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     «Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest

L. xxxvn                        SOUTH LANCASTER, MASS., OCTOBER 19, 1938                         No. 41

  Left to Right: Albert G. Hahn, Deaconess Hospital, Evanston, Ind. (Chairman of National Hos-
  pital Day Committee of American Hospital Association); A. C. Larson, business manager of
  Paradise Valley Sanitarium, National City, Cal.; Miss Helen N. Rice, director of School of
  Nursing, Paradise Valley Sanitarium; Ernest L. Place, business manager. New England Sani-
  tarium, Stoneham, Mass.; Dr. C. E. Nelson, medical director of Paradise Valley Sanitarium;
  lames A. Hamilton, superintendent of Cleveland City Hospital, Cleveland, O , and I. H.
  Schriever, representing Parke, Davis & Co., donors of the cups and plaques.
                                             program each year and a shield is             vited to visit us and view the trophies.
NEW ENGLAND SANITARIUM                       placed upon the base of the cup giving        While we were pressed very closely
_____AND HOSPITAL_____                       the year and name of the hospital             this year in the award, yet we at the
                                             which won it. The cup must be won             sanitarium have pledged our best efforts
     New England Sanitarium                  three consecutive years by one hospital       to retain the cup another year and
        Wins Cup Again                       in order for that hospital to gain per-       thus gain permanent possession of it.
                                             manent possession of it. The plaque                        P. R. CONE, Chairman,
    LATE one night, after the Governor's     goes to the winning hospital, which can
  Session of the American Hospital Con-                                                        National Hospital Day Committee.
                                             keep it regardless of whether it is                         ———o———
  vention in Dallas, Texas, a telegram       won the next year or not.
  came from Brother Place, business man-                                                          Sanitarium News Notes
  ager of the sanitarium who was attend-          At the Goverrioj's Session, Brother
                                               Place, and Dr. Walton of the Gen-             DR. AND MRS. W. A. RUBLE left on
  ing the convention as our representative,                                               Monday, October 10, for a vacation
  which contained this message:                eral Conference, sat down front await-
                                               ing the zero hour when the Hospital        trip. They plan to visit relatives in
    "We won cup again. Also first hon-                                                    Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, after which
 orable mention in program. Congratu-          Day winners were to be announced.
                                               At last the time came when Albert G.       they will attend the Fall Council at
 lations."                                                                                Battle Creek, Michigan. Dr. Ruble
                                               Hahn, the Hospital Day Committee
    He sent the details immediately by         chairman, gave the names of the win-       expects to be present at the meetings
 air mail so that we might pass on the         ners. Cleveland City Hospital won the      of the International Medical Institute
 good news to our sanitarium family            best program award for the large class     at Philadelphia. Dr. A. M. Bond is
 and to those in the Atlantic Union            hospitals and the New England Sani-        acting Medical Director during Dr.
 who so loyally supported the sanitarium       tarium was runner-up on the program        Ruble's absence.
 in its work. Those of you who came            award. In other words, we were first           Mrs. Edith F. Strand, Superintend-
 great distances on a very rainy day           in honorable mention for hospitals in       ent of Nurses, Miss A. Sloane, Super-
 to attend the Hospital Day at the             cities over 15,000 population. The best     visor of Instruction, Mrs. Ruth
 sanitarium had a part in this success.        program award for cities under 15,000       Deininger, Physical Director and
    Just a word of explanation in regard       population went to Paradise Valley San-     Occupational Therapist, and Miss
 to the awards so that you may under-          itarium, one of our institutions in Cal-    Doris Thompson are attending eve-
 stand just where the New England              ifornia.                                    ning classes at Boston University on
 Sanitarium stands in the picture.                                                         the subject "Current Trends in Amer-
                                                  Then Mr. Schriever, the Parke, Da-
    The 7,500 hospitals of the United                                                      ican Nursing."
                                               vis & Co. representative, was called
 States and Canada are divided into                                                           We are very happy to welcome Miss
                                              upon to announce the publicity trophy
 two main classes: hospitals in cities of                                                  Dorothy Sampson, of Washington,
                                               winners. He began by saying that he
 over 15,000 population, and hospitals                                                    D. C., who has recently joined our staff
                                              didn't know whether he was glad or
 in cities of under 15,000 population.                                                    as medical supervisor. Miss Sampson
                                              not to announce the first winner, and
 The sanitarium is classed among hos-                                                     has received a bachelor of arts degree
                                            . right away Brother Place knew that
 pitals of the large class because of the                                                 as well as a B. S. in nursing educa-
                                              we had won again because it be^an
 fact that we are located in the densely                                                  tion.
                                              to look as though Parke, Davis & Co.
 populated Boston area; therefore our
                                              would have to furnish another cup if           Miss Mildred Morgan recently com-
 competition for the Hospital Day
                                              we succeed in keeping it one more           menced her three months' affiliation
 awards is with all the big hospitals
                                              year. Mr. Schriever said, "The winner       in pediatrics at the Children's Hospital,
of the United States and Canada.
                                              for the second consecutive year is the      Portland, Maine.
    There are two awards for Hospital         New England Sanitarium and Hospital,            Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. G.
Day given to each class of hospitals,—        Stoneham, Mass." That was for cities        Schmidt, of Schenectady, New York,
one is for the best program on National       of over 15,000 population. Paradise Val-
Hospital Day, and the other is for                                                                 ( Concluded on page 6)
                                              ley Sanitarium was the winner of the
the best publicity program for National       publicity trophy for cities under 15,000
Hospital Day. The program award is            population.                                   ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
a document with the American Hos-                                                         Published weekly except one week in July and
                                                  Brother Place said that he wasn't                 one week in December by
pital Association seal, as can be seen
                                              quite so surprised this year and man-            ATLANTIC UNION CONFERENCE
just in front of Brother Place in the
                                              aged to make a little speech before the           OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS
picture. Then those who ran close to                                                                           AT
receiving the best program award fol-         convention delegates. Last year, he was
                                                                                            South Lancaster, Massachusetts, U. S. A.
low in order of their standing by first       so surprised that he just wasn't able       Subscription Price, Fifty cents o Year
honorable mention, second, etc. The           to think of a speech. Dr. Walton was        EVA M. LINSCOTT                      EDITOR
publicity award has been presented to         overjoyed that two Seventh-day Ad-                Entered at South Lancaster, Mass., as
                                              ventist institutions had walked away        second-class matter. Acceptance for mailing
the American Hospital Association by                                                      at a special ra.te of posiase provided for in
Parke, Davis & Co., the largest drug          with the honors and awards at the           section 1103, Act of Oct. 3, 1917, authorized
                                             convention.                                  Feb. 20, 1919.________________________
manufacturers in the world, and con-
                                                                                             The GLEANER is sent to persons outside the
sists of a large silver loving cup and a         The cup and two plaques, one plaque      Atlantic Union only upon receipt of the sub-
gold plaque. The cup is awarded to           for 1937 and one for 1938, will be on        scription price.
the hospital having the best publicity       display in our main lobby. You are in-

