post operative external fixator pin care Northeast Ohio Orthopedics by benbenzhou


									                     POST OPERATIVE EXTERNAL
                         FIXATOR PIN CARE
1. Remove your dressing 4 or 5 days after surgery—not before.
2. Cleanse pin sites daily with q-tips dipped in hydrogen peroxide (1/2
    Hydrogen Peroxide and ½ water). Use clean q-tip for each pin.
   Don’t worry not all crusting is removed the first time.
3. Apply dry sterile dressing to pin sites—gauze 4x4 dressing can be
    purchased pre-cut or you may cut them.
4. You may then wrap the extremity with a clean ace wrap.
5. Repeat daily.
6. Do not use any antibiotic ointment.
7. Elevate your extremity as much as possible. Keeping it higher than your
8. Take your pain medications as needed. If you have an antibiotic take it
    until you finish your prescription.
9. Observe for signs of infections including increased fever (> 101 F),
    painful swelling, and persistent drainage (longer than 4-5 days).
10. Do not submerge your extremity in water.
11. Recheck in our office as scheduled.
12. You may shower after day 5 without a dressing and then do your wound

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call our office and ask for
the nurse.

(updated 4-16-09)
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