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					                                        Righteous Insanity
                                 Skits for Student Ministry 2012

TITLE           THEME         DESCRIPTION                                          CAST   TIME
                              A story of two college roommates: one pro-life,
                              who organizes a factory debate on abortion, the
                              other who has decided to get an abortion and is
It's My Choice Abortion       afraid to tell her friends.                           3      5
                              A parable about just how radically Jesus can
The Big        Accepting      change a life, in which a Mom turns into a fan
Change         Christ         of skateboards, junk food, and video games.           4      5
                              A girl who has gone to church all her life is
               Accepting      turned away from heaven because she never
Turned Away Christ            entered a personal relationship with Christ.          3      5
                              A little girl kills two friends with harsh words
The Anger                     when she steps into the Anger Zone in a spoof
Zone           Anger          of the Twilight Zone.                                 4      5
                              Saying you don't believe in something doesn't
                              make it disappear - especially in the face of
                              overwhelming evidence - as a bully atheist
Bully Denial   Atheism        discovers when he tries not to believe in bullies.    3      5
                              A TV show looks at the difference having a
                              Christ-like mindset can make on a person's day
                              as a test subject is shown reacting to stresses
The Difference Attitude       with and without Christ in his heart.                 3      5
                              When Dick Grayson takes over as Batman,
                              telling everyone that Robin has "retired," he
                              discovers just how people felt about him when
Bat Blues      Backstabbing they start making fun of his old alter ego.             5      5
                              An undercover cop totally fails to convince
The Parable                   crooks she is one of them is followed by a talk
About the Bad                 about being yourself, and how the only time it is
Undercover                    okay not to be yourself is when you are an
Cop            Being yourself undercover cop.                                       3      5
                              A commercial spoof features a Talking Magic
                              Bible, a short cut for people who don't know the
The Talking    Bible, Bible   Bible well enough to answer the questions of
Magic Bible    knowledge      non-believers.                                        4      5
Face: The                     An eye on a face decides it wants to be an ear,
Facts          Body of Christ sending all the parts of the face into an uproar.     6      5
               Bringing       A roofer examines the roof where four friends
               friends to     cut a hole and lowered a paralyzed friend down
The Roofer     Jesus          to see Jesus.                                         2      5
                              A pair of bullies meet their match in a humble
                              girl who won't fight back and won't give in
The Strong     Bullying       because she's a follower of Christ.                   5      5
                              When Jesus tries to help a young woman carry
Carry That                    her burdens, she refuses to let him, not
Weight         Burdens        understanding why he cares.                           2      5
                              Pantomime. When Jesus calls a girl to follow
               Burdens,       him, she tries to bring her burdens and
My Burdens     God's Grace    possessions, but they weigh her down.                 2      5
                               Two friends sit and suffer, waiting for Adam to
                               make a decision. The skit is set up so it seems
                               as if Adam is deciding whether to ask out a girl,
Adam Makes Choices/            when in fact he's just deciding what to order for
Up His Mind    Decisions       dinner.                                              4   5
                               After a jerk customer yells at a video store
                               clerk, the clerk finds out the person was a
Christian                      Christian, and she is on a TV show called
Surprise Video Christian Life Christian Surprise Video.                             4   5
                               Three demons are up bright and early in their
                               attempts to keep a young Christian from
Distraction    Christian Life walking with Christ as he should.                     4   5
                               A teenage girl laments the struggles she has
                               living for God, but then sees how other people
Good to Be a                   turn to her for help when they see her faith is
Christian      Christian Life real.                                                 6   5
                               A bunch of real vampires throw Edward Cullen
                               (Twilight) out of their favorite spot because he's
                               not really one of them. A parable about the
                               difference between those who call themselves
Not a Vampire Christian Life Christians and those who truly are.                    5   5
                               A new Christian is excited to take his school for
                               God with his Christian friends, but is
                               discouraged to learn they are all Sunday
Reality Check Christian Life Christians who toe the line in school.                 5   5
                               A fast food employee learns it is not enough to
