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					      Finest Leather Care


                            I    t all began in 1909 on the eve of the First World
                            War and the October Revolution. Germany was still
                            ruled by an emperor but in just a few years the face
                            of Europe would completely change. An era of rapid
                            transformation was dawning.

                            1909 – During this year, Karl Esslen became the
                            general sales representative for Germany for Collan
                            Olja leather care products. This is when the current
                            company Salzenbrodt was born, with the business
                            commencing production itself a short time later. Karl
                            Esslen employed the brothers Paul and Walter Salzen-
                            brodt who soon became the managing directors and

                            ultimately gave the current family-owned business its

                                   oday, the company proudly benefits from 100
                            years of experience and a high level of expertise when
                            it comes to caring for leather products. Obviously no
                            one expected this great tradition to arise 100 years
                            ago and for an internationally renowned, leading lea-
                            ther care brand to emerge and still be in existence in

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                                                       To celebrate this success, Salzenbrodt is creating
                                                       a new range of products that incorporates all the
      Finest Leather Care                              company’s expertise and innovative strength and
                                                       commemorates the memorable year 1909 in its name:
                                                       Collonil 1909     – specially developed formulations

                                                       featuring selected ingredients and a luxurious perfume
                                                       with hints of cedar and sandalwood.

                                                              eather is a natural material. It is elastic and
                                                       tearproof, repels water and is breathable with heat-
                                                       insulating properties. It needs to be cared for in a si-
                                                       milar way to human skin and is also subject to similar
                                                       ageing processes. The demands placed on care pro-
                                                       ducts are therefore very high because the animal skin
                                                       no longer has the ability to regenerate naturally.

                                                       It is no coincidence thatCollonil 1909     resembles
                                                       cosmetic products. This retrospective collection is the
                                                       perfect anti-ageing range for shoes, bags, clothing and
                                                       other leather goods! Stylish design in warm tones of
                                                       subtle matt green contrast with bright, golden ele-
                                                       ments to evoke a love of the finest leather and crafts-
                                                       manship: the absolute best in leather care.

              Salzenbrodt GmbH & Co. KG
                 Hermsdorfer Str. 70
                     13437 Berlin
              Phone: +49(0)30-414 04-512
               Fax: +49(0)30-414 04-520

                  Salzenbrodt & Co. KG
                 Donau Business Center
                 Handelskai 388/Top 862
                      A-1020 Vienna
                 Phone +43(0)1-203 15 26
                 Fax +43(0)1-203 15 26 66
                                            W 010171


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