Page Two                                                                                                    Atlantic Union Gleaner
     Our Children's Health                     that they be supplied not only with              the message, may we suggest that you
                                               good food in the home, but also with             make one more attempt this coming
     Another Item oi Health Reform             plenty of pure air in the schoolroom.            holiday season? Such a gift will be
                   No. 3                       Weak lungs, feeble constitutions, con-           appreciated and it cannot fail to win—
              E. A. vonPohle                   sumptives, little power to resist disease,      in the end.
                                               are the fruits of poorly ventilated school-        Do not overlook this fact: We now
     JUST a few words at this time to          rooms.                                          have scores of books written primarily,
those who have the health of children             The health of the future men and             and some altogether, for Seventh-day
 under their control, on the subject of        women is hanging in the balance. Let             Adventists. They have been written by
 Schoolroom Ventilation.                       us not forget to be health reformers.            men of spiritual strength and divine
    Much has been said about sleeping                                                          inspiration. These printed messages
 with windows open and deep breathing          SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND                            would do much to prepare and strength-
for all, and especially for growing                      J. D. SMITH, President                en men and women, already members
                                                     .7. E. OSTBRBLOM, Sec.-Treas.
children. I want to ask a question.                        Telephone, Clinton 255              of our churches, for the coming of the
 What good does deep breathing do              South Lancaster                 Massachusetts
                                                                                               Lord. They will deepen the experi-
our school children who are kept in                                                            ence, widen the vision, and increase the
a small, overcrowded, improperly ven-           College Ingathering Campaign                   devotion of those who read. Very few-
tilated schoolroom for six hours a day?        Larger Amount Reached in Less Time              give to books their rightful place in
I have stepped into schoolroom after                    Than Ever Before                       their lives. Try to imagine what this
schoolroom and found the air un-                  HATS off to the faculty and students         world would be without a single book
bearable! Again, I call the attention          of Atlantic Union College for the quick,        of any kind; then you will begin to
of our church officers to a great need         efficient Ingathering effort. With two          realize the important place they occupy.
of health reform. See that your church         field days, Thursdays, October 6, 13,              To list the available titles would
schoolrooms are not overcrowded. There         and evenings between with a few                 require more space than we have here.
should be approximately twenty square          groups each day between the two reg-            About two weeks ago a letter was
feet of floor space for each pupil. The        ular all-school field days, the bands           sent to every family describing a few
ceiling of the room should be about            enthusiastically rang in, during chapel         of the late books and outlining a plan
twelve feet from the floor, giving at          of October 14, over $2,400 on their             whereby they might be purchased in
least 225 cubic feet of air for each           $2,000 goal — a larger sum in less              an easy, convenient manner. Some have
pupil.                                         time than ever before.                          asked about the book scrolls mentioned
    Then there should be some sure                It would have done you good to               in this letter. They are really book
means of proper and sufficient ventila-        attend that victory meeting and get a           ends suitable for the livingroom or
tion. The ruling principle is that the         glimpse of the school missionary spirit.        library table, and are available in vari-
foul air should be removed at the              If it were possible, we should like             ous attractive styles and colors. The
floor line of the room, and that the           to bundle up a package of their over-           chromium plated scroll will hold one
fresh air should be introduced without         flow enthusiasm and mail it to those            book perfectly firm or expand to hold
producing a cold draft upon the pupils.        churches that are still lagging after           several volumes. Only a few are left and
Ventilating systems should be put in           twelve weeks' service. Yes, there is            these will be given, as long as they last,
 new buildings while they are being            strength in union of action. Again we           with each set of books as described in
constructed. In old buildings, poor ven-       say, hats off to the college for the            the letter.
tilation can be helped by properly jack-       quick, energetic, and successful cam-              In the sale of our books for children
eting stoves and putting simple ventilat-      paign and we sincerely hope that other          to the general public, Christmas also
 ing shields in the lower parts of the         units in the conference will mobilize           provides a golden opportunity. Several
 window casing and then raising the            for a speedy finish.                            new volumes are available for this
lower sash a few inches.                                  GEORGE BUTLER, H. M. Sec.            work and convenient carrying cases
     It would be well if the windows were                                                      have been made up. Write us for
opened wide for a few minutes several                                                          details. Make this Christmas one of
times each day. Especial care should be           Christmas—An Opportunity                     opportunity.
taken if unvented gas stoves are used             FROM the time these lines are written                            R. S. BLACKBURN,
for heating, as monoxide gas thrown            until Christmas, there are exactly sev-                             B. &• B. House Sec.
 into the room has little odor and the         enty-two days. When you read them
 air 'is vitiated and unhealthful before       there will be several less. The time is
 any one realizes it.                          here when our plans should be made                        Colporteur Rally
     One definition of good health is,         definite to avoid the annoyance and                A COLPORTEUR rally was recently held
 "Pure blood flowing through a healthy         confusion of that hectic last-minute            in Hartford, Conn. Among those pres-
organism." There are three things that         rush.                                           ent were: J. F. Kent, union field sec-
 make good blood,—what we eat, what               The Christmas and New Year sea-              retary, I. M. Evans, local field secretary,
 we drink, and what we breathe. A              son is the most opportune and appro-            J. D. Smith, president of the confer-
 vitiated air supply means vitiated blood,     priate time of the whole year for the           ence, and R. S. Blackburn, Book and
 just as much as unhealthful food means        purchase and the giving of our message-         Bible House secretary. The rally was
 ?n unhealthful state of the system. It        filled books. If you have friends whose         in session four days, and a most profit-
  is essential to the health of our children   hearts have never been reached by               able and enjoyable time was had by