Soda Machine Christian Life put on the uniform; he must go to work.                 2   5
                               A Transformers parody, two Gospelbots
               Christian life, struggle to keep a secular friend from seeing
The            conforming to their Christian side and their pastor from seeing
Conformers     the World       their secular side.                                  4   5
                               A group of concerned friends gather on Cara's
               Christian Life, behalf to have an intervention since she has
Intervention   Rejection       become a Christian and they don't like it.           4   5
               Christian Life, A reporter interviews a marathon runner who
               running to win has not trained to win the race and does not
The Runner     the prize       care.                                                2   5
                               A new comer to a youth group gets the run
                               down on the youth group cliques from another
Fitting In     Cliques         kid who never got accepted into a group.             6   5
                               Against his better judgment, a man allows
                               himself to become convinced that cream pie is
Death by       Compromising a health nut – and dies along with everyone
Cream Pie      Beliefs         else from a poor diet.                               6   5
                               An actress giving a monologue on contentment
The                            starts to have a meltdown when she gets some
Discontented                   sad news on the phone - then gets replaced in
Actress        Contentment the middle of her performance!                           3   5
               taking God's    An allegory about God's name, in which a box
The Name       name in vain    is revered, and then abused by people.               4   5
                               A Twilight spoof. A teenage girl is a big fan of
                               the Twilight novels, but she's no fool when it
                               comes to dating. No vampires for her; she has
After Twilight Dating          her priorities straight!                             3   5
                               Dave thinks his best friend is the victim of a
                               cruel prank until he meets his friend’s date for
April Fools    Dating          the evening - a girl named April Fools.              3   5
                                  A young man who judges girls solely based on
                                  looks is put on a game show where he must
                                  ask questions and choose a girl based on her
Beauty or                         personality; in the process, he discovers the
Least             Dating          importance of inner beauty.                           5   5
                                  An ice breaker/just for fun skit featuring a
Caveman                           dating service that connects couples caveman
Dating Service Dating             style… i.e. with a club on the head.                  4   5
Kayla's Ex-
Boyfriends                        A teenage girl sells her ex-boyfriends' stuff on
Collection     Dating             the home shopping club.                               1   5
                                  When she sees her best friend's new boyfriend
My Boyfriend                      who literally acts like a dog, Shari urges her to
Is A Dog          Dating          up her standards and look for a real man.             3   5
                                  A commercial for Sacrimintals, a mint so sour it
                                  keeps young Christians from kissing and
Sacrimintals      Dating          behaving badly on dates.                              3   5
                                  A guy keeps rushing to judgment when he
                                  thinks he's found the perfect woman and keeps
Slow Down         Dating          proposing too soon.                                   4   5
                                  A prince sneaks into the tall tower for a
The Prince                        makeout session with a princess, only to be
Who Snuck in                      turned over to the evil enchantress as the
the Back Door Dating              princess prefers to wait for an honorable man.        3   5
                                  A dating service offers to hook Twilight fans up
Twilight Dating                   with men who have the age and wisdom of
Service           Dating          Edward Cullen - senior citizens!!                     5   5
She Was           Dating, being
Possessed by      consumed by     A teenage girl forsakes her friends for a new
Her Boyfriend     dating          boyfriend in a parody of 1950's horror films.         4   5
                                  In the final scene, Juliet wakes up before
Romeo and                         Romeo's suicide and decides she can do better
Juliet: What                      than a guy who would kill himself after only
Really            Dating,         knowing her 4 days. She dumps him and tells
Happened          Relationships   him to get a life.                                    2   5
                                  A teenage girl relates the ups and downs of
                                  having divorced parents. By Leah Coffey and
Two Families      Divorce         John Cosper.                                          5   5
                                  Holding her best friend's lifeless body in her
                                  arms, a girl tearfully recalls the graduation party
                                  where her best friend overdosed her first time
Last Chance       Drugs           doing drugs.                                          2   5
                                  Monologue by a character who is Drugs,
                                  inviting the audience to experience all that he
My Name Is… Drugs                 has to offer… including death.                        2   3
                                  Grandma freaks out when she hears her
                  Drugs,          grandchildren getting ready to get hooked on
