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									                                    Interview Questions.
1. Switch Series.
2. Router Series.
3. Hardware Trouble shooting, Assembling a PC, Trouble shooting OS (XP, 2003)
4. Which side are you strong? As per that they will Interview.
5. How many VLANS can we configure in a switch?
6. Which port can we make as a trunk port?
7. How do you find the trunk ports?
8. If I give you a brand new switch. How ill you configure it? Tell me from the scratch.
9. What is console port why is it used?
10. What is aux port why is it used?
11. What is SSH?
12. What is IPV6?
13. What is loop back? Why is it used?
14. What are DR and BDR? Why are they used?
15. About dynamic routing protocols – RIP, IGRP, OSPF & EIGRP.
16. Nat? Difference between dynamic and static Nat.
17. ACL
18. What is in and out in access list
19. telnet
20. Why do we need default gateway for switch?
21. Why Vlans are required? Functions?
22. Ad – Metrics of dynamic protocols.
23. – nid, Snm, Bcid.
24. 2 different switches will be in 2 different Vlans, will they communicate with each other.
25. Why Bridge id is used? What about Route Bridge?
26. About login and login local.
27. where do we look for IOS
28. Where do we look for configuration file?
29. Why do we change the value of configuration register?
30. HyperTerminal steps. Why do we use it? Can we use other than hyper terminal?
31. Why do we need router in between switches?
32. How will router / switch go down? (IOS)
33. What is CCSA?
34. Router by default break up broadcast domain. What exactly this means?
35. Router by default will not forward any broadcast on multicast packets, then how does or what does
    it passes/forwards to different network.
36. Spanning Tree Protocol
37. Things to be checked before configuring router/ switches?
38. Will switches have memory, processor etc?
39. Difference b/w Ethernet and fast Ethernet?

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