 Atlantic Union Gleaner                                                                                                      Page Three
colporteurs, laymen, and the visiting      of interest to our M. V. Societies'. Your     "The Sabbath school work is im-
brethren.                                  society should be represented.              portant, and all who are interested in
   Plans were laid for a heavier pro-         All our Upstate officers who can         the truth should endeavor to make it
gram in the literature ministry. A         attend are urgently invited. Let our        prosperous." —"Testimonies" Vol. V,
symposium was presented by the col-        colored societies take special notice to    p. 127.
porteurs from different parts of the       send a representation of officers. Our           Beginning in November, Elder Boh-
field, which was an inspiration to the     foreign youth, please take part for we       ner will hold numerous Sabbath school
lay members present as well as those       have excellent plans for all and a           conventions at various strategic points
engaged in the magazine and book           council at this time is most important.      of the conference.
                                              We expect to feature new hobbies,             Our tithe income has kept up re-
   Further plans are being made to have
                                           nature clubs, Junior Audubon Clubs,          markably well through the year, but
other rallies in the various cities in
                                           M. V. Dorcas groups, Progressive             last month the records reveal a most
Southern New England, as much bene-
                                           Classes, Week of Prayer, and the             serious and alarming slip of $1,100.
fit is derived from them by the col-
                                           winter's missionary work plans. No           More tithe will mean more souls won
porteurs and all who attend the meet-
                                           aggressive M. V. Society can afford to       to the truth in our own conference and
                                           miss this council. Let's have a profit-      will enable us to carry a still stronger
                                           able and delightful time together.           work.
GREATER             NEW        YORK        Bring any young people especially
        W. A. NELSON, President                                                             "All should remember that God's
        J. B. FRANK. Seo.-Treaa.           interested.                                  claims upon us underlie every other
        Telephone, Ixmgacre 6-7Z68
1501 Broadway            New York, N. Y.      Reach the Academy by the Eighth           claim. . . . Just in proportion as God
                                           Avenue Subway, Fulton St., Line.             has given His property to man, so man
            It's Here Again                The station is "Clinton-Washington."         is to return to God a faithful tithe of
                                                           LOUISE C. KLEUSER.           all his substance. This distinct arrange-
   A BRAND new "Home Worker's Case"
                                                                                        ment was made by Jesus Christ Him-
of attractive "Holiday Gift Books."
                                           NEW YORK CONFERENCE                          self." —Id., Vol. VI, p. 384.
A few years ago many hundreds of                  W. II. HOWARD, President                  "Will a man rob God?" If all were
our people all over the country took a            C. II. GERALD, Sec.-Treas.
                                                          Telephone 35                   faithful in this matter this deficit
case of these books just before the        Union Springs                   New York
                                                                                        would be wiped out.
holidays, visited their neighbors and
friends and suggested that they buy                                                         The enrollment at Union Springs
                                                  Random News Notes                     Academy is one hundred seventeen,
them as gifts for friends and loved
ones. We are appealing to every one
                                                    From the Field                      and one's heart swells with pardonable
who can spare a few hours a day or             THE workers of the New York Con-         pride at the fine appearance of these
week to take advantage of this op-          ference are anxious to get fall efforts     young folk representing the flower of
portunity. If you sell just $25 worth      started, and hope to have the Ingather-      the conference. We have a good school,
of these gift books you will not only      ing reach the point in the near future       a better faculty, and the best school
have $12.50 profit, but we will give you   where the churches can finish the goals      spirit in years. The Lord is very evi-
FREE the attractive little brown "aero"    without heavy demands upon the time          dently blessing in each department. We
type carrying case whether you resell      and energy of the ministers. Many of         invite our people to pray for the con-
the books, keep them for yourself, or      our members, including some church           tinued success of the academy in par-
give them away.                            officers who most surely ought to lead      ticular, and for our educational program
   Full information will be furnished      out in this matter, have not had a           in general. Our youth are the heritage
you at the Greater New York Book           major denominational endeavor. Shall         of the Lord.
Society, 1501 Broadway, New York            we not make October "Victory Month"            Elder Fleming is striving to strength-
City or by writing to the field mission-   and finish our task quickly, remember-      en the colporteur work in our field,
ary secretary, same address.               ing that no amount of labor in other        with strong evidences that his efforts
         R. G. CAMPBELL, F. M. Sec.        lines of work, no matter how important,     are being crowned with success. The
                                           can take the place of activity in the       older and more experienced literature
                                           Harvest Ingathering work.                   evangelists are taking on an added lease
    M. V. Officers Take Notice                                                         of life and promising new recruits are
                                              The Sabbath schools are making ex-
   SUNDAY, October 23, at Greater          cellent progress under very efficient       taking up this important work. Those
New York Academy, 484 Washington           leadership on the part of the district      having any talent for this very im-
Ave., Brooklyn, there will be a meet-      superintendents and the loyal corps of      portant work surely ought to enlist in
ing and council for all M. V. officers,    Sabbath school officials. The objectives    the colporteur army. "The canvassing
Master Comrades and prospective            of the department are worthy of the         work is more important than many
Master Comrades. The time for the          whole-hearted support of each believer:     have regarded it, and as much care and
gathering is three o'clock. We shall be       1. Every member of the church a          wisdom must be used in selecting the
busy for two hours.                               member of the Sabbath school.        workers as in selecting men for the
   We urge all M. V. leaders and as-          2. Present and on time.                  ministry." —"Testimonies," Vol. V, p.
sistants, secretaries and assistants and      3. Daily study of the lesson.            405. God calls for the best.
band leaders to plan for this council.        4. Personal work for each student.           Substantial membership gains are ex-
Important problems will be discussed          5. Liberal offerings to missions.        pected in every district of the confer-