Hooked!           Addiction       what she assumes is drugs.                            3   5
                  Drugs,          Monologue. A runaway coke addict tells how
Melanie           Addiction       she convinced another girl to return home.            1   5
                                  An ant tries to convince an acorn to embrace its
               Dying to           destiny and "die" so it can become a tree, but
A Stupid Acorn yourself           the acorn is content being an acorn.                  3   5
Just Five More Eating             Parallel monologues describe the life of
Pounds         Disorders          anorexics and bulimics.                               2   5
                             A pushy burger salesman scares away a
                             customer when he ignores a simple request for
                             a soda and tries to force a burger on the
                             customer. An allegory about meeting human
Allegory                     needs before meeting the spiritual needs of
Burger        Evangelism     others.                                              3   5
                             A loud-mouthed Christian kid turns a non-
                             believer off to the gospel with his speech, but a
Big Jerk                     quieter, gentler Christian wins her over in a
Evangelism    Evangelism     surprising twist.                                    3   5
                             A selfish believer is surprised to learn that
                             God's gift is not a gift FOR her, but IS her - God
God's Gift    Evangelism     wants to send her into the world to save it.         2   5
                             Snow White and the dwarves hear a great
Snow White                   sermon that inspires Snow White to spread the
and the Seven                gospel; sadly, all seven dwarves make excuses
Excuses       Evangelism     to get out of helping.                               9   5
Something to                 Santa, the Tooth Fairy, an Alien, and Elvis tell a
Believe In    Faith          little girl to believe in someone real- Jesus.       5   5
                             Alien explorers visiting Earth find evidence of
God of the                   many faiths but no evidence of faith in the one
Greenmen      False Gods     true God.                                            5   5
                             A commercial for a restaurant aimed at college
                             students when they can have a dining
Just Like                    experience just like home, complete with
Home Café     Family         nagging parents and annoying siblings.               4   5
Fishin’ Fer                  A TV fishing show parody acts as an illustration
Men           Fishers of Men about becoming fishers of men.                       4   5
                             A teen tries to show her friend there is far more
                             to his new cell phone than just having a clock.
                             An illustration for showing that there is more to
              Following      being a Christian than church membership or a
The Clock     Christ         free ticket to heaven.                               2   5
                             A reader's theater in which two speakers
                             pledge to change their lives and become more
              Following      like Christ tomorrow - but not today; they're
Tomorrow      Christ         having too much fun being bad.                       2   5
              Forgiveness, A girl struggles with not being able to forgive
              Forgiving      herself for her past actions. Two actresses play
Forgive Me    yourself       out the inner debate of the main character.          2   5
                             Three friends try to get their friends Hannah
                             and Charity to reconcile when they fake a fight,
                             but then as the other 3 discover the fight is all
                             an act, Charity and Hannah really do begin to
The Fight     Friendship     feud.                                                5   10
              God, Not
              Having Him as Monologue. A young woman insists you can
My Foundation a Foundation build your life on "other things" than God.            1   5
                             An illustration about turning down God's
                             blessings; a young man finds a genie willing to
Genie in a    God's          grant him any wish, but the young man is
Bottle        Blessings      perfectly happy and lets the opportunity pass.       2   5
                             The last man on Earth builds a robot to serve
                             him and keep him company, but the robot
Martin the                   chooses instead to do his own thing, no matter
Stupid Robot God's Design how harmful it might be.                                2   5
                                 How big is God's love? It's so big, he even
                                 loves the biggest jerk in the world. A very funny
Darrian Phillips                 skit that can be "personalized" to your own
is a Jerk        God's Love      group or church.                                      4        5
                                 Two parallel stories are told: one of a boy
                                 whose love gestures are missed by a girl; the
                                 other of a girl who misses the signs from Jesus
Missing It   God's Love          saying He loves her.                                  4        5
Communicatio                     Aliens studying the planet Earth discover that
n with                           humans are prone to lie to protect feelings and
Earthlings   Gossip, Lies        gossip to make themselves feel better.                2        5
                                 Three new grads go on a game show in the
                                 hopes of winning the perfect future, but one of
The Future                       the contestants isn't so sure he knows what
Game          Graduation         kind of future he wants.                              6        5
