How Survey Results Can Inspire Fresh Content Ideas

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					  How Survey Results Can Inspire Fresh
            Content Ideas
For SEO companies, coming up with unique content today is not a walk in the park.
This dilemma also applies to a conversion optimization company as it needs a steady
stream of high quality and compelling content in order to rise above the online
clutter and actually turn site visitors into actual paying customers.

There’s really no alternative to creating high quality content and often times,
resources are scarce. When almost everything that can be said for a specific topic has
been done, what else is out there that is original and new?

All SEO companies will admit that good content is always accompanied by extensive
research. So, when it seems that your well of content ideas is almost dried up, why
not commission a market survey. It will definitely need investing from your end, but
the benefits which are outlined below definitely outweigh the cost:

   1. Commissioning market surveys will allow you to understand your consumers
      better and by generating insights, you will be able to create fresh content.
      Insights are also important to a conversion optimization company to bridge
      any gap between what your content presents and what they are looking for.
   2. The information that you will be able to mine are not derived from previously
      published data and therefore more unique and more appealing to bloggers
      and the media.
   3. SEO companies will be able to generate enough material for a number of
      internal and external content such as articles for syndication and blog posts,
      as well as social media posts, testimonials from actual customers and case

How to Develop Surveys that Would Fuel an Array of Content

In order to get the richest information possible, SEO companies should pay close
attention to how they formulate the survey questions.

It’s often that we see web content with statements such as “70% of women aged 25-
30 years old agree that…” Questions that gives you insights on what percentage of a
specific population or demographic always catches the attention of readers and
other online publications as they quantify a rather abstract phenomenon. They are
strong statements and for a conversion optimization company, things like this are a
good start in leading your prospective customers to your sales funnel.

Further, when formulating your questionnaire, include open ended questions which
you can use as sound bites or quotes when formulating your content. If the answer is
short enough, SEO companies can also use these as social media posts with the
permission from the respondent and the proper attribution.

Lastly, use a survey as an opportunity to generate in-depth content such as case
studies and personality features by getting the contact details of the respondents.
Make sure that you put a disclaimer that while you may use the information to
contact them to discuss the survey further, their contact details are safe and
confidential. A conversion optimization company can easily abuse this database to
send annoying promotional materials without their consent.

Surveys Catalyze Content

From a simple questionnaire, SEO companies will be more able to produce rich and
unique content such as videos, slideshows, webinar, podcasts, press releases – the
possibilities are endless. Clearly, when it comes to new content, the best ideas are
oftentimes not with you, but with your audience.

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Description: When it seems that you’re well of content ideas is almost dried up, why not commission a market survey. It will definitely need investing from your end.