Page Four                                                                                               Atlantic Union Gleaner
                                        HARVEST INGATHERING PROGRESS
                                                By Conferences
                                                           "Forward in Faith"
                                                    Goal            Raised to Date                     Per Cap. to Date
                                                                      10-8-38                             10-8-38
        Greater New York ..____.„.._.._.._..      $34,000.00           $22,604                              $6.26
        New York .._........___...„_._.„..._...    25,000.00            16,620                               5.73
        Northern New England ._......__„           13,000.00             8,055                               4.92
        Southern New England „ _ _                 40,000.00            26,282                               6.42
        Bermuda ._„_______„___________„__._         1,600.00             1,525                               9.59

                     1937                                                                      1938

    6.NY       N.Y NILE.           S.N.E.     BER.                                   6.NY      N.Y.      N.N.E.    S.N.E.    BER.
 too,—,       ,—|                                                  / ... vv c c ^                                                   IWV

 90-    -                                                                            -     _   .   _      .   -    -   -        -   90
                                                                   6"- WEEK_____
                                                                                      -    -   •   -          -    -    -      -

                                                                   5"- WEEK-___ - -            - -        - -      - -         -
 70                                                                                                                                 70

                                                                                               . .            .         .      ,
  60                                                                                      —    - -
                                                                   A"- WEEK— ..                               -        ™       ~

                                                                                          -        -          -         -      -    50
                                                                   3"rf WEEK              _    _              _        _       _
                                                                                           -   - -            -         -      -    40

                                                                   2 nd WEEK              .    .   _          -         -      -

                                                                                           .       .          _         _       .
                                                                   1" WEEK                _    _   _          _                _

  10                                                                                       -- -    -          -         -       -   10
                                                                                                              ^~       ^r-

It isn't the "half-way" mark that shows                                     Keep Climbing! No matter how bitter the pace
How the climbers are coming in;                                             There's hope for the climber who tries;
For the leaders may fail, but no one knows                                  Keep Climbing! No matter how backward your place,
Who is finally going to win.                                                You still have a chance at the prize!