              Graduation,        A boy and girl just graduated from high school
The Next Step Christian Life     wonder about their future.                            3        5
                                 A teenager starts making a list of the things she
                                 never wants to do again because she has
                                 failed. A friend comes along to help her face her
Never Again     Guilt            guilt.                                                2        5
                                 A talk show brings together a group of people
                                 that hate each other: a short person, a tall
Let's Talk                       person, a guy who talks about himself in 3rd
About Hate      Hate             person, and an eskimo.                                5        5
                                 Jesus offers to heal three people. The only one
                                 who finds healing is the one who humbles
Touch           Healing          themselves to let Jesus touch them.                   5        5
                                 Cinderella refuses help from a fairy godmother
                                 to win the prince in an illustration about how
Cinderella                       failing to be humble can cause us to miss God's
Goes It Alone Humility           blessings.                                            4        5
Ms. Beverlee's
Etiquette                        A girl's school administrator tries to hide her
School         Hypocrisy         hypocrisy as she teaches how to be a lady.             7       5
My Friend                        A seeking teenager tells the story of Joel, a guy
Joel, the                        he met at church whose double life led him to
Christian      Hypocrisy         walk away from Christ.                             5 or more   5
                                 Commercial parody for a Chia product that
Chia Chest      Ice Breaker      helps you grow chest hair.                             4       5
                                 A teen tries to use Jedi mind tricks to buy beer
Convenience                      and cigarettes, only to have the clerk use tricks
Store Jedi      Ice Breaker      on him instead. Based on a true story.                 2       5
                                 A girl grows up wanting to be like mom, then
                                 like her rebellious friends. When she finds
                                 herself alone and unloved, Jesus comes and
                Imitating        loves her, causing her to turn and show love to
Copycat         Christ/ Others   others. Minimal dialogue, mostly mime.                 4       5-8
                                 Three short monologues from kids facing unjust
                                 situations are answered by Christ, who never
It's Not Fair   Injustice        considered what was fair when he died for us.          4       5
                                 Suffering with a bad haircut, Bridget finds
                                 solace from her friend Jamie who has a worse
                                 haircut, but is insecure about having a pimple.
                                 Jamie in turn finds her zit is nothing to complain
                                 about when Erin enters with a MONSTER zit on
Screaming                        her face, but thinks everyone is judging her for
Insecurities    Insecurity       having a gas problem.                                  4       6
                             You can learn a lot about having a good name
                             from a man whose name happens to be A. Total
A Total Loser Integrity      Loser.                                                  2       5
                             A kickball enthusiast has his integrity called into
                             question when his friends discover he's using
Kickball Roy  Integrity      steroids to get ahead in the sport.                     3       5
                             Monologue with non-speaking extras. A
Love Me, Love Jesus, God's teenager recounts the people whose love let
Me Not        Love           her down, and the Savior who's love never fails.        6       5
                             A student who breaks one of the cardinal rules
For Those                    of school is shunned and otracized by faculty
Who Run With Judging         and students in a powerful drama about judging
Scissors      Others         others for their sins.                                  6       5
                             The Empire Strikes Back takes an unexpected
                             turn when Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill refuses
              Judging        to buy the idea that the Jedi master who is
Judge Me Not Others          supposed to train him is a Muppet.                      4       5
                             A tough coach instructs his players to be
              Judging        careful who they witness too- only witness to
Pep Talk      Others         good people.                                            6       5
                             A couple of big dorks discover a good friend
                             when they start talking to a lonely honors
The Dork      Judging others student they once considered a dork.                    5       5
                             A lazy guy who's spent 20 years of his life
              Laziness,      napping on the couch considers getting up and
Couch Potato Sloth           making something of himself.                            2       5
                             A young man refuses to listen to an old man
The Old Man Listening to     about not entering a cave in this parable about
and the Cave advice          listening to elders and parents and teachers.           2       5
                             A young man decides to burn his Hardees
                             uniform and pursue a "Christian" career. Then a
Burgers for   Living         friend explains how he can serve the Lord by
Jesus         Witnesses      working fast food.                                      2       5

