Searching For Ohio Employment? Why You May Want To Avoid These Specific Industries With Dying Jobs by chrisharmen


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									Searching For Ohio Employment? Why
You May Want To Avoid These Specific
Industries With Dying Jobs
If you've been searching for employment in Ohio, you're already well aware of the job search statistics
that have plagued the state since 2008. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ohio posted a 7.2%
unemployment rate as of June 2012. The good news is that this number is down from previous quarters'
which held percentages in the 8's. However, despite such recent upticks in opportunities, job seekers in
Ohio are still finding themselves struggling with landing gainful employment during these still-tumultuous
economic times.

Using Niche Employment Boards And More To Quickly Eliminate Worst Jobs

Fraught with heavy competition all vying for the same limited career opportunities, savvy prospective job
seekers in Ohio have tapped into some of the available online tools and resources to help with their
search. They've quickly recognized that, rather than wasting time and spinning wheels with some of the
online giants that may present already filled opportunities, opting instead to focus on niche specific job
boards can give them the edge they need to garner the attention of potential employers.

However, simply relying on relevant niche job boards isn't always enough to stand out in the swarms of
Ohio candidates. Many job seekers in the state are also reevaluating their current list of skills and
credentials and updating as needed to avoid spinning wheels trying to locate dying jobs in declining
industries. They've earned current certifications, training and, in some cases, even switched industries
altogether to avoid continuing to search for opportunities that fall into the "worst jobs in Ohio" category.

Which Industries Are Expected To Suffer From Most Extensive Dying Jobs Loss?

If you're currently in the process of seeking Ohio employment, it's imperative to ensure your resume
showcases skills and experiences in industries that are growing or showing potential to grow near term.
Knowing some of the industries forecasted to decline with dying jobs can help ensure that you find a more
secure position that may offer long term growth.

The hardest hit industry in the state? Manufacturing. It's no secret that the state of Ohio has been hit
especially hard when it comes to dying jobs in the manufacturing vertical. According to the Dayton
Business Journal in July 2012, Ohio was the second hardest hit state in the nation when it came to lost
manufacturing positions. Some facilities have chosen to outsource labor needs overseas in an effort to
save money, and some plants have had to close outright due to sagging sales and revenues. Either way,
manufacturing positions are currently considered some of the worst jobs to hold no matter where you live.
According to an April 2012 IBIS World report, the specific industrial sectors showing the least promise

       Recordable media manufacturing
       Hardware manufacturing
       Shoe and footwear manufacturing
       Costume and team uniform manufacturing
       Women’s and girls’ apparel manufacturing

It is important to remember that manufacturing isn't the only industry to show alarming decline since the
economic downturn of 2008. Other industries of note are also showing a steady decrease in opportunity.
Other potentially dying jobs may include:
       Postal service positions
       Switchboard operators
       Farmers
       Fast food industry workers
       Data entry keyers
       Word processors/typists.

By keeping a steady focus on these industries and occupations that may show rapid decline in upcoming
years, applicants can avoid seeking opportunities in these markets and instead source positions with the
potential to grow and, ultimately, thrive.

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