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									Sourcing The Best Jobs In Ohio? Check
Out These Occupations Offering Most
It's no secret the job market in Ohio has proven a tough employment terrain. Since the economic
downturn of 2008, the state's job market has been hit hard, particularly in the manufacturing verticals.
Holding one of the nation's highest unemployment rates, the workforce in this state has seen more than
its fair share of opportunity outsourcing and downsizing.

Despite the four year employment struggle, the marketplace has recently shown critical first signs of
recovery. The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced in June of 2012, that the state of Ohio went from a
7.3% unemployment rate down to a 7.2% as a solid indicator of a job market moving in the right direction.
While certain industries are still being hit hard, it's important to note that there are, in fact, a host of good
jobs in Ohio that are showing growth and opportunity or, in the very least, presenting promising potential
for a future upswing.

Which Industries Will Offer The Best Jobs In Ohio?

If you're one of the many job seekers in the state, it's important to maintain a steady focus on the specific
industries and occupations that seem poised to deliver growth and expansion in upcoming years.
According to recent studies, one of the most promising market verticals ready to grow is the health
services industry. Some specific jobs that round out the fastest growing occupations include:

       Personal Care Aides
       Home Health Aides
       Physical & Occupational Therapy Assistants
       Medical Secretaries
       Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
       Audiologists

Even mental health professionals such as marriage and family therapists and counselors have shown a
rapid rise in demand in recent years. Healthcare isn't the only vertical to offer some of the best jobs in
Ohio. There are a host of service-specific functions that have been forecasted to show a steady uptick in
future years. Builders and contractors such as skilled brick masons, carpenters, plumbers, pipefitters and
pile driver operators have all recently gained recognition as verticals offering fast growing potential.

Proficiently Sourcing The Best Jobs In Ohio

Of course, simply finding the industries offering the best jobs in Ohio is only the first step in the job search
success equation. With a still significantly steady unemployment rate, qualified candidates must tap into
all available resources to help them stand out and get an edge over the competitive masses. One of the
best ways to proficiently source (and land!) some of the best opportunities in the state is to work with
online niche employment boards. Offering current industry specific opportunities specifically curtailed to
your unique skills, qualifications and past experience, a specialty focused website can help grant you
immediate access to open positions you're a fit for.

Best of all, it's not only job seekers that utilize the power of these niche employment sites. Industry
leading employers also frequently use them as an invaluable tool to identify the top available talent for
their positions. Job seekers using these distinctive boards can instantly stand out from the applicant
swarms as a seasoned, in-demand industry expert ready for hire!
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