It's the power of "sticking" — at any cost,                                 It's the "Finish" that tells how the race is run!
That measures the winner's class;                                           It's the spurt at the end of the grind;
It's his nerve — when the race seems almost lost;                           And many a worth-while prize is won,
It's the grit and the sand he has!                                          By the "Stayer" who comes from behind.
ence inasmuch as, in the final analysis,     The following new graduates took                     In 1906, following her bap ism, Elder
this is the real measure of success in     the State Board examinations in                     Wheeler asked her to become a Bible worker
                                                                                               assistant for him during his summer tent
the work of God. Indications point to      Boston this week: Mildred Milkovic,                 effort, which she did. Elder Wheeler was also
encouraging gains as we enter the          Gertrude Baldwin, Dorothy Gary,                     assisted by a young ministerial candidate at
last quarter of 1938. Ministers, lay       Edith Kreuder, Lilly Wilson, Helen                  that time. He was E.lgar A. vonPohle, and it
preachers, local elders, church and Sab­   Harvey, Bernice Lawrie, Dorotha                     was while working together with Elder
                                                                                               Wheeler that he became acquainted with the
bath school officials, and members in      Perkins, Lois Bacon, and Nina Wright.               rare qualities of mind and spirit of the woman
general have contributed to the fine                                                           who was to become a lifelong blessing to him.
additions already made. Consecrated                                                               During the winters she continued to teach
activity along home missionary lines               OBITUARY NOTICES                            the public school of her home town, until in
on the part of every man, woman,                                                                1907 she came to South Lancaster in order to
                                                                                               improve her knowledge of the B.ble. She was
and child in our conference territory,                                                         graduated from the Biblical-Academic course
will result in quickly finishing the                                                           in 1908. During that year she made a great
work of God in the New York Con­                                                               many new friends, and helped in many ways
ference. Mere tall^ of spiritual matters                                                       to serve the interest of the school. She was
                                                                                               one of the editors of the new school paper,
will not suffice. "Faith without works                                                         the Student Idea, which was started that year.
is dead."                W. H. HOWARD.                                                            The year following she was married to
                                                                                               Edgar A. vonPohle, and began with him the
                                                                                               years of study and teaching and the busy
                                                                                               activities of a housewife and mother. She
     Young People, Attention                                                                   managed continually to improve her own
   OUR large semiannual youth's                                                                education from year to year, taking courses
gathering for the Buffalo, Lockport,                                                           in whatever college or university was near
                                                                                               her home, until she completed her degree-of
and Rochester Districts will be held                                                           bachelor of arts. Her work was always done
at Albion, N. Y., in the American                                                              so efficiently that she could give her home the
Legion Hall on East Park and Platt                                                             best of attention, even white doing so much
Streets, Sabbath, October 29, from                                                             work for others outside of it. Always she
                                                                                               stood loyally by her husband's side, helping
3 p. M. to 10 p. M. We are reasonably                                                          him in all his problems, supplementing his
sure to have General Conference help                                                           activities in every direction whether in pastoral,
again for this meeting, and I hope that                                                        teaching, office, or field work. Every one who
all of our senior young people from                                                            met her, from the humblest to the greatest,
                                                                                               was impressed with her quality and impelled
eighteen years upward can join us.                                                             to love and respect her.
   The afternoon will be given over                                                               The two sons who were so fortunate in
to discussion of our young people's                                                           having her for their mother, Clinton L. and
problems and also a message by the                                                            Kenneth C. vonPohle, have justified her belief
                                                                                              in them, her careful training of them, her
guest speaker, which will be especially              Mabel Lucas vonPohle                     ideals for them of integrity and unselfish
for the young people.                                                                         devotion to duty. One is serving in the West
   The evening will be a social one and       Mabel Lillian Lucas was born on Jersey          Indian Training College as a teacher and
we urge all of our young people from       Island, in the English Channel, and came as        trainer of young minds; the other, having
                                           a small child with her parents to Canada,          completed the course of study for a physician,
the districts mentioned to be present.     where she lived for a short time. Soon the         is beginning his internship in Pawtucket,
We welcome any that are interested         family moved to Wisconsin to settle, and           R. I.
in young people's work. A special          there she grew up and was educated in the              Besides hundreds of sorrowing friends
invitation is extended to our isolated     public school, high school and tc :chers' train­   who mourn the untimely passing of one so
                                           ing courses. Such was her ability that she-        beloved and so much needed in this world,
young people in -these sections. We        had completed all of this work and had             Mabel vonPohle leaves three sisters and a
have had some very fine meetings           become a public school teacher at seventeen        brother who will miss her sadly. Of the un­
together, and I am sure you will not       years of age. Not long afterwards, when her        speakable loss of her husband and sons,
be disappointed this time. We hope         family moved to Sheldonville, Mass., and           nothing adequate can be said.
                                           bought a homestead there, she taught the              Her last illness came on gradually, over a
our three district pastors will join us    pubUc school of that place ior three or four       period of two or three years, reaching its
also.    A. F. RUF, Ed. and M. V. Sec.     years.                                             climax this summer. An operation designed to
                                              It was while on a vacation trip to Evcrett      alleviate her condition was not successful.
                                           to visit an older sister that she chanced to       During all the weeks of suffering she endured
      Sanitarium News Notes                attend a meeting held by Elder Lee S.              before the end came, she showed the same
        (Concluded from page 2)            Wheeler. His subject was the Sabbath question.     remarkable fortitude, self-abnegation, and
                                           It was ably presented, and to a mind as            thoughtfulness for others that had marked her
are visiting their son, E. Lucas, who      logical and clear thinking as hers, and to a       life. She passed away quietly at five o'clock
is a senior student nurse.                 heart and soul so unworldly and conscien­          Sabbath afternoon, October 8, 1938. She will
   Mrs. Leonard Carruthers, of Syra­       tious, the conclusion was inevitable; she saw      rest in the little home cemetery at Sheldonville,
                                           Elder Wheeler again upon her return                Mass. "She rests from her labors, and her
cuse, New York, is enjoying rest and       from a further vacation trip, bought certain       works do follow her."
treatment in our sanitarium. Mrs.          books and papers from him, listened to his             The funeral service was conducted in the.
Carruthers is the mother of Roderick       explanations of our truth, then went away          South Lancaster church. Words of comfort
Carruthers, senior medical student at      to think and read and ponder all these things      were spoken by Elder W. H. Heckman, who
                                           in her heart. A year or so later, about 1904,      based his remarks on 1 Thess. 4:13. Elder
Loma Linda and husband of Martha           she was baptized by Elder Wheeler and              L. H. Hartin, President G. Eric Jones, and the
Jane Ruble, daughter of our medical        joined the church she has served so loyally        writer assisted in the service.
director, Dr. W. A. Ruble.                 ever since.                                                                         C. L. TAYLOR.

