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					5 Ways To Speed Up Your Computer’s Gaming

                           1. Preparations
  First thing you need to do is to download some free tools from the Internet:

- DiskSpaceFan: With this program you can see where you hard drive space has
                         gone to in a nice visual way.

  - CCleaner : With this program you can scan with Windows for unused files,
                uninstall old software, modify startup programs.

       link to diskspan :

           Link to cc leaner :

                      2. Steam Optimization
If you have a Steam game from Valve you should know that Steam has the ability
 to defragment the large game files. Steam Optimization can be done in 5 steps:

                           a) Launch Steam and log in

                      b) Select Library and click on Details

                       c) Right Click and select Properties

                            d) Click on Local Files tab

                       e) Click on Defragment Cache Files

    You can repeat this process for every Steam game you have purchased.
                    3. Hard Drive Optimization
   Over the time your computer system gets pretty messy with all the patches,
   updates, add-on and expansions that games require. Disk Space is also a big
 problem for the gamers who also watch films or listen to music. Both Windows
and Mac have automated tools to take care or this problem. So instead of looking
  for the forgotten files to clean the disk and make more space you can use the
                                    tools from the

 Step 1: Disk Space Fan and CCleaner. They have pretty simple interface, so using
them should not be a problem. Just remove the forgotten files, old applications or
                     any other file you do not need anymore.

                   4. Video Driver Optimization
 Probably the most important part in your gaming experience is the video driver,
  because bad video drivers can really mess up your game performances. A first
step is to always keep you video car driver up-to-date, but if your current driver is
   running very well, maybe you should keep it for a while. Improper video card
driver installation is another cause that can affect your game performance, before
 you plan to upgrade or install a new video driver make sure you uninstall the old
     one. I recommend Guru 3D, another tool that helps you for detecting and
                               uninstalling old version.

                              Guru 3D link:

                    5. Automated Maintenance
 Windows gives you the possibility to automate routine system tasks which helps
your gaming performance. I recommend the following schedule for that: Weekly
Hard Drive error checking, Monthly Automated Disk Defragmentation and Weekly
                           Removal of temporary files.

 So there you have it. 5 best ways to speed up your computer and improve your
                              gaming performances.

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