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					My Secret To A
Successful Online
It’s that time of year when most of us start to reflect
on how successful the past year has been. In general
2012 has been an incredible year; there was the
London Olympics, the Queens Jubilee, President
Obama winning a second term, many technological
achievements and for me the most important success
being the beginning of my Successful Online

Now even though my business is fairly new and I have by no means reached my goal of
having a long term financially sustainable business I am really pleased at how far I have
come and am proud to say that even at this early stage I have a successful online business.

Successful Online Business Branding
Have I worked hard these past few months? You bet! I have probably never worked harder.
Luckily, I have never been one that believes in get rich quick push button money and I took a
decision very early on that I would never promote or sell products and services that I did not
believe would give the recipient incredible sustainable value. To be a successful online
marketer you need to create a brand that people can trust and if you want to be successful the
last thing you should be thinking about is a ‘quick buck’ at the expense of losing trust with
your customers. This is the basis for my successful online business and the ‘Work With
Gordon’ brand is extremely important to me.

Another key component of having a successful online business is to make sure you are under
no illusions that you need to put the effort in! Don’t be fooled by a lot of success stories out
there, most of the really successful online marketers work extremely hard and there is often a
reason that the phony ‘get rich quick’ marketers are standing next to the Ferrari and not
sitting in it. As I mentioned I work extremely hard but that is also down to the fact that I am
on a steep learning curve and I want to get ahead! There are others in the marketplace that
have been around a lot longer than me and I feel I need to play catch up. This bodes well for
me of course as with a strong work ethic I feel very comfortable that I am setting myself up
for a big future.

Successful Online Business Mentors
Having a successful online business is extremely important to me and I am very grateful to
the mentors I have partnered with during the past few months that have helped me build my
business. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are hugely experienced marketers with years of
proven qualified results making them well respected seven figure earners. I always believe
that to be a great leader and mentor you have to walk the walk before you can talk the talk
and this is why I feel extremely fortunate to have Stuart and Jay in my corner. I am also
privileged to have access to other great marketers such as Daniel Wagner and Red Rose of fame. The point is that I believe it’s very important that you learn the online
marketing industry rather than trying to work it out on your own – you can try and if you
have several years and lots of money to waste then I wish you luck.

Digital Expert Academy With Jay Kubassek, Gordon Robinson & Stuart Ross

So what is my secret to having a successful online business? I put it down to the decision I
made to join The Six Figure Mentors. This is an education membership based company set
up by Stuart Ross. The exciting news is that Stuart has now partnered with Jay Kubassek of
ProU to create the Digital Experts Academy which is based on the concept of taking
marketers of any level of experience and turning them into successful long term sustainable
marketers within three years. I plan to get there a lot quicker!

Successful Online Business

I am extremely excited about what the next twelve months has to offer and with all the
phenomenal coaching and opportunities available to me I cannot see how I can fail. Don’t
confuse my excitement with arrogance however, I am extremely motivated and will keep
working extremely hard until I have achieved my ultimate goal of having a successful online
business that is sustainable and will provide me with long term financial security. The future
is bright ….
If you are looking for the most up to date marketing strategies taught by the most successful
marketers to help you create your own Successful Online Business be sure to sign up to my
Free Seven Day Video Bootcamp Series .

Together we can achieve more,

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Description: I am really pleased at how far I have come and am proud to say that even at this early stage I have a successful online business.