   Page Six                                                                                                        Atlantic Union Gleaner
                                                                                                  NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND
             OUR LITERATURE EVANGELISTS                                                                   C. M. BUNKER, President
                                                                                                         L. E. ALDRICH, Sec.-Treas.
        "In every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ." Actt 5:42                           Telephone 840
                                                                                                  55 So. Main St.           Rochester, N. H.
                                I. F. Kent. F. M. Secretary
                             Week Ending October 8. 1938                                                  Which Shall It Be?
                                                                                                     THE Lord is pouring out His Spirit
           GREATER NEW YORK                          SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND                         in the closing work of the "gospel of
         R. G. Campbell, F. M. Sec.                      I. M. Evans, F. M. Sec.
                     Bk. Hrs. Vol. Del.        Felix Elicerio      PP 40 107 25 27          25    the kingdom." On every hand interest­
O. Dunn              HP 49 67 25 26 40         Joseph Jarry        GC 36 39 50     1        50    ed persons are being found who will
Y. Wimberly          GC 44 54 50 18 25         Donald Kenyon      -FC 36 28 25 63           00    respond to the efforts that should be
B. Penn               PP 43 26 50     6 05     Dale Johnson        HP 35 29 20 23           20    put forth to save them.
J. Douglas          MH 41      8 45   7 25     C. H. Walters       BR 31 26 50     4        00
                                               W. H. Gray          HP 29     1 50 73        20       At the same time the Harvest In­
B. Wood               PP 38 9 10      7 50
S. Palmer            GC 38     8 00 2 75       Samuel Lombard      OD 24 28 75                    gathering is yet unfinished. Every
S. Simons            GC 35 57 95      5 70     Harvey Huggins      HR              8        00    minister is faced with two positive
D. Hammond           HP 33 12 80      6 80                  Magazine Workers                      facts. First, his time will permit only
W. Gaskin            PP 33     4 00      50    Mrs. Edith Waters Mag 32 31 70 31            70
                                               Celina Germaine    Mag 30 16 50 16           50     so much work. Second, his travel
L. Collins           GC 30 5 35 2 75
C. Sprott            GC 29 27 55 13 90         Mrs. W. C. Knight Mag 27 17 00 17            00    allowance will permit only so much
R. Robinson          GC 29 10 05 24 00         *Dorothe Jenkins Mag 26 23 45 23             45    travel.
A. Robinson          GC 27 15 20       1 95    Gertrude White     Mag 25 18 55 18           55       If he spends all his time and travel
E. Hughes            GC 26 13 60 9 85           **Mrs. R. Mathewson
                                                                  Mag 24 25        20 25    20    allowance in the Harvest Ingathering,
A. Livingston        GC 16 5'75       4 00
E. Downing           BR 14     3 25 20 75       Mrs. May Briggs   Mag 21 32        00 32    00    he positively cannot minister to the
S. Joseph            BR 12 16 00 4 55           Dorothe Jenkins   Mag 16 24        30 24    30    souls longing for the last message of
E. Mitlehner         GC 11     5 50   5 40      *Bertha McLain    Mag              60       60    God to a perishing world.
B. Shepard           GC 9        10 7 85        Mrs. Roode        Mag              50       50       Which shall it be, dear people?
L. Preston           BR 4      8 40 12 00       Mrs. R. Mathewson Mag 2     1      50   1   50
S. Tate             Misc 4     1 25    1 25       17 Colporteurs      434 452      25 391   45
                                                                                                  Your answer will be indicated by the
J. Golson            GC 4        25   5 85        *Week ending September 30                       response you give to the General, Union,
             Magazine Workers                     **Week ending September 17                      and local conference appeals to finish
F. Atwood           Mag 38 13 70 13 70                 NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND                       quickly the Harvest Ingathering.
D. Western          Mag 25     8 30   8 30             A. M. Bamhardt, F. M. Sec.                    Souls are in the balance. Will you
Br. & Sr. Murray Mag 20 28 10 28 10             H. Carl Currie    FC 42          125 25
*N. Epperson        Mag 17 15 95 15 95          Melvin Johnson    FC 42          112 25           permit the ministry to go to their
M. French           Mag 17     6 85   6 85      H. & P. Woodward FC 60           106 43           rescue, by rising up as one man and