                              A "This is Your Life" knock-off shows a Christian
                              being visited by people from their past to whom
This is Your   Living         they failed to model Christ. Two versions of the
Testimony      Witnesses      skit included: one for youth, another for adults.      7       5
                              Monologue by a teenage boy who feels left out
A Couple of                   at school and elsewhere, but finds solace in the
Misfits        Loneliness     fact that Jesus didn't fit in, just like him.          1       5
                              A teenager jokes about having the super power
                              of being invisible, a feeling he gets from being
Invisible      Loneliness     over-looked and ignored by all of his peers.           1       5
                              A nerdy kid who just wants to be accepted
Waiting For My                eagerly awaits his chance to be picked for a
Number         Loneliness     team in phys ed class.                               3 or 11   5
                              A college professor with a modern world view
                              teaches his students to hate one another by
Everybody                     explaining the new way - "If I disagree with you,
Hates You      Loving Others I must also hate you."                                  5       5
Everyone Is    Loving others, A youth leader begins to welcome people to
Welcome        God accepts    church, but then starts kicking people out he
EXCEPT         all people     deems unfit to be in church.                           6       5
                                 Jesus recalls once knowing several teens, kids
                                 he gifted to serve him who used those gifts for
                                 selfish and wordly pursuits. On the judgment
                 Lukewarm        day, these were the ones he said he never
Strangers        Faith           knew.                                                  9      5
                                 A teenager learns what a big deal little white
                                 lies can be when he goes on trial for lying and
                                 comes face to face with Little White Lies
Little White Lie Lying           incarnate.                                             5      5
                                 Two friends who live with masks encounter a
                                 third friend who has found Christ and learned to
                                 live mask-free. He then encourages one of the
The Real Me Masks                others to do the same.                                 3      5
                                 A series of vignettes depicts students who put
                                 on different fronts and masks in front of other
                 Masks, hiding people, demonstrating how the masks keep
Chameleons       our true selves them from knowing who they really are.               6 or 7   5
                                 Our need for mentors is expressed by a
                                 speaker accompanied by a variety of
You Need a                       professionals - including a padawan learner
Mentor           Mentors         and a Sith Lord.                                       8      5
                                 Humorous demonstration commercial of a
                                 micro chip that lets you read others' minds, thus
The Think Chip Missions          eliminating linguistic boundaries.                     2      5
                                 A journal-style skit in which kids on a mission
                                 trip recall the weird food they ate: donuts,
                                 McDonalds, and bananas. In the end, a native
                                 of the foregin culture looks at the uneaten food,
                                 remarking that the missionaries were served
Weird Food       Missions        more than she eats in a                                3      5
                                 A man campaigns for the "If it feels good, do it"
If It Feels      Moral           philosophy gets beat up when a passerby
Good             Relativism      decides that it feels good.                            3      5
                 Neglecting      A young woman neglects her relationship with
Jilted           God             Jesus for other things.                                4      8
                                 A girl visits a mad scientist who has invented a
The Machine New Creation machine that can make her a new creation.                      3      5
                                 A twist on the Cinderella story where the step-
                                 mother's not wicked, Cinderella's a spoiled brat,
Cinde-Reality                    and the Fairy Godmother decides to straigten
Check            Obedience       her out.                                               2      5
                                 A girl skipping the last lock-in of high school to
The Last Lock-                   go to Romania asks, "Did Jesus throw parties,        16 (or
In               Outreach        or go to the people who need him?"                   fewer)   5
                 Parable of the A Martha Stewart clone and a home builder
Gingerbread      House on a      demonstrate the importance of building a house
House            Rock            from solid materials.                                  2      5
                                 A bat-fan discovers the Batman collectible of
                 Parable of the his dreams and is willing to give up everything
The Yard Sale Pearl              to possess it.                                         2      5
                                 A teenage daughter faces an unpleasant
                                 discussion with her parents when they're
Big Brother      Parenting/      unique insurance company sends a report
Insurance        Parents         about their daughter's life and actions.               4      5
                              A fairy tale about two boys who follow the
                              example of 1960's hippies and protest for
