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If you do any research on recruiting, you will learn that your chances of landing a job vary
dramatically depending on what month it is. Rather than assuming that all months provide an equal
chance, you should realize that in most large corporations, hiring increases dramatically when a
firm’s new fiscal year budget opens up, which is usually in either July or January. However, the next
best month to find a job is often December, when the competition from other applicants is low and
recruiters and hiring managers have some free time.

It’s critical to know the months where the odds of landing the job are the highest

Of course there are variations but there are predictable patterns in recruiting. For example, June has
a high volume of applicants for open positions simply because it’s easier for families to move when
the kids are out of school. July and January have a greater number of openings because that’s when
new budgets begin. December provides a unique opportunity for a successful job-search because
many hiring managers and recruiters have a lot of free time (some don’t even celebrate the holiday)
and many potential applicants slack off their job search during the holidays. Below you’ll find some
action steps to take advantage of this December opportunity.

Corporate action steps for December job searching

Because recruiters realize that the holidays distract many potential applicants, there are few job fairs
and recruiting events of any kind. There are also very few corporate meetings scheduled, so
Recruiters and hiring managers have time for longer phone conversations and even opportunities for
lunch or meetings over coffee. This free time means that hiring managers and recruiters are much
more likely to respond to a message or a request for an informational interview. One effective
approach to consider is to simply call and say “you’ll be in the neighborhood shopping” (today or
tomorrow) and ask if it’s okay to stop by and say hi. In many cases, the Christmas spirit makes saying
“no” much more difficult. When it’s appropriate, ask your friends to invite you to year-end corporate
parties, because there is no better opportunity to freely mingle with hiring managers that won’t
have their defenses up.

Although sometimes fewer jobs are posted in December, the number of applicants for each position
is usually proportionately much smaller, so your chances over-all are better. December is a great
month if you currently have a job (but you want another one), because your boss will accept many
holiday related excuses that will allow you to leave the office for interviews and job search related
activities. If you’re looking for a job in retail or delivery, December is a great month to get a seasonal
job with the hope of sticking on after the holidays if you perform extremely well. If you visit the store
during a frantic time, you face the possibility that they may be too busy to talk to you or that they
may hire you on the spot.
Outside of work December job search actions

Outside of work, the holidays are an active time with many parties, events and opportunities to
interact. Obviously try to get invited to as many events as possible (or hold your own) because
parties are a great time to meet and talk to people that work in the corporate world. Use them to
ask for an introduction to a key manager or request a corporate employee to make you an employee
referral (the #1 best way to get hired). The holiday season provides you with an excuse to send out
holiday greetings to all of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends. Make sure that, if you’re
openly looking for a job, the message subtly asks for their help in your job search. Everyone is simply
more helpful during the holidays.

The holiday season also gives you an excuse to casually stop by and visit with neighbors and local
business owners that might be able to help you in the job search. In addition, volunteering for a
charity events at the mall will give you visibility and a chance to interact with corporate employees
and entrepreneurs. If you’re visiting family in another location during the holiday, use it as an
opportunity to apply for jobs back there also. On the downside, many pharmaceutical, science and
technology firms close down the week between Christmas and New Year’s, so you need a separate
plan to handle those firms. Remember, even though an active job search will distract from your own
holiday experience, remember how great it will feel for you and your family to have permanent job
on Christmas Day!

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