone or email.

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