                              peace everywhere, from home to school to
                              professional wrestling events. They become
                              discouraged that there's no little peace in the
Give Peace a                  world, but then a friend introduces them to the
Chance         Peace          Prince of Peace.                                    11   5
                              An actress keeps intentionally messing up a
He Made Me                    skit within a skit because some one told her to
Do It          Peer Pressure do it.                                               3    5
                              Two teenage girls decide to rejoice when they
Jesus Freaks Persecution      get made fun of at school for being Christians.     4    5
                              A teenage boy finds lust is not so guilt-free and
                              easy when his fantasy girl on the internet
Cyber Girl     Pornography comes to life in flesh and blood.                      2    5
Jars of                       Two clay jars argue with the potter that he
Complaint      Potter's Hands should have made them differently than he did.      2    5
                              A fast food worker confronts a youth pastor
Fast Food                     about her impersonal communication style in
Faith          Prayer         life and in prayer, urging her to go deeper.        2    5
                              A troubled teenager in a prayer garden,
                              uncertain whether God is going to hear her
                              pray, hears her the story of Jesus' prayer in the
                              garden. She learns that though prayer won't
In the Garden Prayer          change her circumstance, God will be with her.      2    5
                              A runaway prays on her mother's doorstep,
               Prayer of the recalling God's faithfulness to her while asking
Clara's Prayer prodigal       for courage and forgiveness.                        1    5
                              A heartbroken teenager starts off praying for
                              revenge against the girl who dumped him. In
Prayer         Prayer, how it the end, his prayers change his attitude to one
Changes        changes us     of repentance.                                      1    5
               Unanswered     Three short scenes in which prayers for healing
God Said No prayer            and relationships are not answered.                 6    5
                              Young devils in tempting class learn that even
                              Christians who read the Bible and have
Temptation                    devotional time can be rendered useless if they
101            Pride          can provoke their pride.                            6    5
                              A young woman freaks out on her date when
Dave the                      he declines her invitation to have sex, saying
Freak          Purity         he is saving himself for marriage.                  2    5
                              Before the big championship game, the star
                              player shows up dirty and worn out having
                              played several other games and not saved
Dirty Uniform Purity          himself for the big one.                            3    5
                              Monologes by three young men tell about their
                              struggles to remain sexually pure, and the need
                              for young men to bond together in their quest
Joining Forces Purity         for purity.                                         3    5
                              A young woman is encouraged to patch up an
The Grudge     Reconciliation old grudge over a boy with a friend.                5    5
                              A girl who wants to serve God gets a call to
Anything But   Refusing       serve - but it’s the last thing in the world she
That           God’s Call     wants to do!                                        1    5
                                A teenager has the ability to freeze time and re-
                                do moments in his life, starting over and over
Let's Do That                   until he can get a cheerleader to say yes for a
Again            Regrets        date.                                                 3   5
                                A boy goes back in time to try to stop himself
                                from making a friendship-wrecking foolish
The Sandwich Regrets            comment to a friend.                                  2   5
                                Friends marvel at a young man who continues
Big Fat Happy Rejoice in        to rejoice in God even after a head injury and a
Day              Suffering      break-up… until he breaks down and flips out.         4   5
A Little Skit                   A young woman tells a story about a boy who
About Jack &                    fell in love with a car, then neglected it… much
Diane            Relationships like boys do with young ladies.                        3   5
                                Two friends try to save another friend who has
                                fallen under the domineering control of a girl
Yes Renee        Relationships that tells him what to think, say, and do.             4   5
                 Relationships, While shopping with his girlfriend, a cheating
Caught           unfaithfulness boyfriend is caught with his secret love.             3   5
Snake in the                    A free thinker's belief in relativism is challenged
Box              Relativism     by a box with a deadly snake in it.                   2   5
                                A young relativist thinker comes to the gates of
The Mythology                   Heaven and discovers there is absolute truth -
of Heaven        Relativism     and he rejected it.                                   7   5
                                A college student recalls a younger girl who
                                looked up to her, and how her double life led to
