Burj Al Arab- The Tower of the Arabs

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					             Burj Al Arab: The Tower of the Arabs
  Constructed on an 280m artificial island and designed to mimic the sail of a ship, the
 Burj al Khalifa is a fusion of fine art and extreme engineering. This hotel is a testament
                         to the Dubai’s ever expanding architecture.

When visitors came to this majestic country they have a chance to witness a place that has advanced
many years into the future. The colossal shopping malls, grand business centers and impressive
skyscrapers will surely render you speechless. It is quite astonishing that this “land of deserts” has
evolved into a royal city of dreams, bursting with prosperity at the seams. Built in the year 1999, the Burj
al Khalifa is a testament to the Dubai’s ever expanding architecture.

Define as the world’s only seven star hotel the Burj Al Arab stands tall before the pristine waters of Dubai
in all its glory. With its 202 suits and it incredible view of the ocean the Burj khalifa is stretches
extravagance to epic proportions. Constructed on an 280 m artificial island and designed to mimic the sail
                                              of a ship, this fabulous hotel is a mixture of fine art and
                                              extreme engineering.

                                               While reservations may seem to be shockingly exorbitant
                                               for most people, fortunately the Burj Al Arab Tour
                                               organizes a complete excursion of the hotel for visitors to
                                               have a taste the good life. The sheer fact that this modern
                                               day marvel is open to tour groups speaks of the unending
                                               benevolence of the Emirati people.

                                               The following are a few of the things that visitors can see
                                               when on a Burj Al-Arab Tour.

                                               Lobby: The lobby of this emblematic hotel never fails to
                                               impress. This grand space is dotted with posh stores that
                                               trade in luxurious goods. The beautiful fountain with its jet
                                               streams and the humongous aquarium with its exotic
                                               marine life are also a treat for the eyes.

                                                    Suites: The 202 luxury suites of the Burj-Al Arab are
accommodated by 28 double story floors. The prices vary from $ 11,000 to $45,000 a night depending on
the size of the room. The smallest suite is roughly 1,820 ft while the largest covers an area of 8,400 sq ft.
The royal suit of this hotel is truly fit for a king and occupies the 12 place in “World's 15 most expensive
hotel suites” according to a review by CNN Go in 2012.

Restaurants: There are two main dineries that offer world class fine dining options at the Burj Al Arab.
The “Al Muntaha” which is Arabic for “highest “or “ultimate” is an appropriate name for this restaurant that
is situated 600 ft above the Persian Gulf. This eatery offers diners a panoramic view that truly captures
the beauty of Dubai’s waters. The ‘’Al Mahara’’ or the ‘’oyster’’ narraits a fascinating tale of ingenuity and
of Dubais love for its aquatic live. This restaurant is accessed by a simulated submarine journey and has
a humongous marine aquarium.

A tour of this magnificent hotel will definitely be an experience of a life time and shouldn’t be missed while
on a visit to Dubai.

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