E. Roberts          Mag 13     1 50   1 50      Vera I. Putney         20         19 70           quickly finishing the Harvest Ingather­
**M. Cozzens        Mag 12     5 90 5 90        Mrs. Alfred Carpi GS 7      8 80                  ing? Which shall it be?
F. Fabian           Mag 8 4 20 4 20             Persis Glidden    LH 31 18 40 18 40
G. Chapman          Mag 8 2 05        2 05                            202 27 20 382 03
                                                                                                                           H. R. ROLFE.
                                                  7 Colporteurs
V-. Paul            Mag 4 2 20 2 20               Totals             Hrs. Value Del.
***E. Richardson Mag          23 00 23 00         77 Colporteurs   1613 1143 00 1318 88                           Petition
E. Paulien          Mag____4 30 4 30
                                                                                                  GIVE me the gift of laughter, oh, I pray,
   34 Colporteurs        731 476 85 311 35                ADVERTISEMENTS                            Though tears should hover near,
   'Report for two weeks                          Please send all advertisements, accompanied
   **Report for three weeks                     by cash, to the local conference office to be     Give me the gift of laughter for each
   ***Rcport for one month                      approved by the president or secretary-treas­           day —
                                                urer, after which the advertisements will be
                 NEW YORK                       forwarded to the Gleaner office, if approved.       Laughter to cast out fear.
                                                The rate is two cents a word, with a minimum
         W. D. Fleming, F. M. Sec.              charge of fifty cents for each insertion.         With hope to greet the coming of each
Earl Milliard        BR 38 18 40 17 95                                                                  dawn,
H. J. H. Albright Misc 37 11 60 11 10
L. D. Dryer          GC 34 24 00 65 90
                                                   HONEY is a healthful food. We supply             And faith that never dies,
                                                all kinds. Special Amber: One 60 Ib. can          Give me the gift of laughter, oh, I
H. L. Shirey        Misc 30 16 00 12 00         f3.50; two 60 Ib. cans $6.60. Ask our prices
Emma Hicks           BR 16 4 75                 on cans and pails. Soy Flour, Gluten Flour,             pray —
A. R. Evans         Misc 10 19 80        40     Fine Yellow Corn Meal, Cocoanut Fat, Olive          Laughter instead of sighs.
Richard Barker       FC 6 6 20                  Oil, best produced. Dates, Figs, Dried Fruits,
O. H. Johnson        GC              41 25                                                        ____                     —Selected.
                                                and Cereals. New York Food Co., Oxford,
             Magaxine Workers
Mildred Mills       Mag 28 14 00 14 00          N. Y.__________________________                                 Sunset Table
Anna K. Howard Mag 16 12 25 12 25                 FOR RENT—November 1, modern heated
                                                                                                               (Standard Time)
Hannah Nitchman Mag 15         7 40 7 40        apartment. G. H. Winslow, So. Lancaster,
Phyllis Margerum Mag 10 13 70 13 70                                                                                       Oct. 21 Oct. 28
                                               Mass. _________________________
             Part Time Workers                     NOTICE—For a limited time I can furnish           New York City              5:08 4:59
A Colporteur        Mag 6 10 55 10 55           the Elgin Electric Shaver for only $3.75—
Mrs. Norclitfe       BR       12 75 12 25                                                            Union Springs, N. Y.       5:15 5:04
                                               a beautiful shaver that will give all the
*Eleanor Wheaton Mag           4 60 4 60       sarisfaction of those selling for $15. No bother      Rochester, N. H.           4:55 4:45
Ethel Harding       Mag        2 10 2 10       with soap and brush and no chapped face.              So. Lancaster, Mass.       4:57 4:47
Hazel P. Cummings Mag          5 35   5 35     It is the nicest and most pleasant shaver I
Mrs. Eva Cole       Mag        2 50 2 50                                                                Add 1 minute for each 13 miles
                                               have ever used. Just put $3.75 in a letter,
Mrs. O. H. Nichols Mag______75           75    mail to me, and your shaver will be sent at
                                                                                                     west. Subtract 1 minute for each
    19 Colporteurs       246 186 70 234 05     once. Electric Shaver Co., Box 204, Luding-           13 miles east.
   *Two weeks                                  ton, Mich.

