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					       Reputation Rebel reviews and bonuses
December 13, 2012 By Joseph Mai
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  “Discover How You Can Finally Make A Consistent $10K Per Month in 60 Days From
 Today! You Never Have To Cold Call Again Only Speak To Clients When They Call You
                                  Ready To Buy”

Hi Warrior,
Oh boy have we got something for you! A tried, and real world tested blueprint that can literally
make it rain cash!
Offline is THE place to make cash, but we found that there are alot of barriers to your success, so
tell me does any of the following sound familiar?

      There are too many distractions and new WSOs to follow, you cant keep focus on one
      Maybe you are shy or fearful of approaching business, not knowing what to say or what
       to sell?
      All the other systems you have tried are not automated and reply heavily on you chasing
       the clients around

Or maybe you are ….

      Struggling to get past the gatekeeper and rarely get to even make your sales pitch?

We listened to what your biggest obstacles with closing clients were and reverse engi-neered a
blueprint from the ground up.
What we formulated is something that will put you in the winners circle and have you closing
clients in no time at all

If I can show this group of warriors how to land clients and generate a passive income then I am
POSITIVE I can help you too!
You see, the beauty of this system is because it is purpose built to help you help offline
businesses, some businesses don’t even know they NEED you until you show them!!
And it also hits 3 golden rules to success in your offline business. It’s…

   1. Scalable to earn the income you want – pick a figure and go get it!
   2. Repeatable, this is simple and effective to use over and over again
   3. Automated prospecting and delivery of pre-sold buyers

All sounds pretty awesome right? Yeah well it is, it was created to help you remove all obstacles
from a successful offline business, introducing…

                                 REPUTATION REBEL
We have helped other warriors land clients and get paid and now its your turn for a piece of the
action pie.
Reputation is EVERYTHING to a business! Some businesses don’t even know that there are
customers right now reviewing their business online…. seriously!! As the old saying goes If you
receive good service you tell 1 person you receive bad service you tell 10″ well, on the internet
its multiplied to the absolute extreme and can mean the difference from survival and bankruptcy
of a business.
Reputation Management is a real need for businesses in today’s online world, and then here you
come on your white horse offering a solution to their problem…

Reputation Rebel will get you earning money FAST by

      Generating passive income from offline clients
      Provide you with all the promotional material
      Step by step how to outsource all the work
      Automated sales funnel
      Systems for leveraging your valuable time

We are so confident in this real business that if you follow what we have layed out for you step
by step in the members area you could realistically generate $10K recurring income in 60 days or
less. Everyone is a little different, some people will outsource some others will do it all
themselves either way it should only take you 60 days to build your offline Reputation
Management business from the ground up.

An opportunity like this does not come along very often in the warrior forum, they are few and
far between actually some private coaching costs far more then the price of this WSO and
delivers far less

We want this system to be affordable, we want you to take this course and TAKE ACTION &
MAKE MONEY so its yours today for…

                          INSIDE THE MEMBERS AREA

   1. Step by Step PDF Guide
   2. PLR Rebrandable Report to hand to clients as your own, add your logo, name etc and
      claim on the glory
   3. Proven to convert direct mail templates, these are not your average template
   4. Secret strategy to get you letters opened (genius!)
   5. Phone scripts so that when a business calls you, you know what to say
   6. Important strategy and positioning techniques on how to close the deal (these are
                 Click Buy Now to get following bonuses:
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            (Mobile/SEO) Offline Food Service Theme & Marketing Kit - Value: $67

     Video Ads Arsenal – Cash in Selling These Highly Lucrative Offline Services to Local
                                  Businesses - Value: $19

   Calling ALL Internet Marketers: Online, Offline, ANYONE Wanting To FINALLY Make
                                 Money Online - Value: $17

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Description: Reputation Rebel is generating passive income from offline clients, provide you with all the promotional material, step by step how to outsource all the work and automated sales funnel