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									                                                                                   Release Information

                                                                                                artist:   INFINITY
                                                                                       album title: Next level E.P.

                                                                                          release no.: IONO 65
                                                                                  catalogue no.: INM1DIGI065
                                                                                   format: Digital Publishing

                                                                             release date: Oktober 11th, 2011

Infinity - Next level E.P.

We danced, we laughed, we drank, we jumped, we screamed and shout. But now the summer is gone,
and slowly we start crawling into our shelters, into ourselves. Autumn is always a time for change,
processing all the experiences we have accumulated during the summer time and move on to the Next
Level of our spiritual being. Better, Smarter, tanner, we peel off our seasonal layer and become a better
version of ourselves.

This transitional period is the perfect time for a remix EP such as "Next Level". This fresh EP made by
Infinity, aka Nick Karamalakis, also known as half of the duo Progenitor, gives you the opportunity to
hear how tracks made by superb artists take a different direction and peel into something new. A
different form.

A Greek, a Swedish Trio and a German duo meet together? This is not a beginning of a joke, but a
beginning of a beautiful gathering of great minds. Infinity first approaches Etnoscope's "Kaijko" and
gives the Swedish-Tribal-Prog his touch of pumping base and grooveness. Then he takes Haldolium's
"Be Real" and helps to reveal his interpretation of what's real, leaving no questions asked that his reality
fills you with new energies.


01. Etnoscope - Kaijko (Infinity Remix)
02. Haldolium - Be Real (Infinity Remix)

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