A Friend Like                   her young friend getting into trouble and getting
Me               Role Models    hurt.                                                 1   5
                                A KFC employee is taught the Colonel's way to
                                make secret recipe chicken, but he gets upset
                                when he is told the Colonel's way is the only
The Colonel's Salvation, One way. A parable about alternate ways to
Way              Way            salvation.                                            2   5
                                A demon in training is taken on a field trip to
                                meet an occultist, a Christian, and Satan's
                                favorite kind of person: a luke warm guy who
Neutral Pete     Satan          doesn't believe in much of anything.                  5   5
                                A student about to be suspended from school
                                meets another person being kicked out of
Suspension       School         school in the office, Jesus Christ.                   4   5
                                A young man on a date with his long time crush
                                sees the opportunity to tell her how he feels
Total Eclipse of                come and go with a lunar eclipse when he
the Brain        Seize the Day hesitates.                                             2   5
                                The story of a girl whose self-esteem erodes as
                                she comes to rely on teachers, peers, and
Because He                      boyfriends for her self-worth before she meets
Loves Me         Self-Esteem    Jesus.                                                5   5
Self-Usteam                     Monologue. The coach discusses self-esteem
Lekshur          Self-Esteem    and how it affects teenagers.                         1   5
                                A teenager at her wits end pours out her heart
                                to God in a moment of desperation; Jesus
The Looking      Self-Esteem, responds by assuring her he created her for a
Glass            Suicide        purpose and will see it done.                         2   5
                                A crafty demon prevents a would-be church
A Diabolical                    volunteer from having any impact for God by
Plot             Serving God    convincing him not to answer the call to serve.       2   5
                             A teenager with aspirations for ministry fails to
Open Your                    see the ministry opportunities before her in
Eyes          Serving God    school.                                                4   5
Teenage       Serving God, Monologue. Pregnant teenager Mary tells how
Mother        Christmas      she was called to carry God's son, Jesus.              1   5
                             A young man marvels at the Christians in his
                             school who spend time and money serving
One Table                    people far away, but wishes they would serve
Away          Serving Others people in need around them, starting with him.         4   5
                             A series of vignettes tied together with narration
                             reveal that no, not everyone is "doing it,' and
                             that there are reasons - spiritual and otherwise
Backwards     Sex            - for waiting to have sex.                             8   5
                             A football coach who doesn't believe in
                             teaching abstinence inspires his fellow coach to
                             toss out the facemask rule during a football
                             practice - a decision that leads to a severe
Facemask      Sex            injury in the dark comedy parable.                     3   5
                             A bad driver confronts the question of "how far
                             is too far" when he plays with a friend's car and
                             causes an accident… even though he was
Going Too Far Sex            never "technically" driving the car.                   2   5
                             When a girl is dumped on prom night, she is
                             upset that he can not return her most precious
No Returns    Sex            "gift", her virginity.                                 2   5
                             Two teens are urged by their libidos to have
Raging                       sex, but when Jesus sits down between them,
Hormones      Sex            they think twice.                                      5   5
                             A high school teen known for "scoring" with the
                             ladies gets a less than flattering Sports Center
                             highlight pointing out the dangers in his lifestyle
Scoring                      and the slim odds he can continue doing it
Champ         Sex            safely.                                                5   5
                             A young woman sits waiting for the boy she
Waiting for                  slept with to call… in denial that he used her
Him to Call   Sex            and is not going to call.                              2   5
                             The story of a young pyromaniac who sets fire
                             to building after building, but always gets off by
It's Not My                  claiming he was a victim… until he dies and
Fault         Sin            faces the gates of Heaven.                             6   5

Keeping It                      A teenager who drops a condom in church finds
Under Wraps     Sin             it hard to keep it hidden from a nosy friend.       3   5
                                A tempter helps lead a girl slowly into sin by
                                convincing her to blind herself to God and
                                God's Word. Powerful drama with minimal
Out of Mind     Sin             dialogue.                                           3   5
The Big Red
Candy-Like                      Soldiers who are told to guard a big red button
