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Armadillos in corporate


									‘Armadillo parturition uniqueness’, the corporate leaders must learn and internalize to
understand whether the people in the corporate do carry the same uniqueness.
Armadillos are a group of primitive animals popularly referred to as ‘insectivores’ group
of mammals.

The interesting fact about Armadillos is that they always give birth to young ones that
are identical and of same sex in the given time. This is very unique for Armadillos. To
understand why and how such uniqueness exists in this group of animals, one needs to
travel through the reproductive biology of this animal. Do they signify any special
message to the corporate should be the fundamental question, the corporate leaders
must ask first?

Often the Armadillos give birth to quadruplets and interestingly all of them are from a
single egg. Division of a single egg only leads to the birth of 4 young ones. This is the
reason why all the young ones of Armadillo at a given period are identical and of same

Although the number of young ones may be four or less or more, but they are always
born out of a single egg in the given time.

The similar type of situation can be seen in most corporate. The people in most
corporate will be carrying ‘same’ opinion, views, ideas, goals etc., that have essentially
inherited essentially from a single source or from the single boss/leader. This
phenomenon is very obvious and well pronounced mostly in ‘single’ man controlled

What the ‘single’ man says become the mission statement for the employees in the
corporate and they engage in the missionary activity of actualizing ‘what the wishes’ of
the single man are.

You may find many people working in the corporate like the four different young ones
of an Armadillo, but all the people will have identical knowledge and expertise that is
‘what the single man’ wish them to carry. The identity, cause and commitment people
in such corporate mainly come from the single source/single man, like how the
quadruplets of Armadillo are formed from a single egg.

If we carefully interact with people in the corporate, it is easy to understand that all of
them will be speaking the same language and jargons where no diversity, variety or
vibrancy can be seen.

The corporate people should do a self evaluation as to understand whether they are the
‘young ones’, born in a given time by an Armadillo.
For any corporate to grow, people with diverse talents and expertise are required. The
corporate, which ‘train and tutor’ its people only to sing the song of ‘oh! Boss! Praise
Thee Boss…. etc., neither grows nor would evolve.

‘Beware’ and ‘be aware’ of the fact that, whether you are working in such corporate?
When you can learn about Armadillo parturition, you can very well correct the course of
actions of your career as well.

Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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