Atlantic Union Gleaner                                                                                                         Page Seven
                       New Record Set By Atlantic Union College
                            In Reaching Ingathering Goal
   Two THOUSAND four hundred fifteen           Prof. L. G. Sevrens, leader,         $150.00     school who were listening eagerly for
dollars and seventy^two cents for              C. L. Powers, leader,                  97.08      this tribute of appreciation of their part
Harvest Ingathering in eight days —            C. Hudson Wood, leader,               173.05      in the campaign. It was voted to send a
was the surprising total raised by Atlan­      Elder L. H. Hartin, leader,           174.00      telegram immediately to President
tic Union College in this year's spirited      Miss H. Fogelgren, leader,            141.10      Jones, who had already left for the
campaign — and the money is still              Dr. Philip Chen, leader,               83.59     Autumn Council.
coming in. The college goal of two             Miss H. Olmsted, leader,              151.00         Dr. E. ,M. Hause, general leader of
thousand dollars was topped by almost          Prof. H. U. Wendell, leader,          102.48     the campaign, was given a vote of
five hundred as enthusiasm carried             Mrs. Paul Hoar, leader,               170.75     appreciation for his tireless efforts that
students and teachers on and on in             Miss F. Eldridge, leader,              85.48     had brought about the speedy victory —
their tireless efforts to attain a speedy      Miss J. DiBenedetto, leader,          163.50     and the chapel rang again with this
victory. Two whole field days during              The church school contributed                 new round of hearty applause.
which the fourteen bands went out into         $121.64 to this fund, and contributions             Elder George Butler, home mission­
the surrounding country to solicit             from the college business office, the            ary and Sabbath school secretary for
funds, and a week of evenings for sing­        Southern New England Conference,                 the Southern New England Conference,
ing bands and street soliciting was all        and the Atlantic Union Conference                then made a few remarks. The achieve­
that was needed to raise this large            were $156.37, $85.00, and $35.00 respec­         ment of the college, he said, had averag­
amount.                                                                                         ed more than $300 a day during the
                                               tively; $5.80 that had been added to the
   The final report was made in chapel         general fund brought the grand total             eight days of their campaign. But we
on Friday morning, October 14. At              for Harvest Ingathering to $2,415.72.            don't measure results only in money
this time it was found that band No. 6,                                                         received for foreign fields, but also in
                                                  Enthusiasm ran high in chapel when            the giving of the message to those at
led by .Mrs. Mabel Norheim, had                this total was reported. The students,           I'orpo. The Harvest Ingathering, he
totaled the largest amount, $229.48.           having restrained themselves thus far            suggested, is the laboratory phase of
Second came President G. Eric Jones'           during the morning, now burst forth              the Christian training that students
band (No. 5) with $224. 51. Mrs Bela           in a demonstration of applause. The              rece've in Atlantic Union College.
Urbanowsky's band (No. 13) had just            chapel bell was rung to proclaim the                The success of the campaign in a
reached the $200 mark. Totals from             grand news to the village, and a second          ti-rr^ory so recently visited by a terrible
the other bands were given as follows:         time for the children in the normal              hurricane is attributed to the earnest
                       Atlantic Union Conference                                                prayers, the enthusiasm, and loyalty of
                Statement of Forty-Cent-a-Week Fund                                             the teachers ?nd students and the excel­
           For Thirty-nine Weeks Ending September 24, 1938                                      lent organization. The committee on
                                                                                                plans for the campaign included Dr.
                                                                        Per          Per        E. Malcolm Hause, President G. Eric
                    Member-    Quota   Amount                        Member Am't Merrb T
                       ship $15.60 per Received         Amount       Weekly Rec'd Weekly        Tone . Prof. C. E. Kellogg, Prof. Gerald
Conference             Basis  Member      1938            Short     _1938      1937  1937       E. Miles, and Mrs. CVarles L. Kilgore.
Gr. New York          3612    56347 20  54566 27         1780 93      .387 "52523 06   .384        Truly the right kind of school spirit
New York              2900    45240 00  41329 25         3910 75      .365 44644 57    .394     exis's at Atlantic Un'on College, and
No. New England       1637    25537 20   18445 43        7091 77      .289 20871 93    .331
So. New England       4094    63866 40  59552 86       • 4313 54      .373 65004 65    .418     great advancement toward expansion
Bermuda             . : 159    2480 40    3617 21        1136 81'    _.583_ 3823 56    .676     seem-, possible where there is such an
Union               12402    193471 20 177:il 02        15960 18      367" 186867 77   .394     attitude. We know of no other college
                             *Amount Over                                                       in the denomination where such a
                                                                                                Harvest Ingathering record has been
                        Comparative Statement of                                                made.
                        Sabbath School Offerings                                                   To conclude the chapel hour, the
                  Nine Months Ending September 30, 1938                                         students and faculty joined in singing
                                                                                Per Membej
                                                                                                "Praise God From Whom All Blessings
                  Member-    9 Months       9 Months      Sept.        Sept.        Weekly      Flow," and Prof. C. E: Kellogg offered
Conference         ship        1937          1938        1937         1938      1937 1938       a prayer of thanks to God for the. won­
Gr. New York        3612     33511   76    32819 93     4838   71    5450 32      .245   .233   drous success of this amazing campaign.
New York            2900     25189   26    23640 51     4048   28    3927 92      .222   .209
No. New England     1637     11418   47    10243 97     2009   43    1631 20      .181   .160
So. New England     4094     32797   50    31756 60     4995   76    4522 38      .211   .199      "Ouii talent may be small but it has
Bermuda              159      1799   16     1743 01      238   31     265 83     .318    .281   been truly observed that a very- small
Union              12402    104716   15   100204 02    16130   49   15797 65     .221    .207   river will carry a good deal of water
                                                                         I. G. Ortner, Treas.   to the sea — if it keeps running."

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