Button          Sin             find that the forbidden object is quite tempting.   3   5
                                A teenage boy tries to hide a T-shirt labeled
                                "Sin" from Jesus, but Jesus eventually gets his
The T-Shirt     Sin             hands on it - and puts it on himself.               3   5
                                A woman with a pet wolfman is warned that,
                                cute as he may be, the wolfman will eventually
Wolfman         Sin             turn and kill her. A parable about sin.             3   5
So What the                    Audience Participation. Two narrators use
Heck Is Sin                    audience members to explain the effect of sin
Anyway?       Sin, its effects and how we are redeemed.                             2   5
                               A young demon feels like his job isn't as
                               important as that of the demons who run cults
                               and entertainment; an older demon tells him
              Spiritual        just how important his job is: creating doubt in
Doubt Maker Warfare            people's minds about God.                            3   5
                               After losing a devastating battle, two demons
                               review the one strategy that seems to break
              Spiritual        even the most stalwart believer: prosperity and
Kids Today    Warfare          popularity.                                          2   5
                               Monologue. A college student recalls the
                               dramatic way God made himself known through
Fire from the                  Elijah to the prophets of Baal and laments that
Sky           Standing Firn God doesn't do such things any more.                    1   5
                               At a school assembly, students caught drinking
                               must give presentations on how bad it is. Most
                               don't take it seriously, but one student becomes
                               very honest about his addiction - and confronts
              Substance        others like him, who will continue to ignore the
Assembly      Abuse            warnings about alcohol.                              5   5
                               Monologue. A girl with tape over her mouth
                               gives a monomogue (through the use of
                               posters) to explain why she is wearing tape on
Silent        Taming the       her mouth - to keep from sinning with her
Treatment     Tongue           mouth.                                               1   5
                               Repeated sin is like hitting yourself in the head.
An Annoying                    But is there a real solution? One of our most
Little Sin    Temptation       popular skits ever.                                  2   5
                               A very sad and lonely devil visits a new
                               Christian who used to "run" with the devil, only
Runnin' With                   to be turned away by the young man in his new
the Devil     Temptation       faith.                                               4   5
                               Two actors act out a metaphor for temptation
                               sitting in a baby pool while fishers dangle
                               temptations like beer and women in front of
Sinful Lures  Temptation       them.                                                5   5
              Temptation,      Jesus' temptation in the wilderness by the three
              Satan tempts faces of Satan: power, evil, and seduction.
Wicked Ruler Jesus             Available on the free skits page.                    4   5
                               A young man who wanted to be a cowboy as a
                               kid reflects on his journey to adulthood and
I Wanna Be a                   career - and wishes he could go back to being
Cowboy        The Future       a kid again.                                         3   5
                               A Christian is visited by an auditor who shows
                               her how much time she is wasting that could be
Time Audit    Time             spent on serving God and others.                     3   5
                               Confused by the hypocrisy of Christians, a
Something                      teenage girl asks Jesus for a reason to believe
Real          Trusting Christ in him.                                               2   5
                               Two Christians literally "fish" for men in a
Catch Em and                   humorous skit that explains how Jesus will
Clean Em      Witnessing       "clean" the new believers after they accept him.     3   5
Qwang: Kung                    A Jackie Chan spoof; Chuckie "persuades" a
Fu Evangelist Witnessing       silent believer to share his faith.                  8   5
                              A new Christian confounds her friends when,
                              rather than taking endless classes on
                              evangelism, she actually goes out and
Diving In     Witnessing      witnesses to a friend.                           3   5
The Church of
Mr. Potato                    The believers of Mr. Potato Head boldly share
Head          Witnessing      their faith in a way few Christians do.          6   5
                              A "Christian" rock and roller beats around the
              Witnessing,     bush about his faith, never speaking out for
              Never           God. In the end, Jesus denies ever knowing
Grungeboy     speaking out    him because he never spoke about Jesus.          7   5
Worried to                    Waiting for the date of his life, a nasty zit
Death         Worry, Stress   causes trouble for a worried young man.          3   10
                              Little Katie interprets for the King James
King David    Worship,        speaking David as he explains what worship
and the Kid   Reverence       means.                                           2   5

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