Chardham Camps – A Chief source of Religious Trip

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                                  Chardham Camps – A Chief source of Religious Trip                                                                  De c 13, ' 12 5:14 AM
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                             Pilgrimage trips are o ften planned by the devo tees who intend to seek blessings fro m Lo rd. Mo st o f the religio us rites are also
                             perfo rmed by these visito rs. India is famo us fo r several temples, shrines and ho ly places wherein, in-depth cultural histo ry can be
                             o bserved. The very cultural histo ry includes architectural structures built in No rth India and similar cave-like buildings can be
                             no ticed. Mytho lo gical fo lklo res maintain that these artifacts have significance in terms o f religio n and likewise. Chardham yatra is
                             regarded as a ho ly act by Hindus which co vers a visit to shrines – Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri and Rameshwaram. Badrinath is
                             lo cated in the No rth, Dwarka can be fo und in the West. On the o ther hand, Puri has been po sitio ned in East and to wards So uth,
                             Rameshwaram is situated.

                             When all these sites are co mpiled to gether, they get classified as co nstituents o f chardham. Paying a visit to these shrines is
           anima             co nsidered to be very pio us act. Mo st o f the peo ple who practice actio ns acco rding to Hinduism believe that chardham camps
                             must be stayed at thro ugho ut their to ur. This tho ught beco mes firm when a gro up o f many devo tees is pro ceeding to gether fo r
                             mass wo rship sessio n. As a matter o f fact, there may be many visito rs who co uld no t be co mfo rtable with the price o f lo dging.
   Personal Message          Hence, to avo id such embarrassing mo ments, it is wise to subscribe to services o f to uring. These services are prepared o n the
                             basis o f average budget which ultimately pro ves to be affo rdable fo r every traveler.
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                             Adhering to varied principles o f divinity is o ne o f the co mmo n traits tho se can be witnessed in Indian lifestyle. In additio n, it is
                             wo rth mentio ning that the chardham yatra passes by Himalayas o f Uttarakhand. Indian Himalayas are situated amidst Garhwal
                             to wards the No rth and can be no ticed o n the way. Apart fro m this, there is an alternative with respect to lo dging which can be tried
                             fo r co nvenient stay. To be precise, o ut o f the several ho tels in Srinagar, yo u can cho o se the best o ne which caters to yo ur
                             requisites rightly. These ho tels are reno wned fo r their superio r custo mer suppo rt services and facilities o ffered to the users
 Blog                        seem to be very welco ming. Srinagar is a prime attractio n fo r to urists where scenic beauty adds to the list o f merits fo r nature
                             lo vers.
                             When it co mes to list do wn the chardham sites in the No rth, Gango tri, Kedarnath, Yamuno tri and Badrinath are the accurate
                             co nstituents o f this ho ly trip. Garhwal is the exact place o f co mmencement o f this trip meant fo r devo tees fo r visiting abo de o f
                             Go ds and Go ddesses. Mental Peace is ano ther valuable advantage which can be achieved by the visito rs thro ugho ut their stay in
                             the chardham camps. These camps might be either o rganized by the facilitato rs o r devo tees can co ntribute to the setting up o f
    the same. The latter case implicates that the very situatio n can arise if the visito rs have planned pilgrimage to ur witho ut
    pro fessio nal assistance. On an ending no te, it can be co ncluded that the chardham trip can refresh yo ur senses and
    simultaneo usly yo u get blessed by wo rshipping lo rd.

    Himalayaneco lo m is a chain o f Eco friendly lo dges and luxury camps with the base fo r many o f its varied activities that
    include white water rafting, trekking etc. They also o ffer different ho liday and to urs packages like weekend getaways Delhi, Ho tels
    in Badrinath, Ho liday in the Himalayas and many mo re.
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    Pre v: Famo us Excursio n To ur Destinatio n near Srinagar


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