Seeking Jobs In Ohio? 4 Reasons You Should Use Niche Job Boards For Optimal Search Success by chrisharmen


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									Seeking Jobs In Ohio? 4 Reasons You
Should Use Niche Job Boards For Optimal
Search Success
Searching for Ohio jobs can sometimes feel like an uphill battle for those seeking employment throughout
the state. While the terrain can prove tough to navigate, there is a wealth of online resources and
websites dedicated to bring the masses the information they need on current jobs in Ohio. This is
particularly true with online employment boards whose primary purpose is helping individuals find
employment. According to an annual study conducted by a leading recruiting firm in 2011, job boards
accounted for almost 25% of hiring all sources. This impressive number brought boards to a second place
status, trailing only referrals of those polled.

Clearly, employment boards are THE place to look when your existing personal network can't help with
the search. However, despite the formidable potential force of these sites, visitors often find that some of
the all-encompassing sites that claim to deliver current employment opportunities can quickly prove
overwhelming, out of date and awkward to sift through.

Niche Employment Sites: Invaluable Tool When Seeking Ohio Jobs

If you're currently searching for Ohio jobs and have become disillusioned with the large, unwieldy
employment sites, there's still hope. Industry specific niche job boards have proven themselves as an
invaluable alternative to comprehensive career opportunity websites and even social media resources.
No matter what type of specialty/expertise you offer, a specialized employment site can deliver a litany of
benefits that minimize some of the search stress while helping you land an ideal job.

Critical Benefits Niche Sites Deliver To Job Seekers

Understanding some of the many benefits that a niche career site can deliver can help you best utilize
this tool throughout your search. Honing in on industry-specific job boards instantly grants employment

Reason 1 - A better chance to find actual "live" positions: It's no secret that the big sites have a
tough time staying updated. Often, obsolete roles can linger online indefinitely, leading job seekers to
waste time applying for an already filled position. Rather than spinning wheels scouring through
potentially obsolete positions, a niche website offers a smaller, more selective group of current
opportunities to ensure you only apply for the most recent positions in your marketplace.

Reason 2 - Opportunities directly in their skill wheelhouse: Beyond simply offering current positions,
a niche website actually showcases current positions specifically in your industry. You'll quickly find the
best jobs in Ohio that complement your distinctive talents, experience and skillset for an optimal
placement fit.

Reason 3 - Additional tools and resources: Yes, the larger opportunity websites offers miscellaneous
fringe resources such as resume formatting tips, cover letter phrasing, etc. However, using smaller,
industry focused site grants users an extensive range of tips and updates specific to your industry. You'll
gain invaluable advice on relevant topics that pertain specifically to what's trending in your distinctive
marketplace. Many reputable sites even offer features that deliver instant alerts whenever a new
opportunity suited for your skillset gets posted.
Reason 4 - Attention from relevant employers: Large job boards and social media sites can inundate
hiring managers' inboxes with applicants that can often get completely ignored. However, business
leaders often hold these niche websites with high regard because they know that they'll only deliver
applicants with industry-relevant credentials. Rather than having a resume collect dust amongst swarms
of other generic candidates, applicants using these smaller sites find their applications getting the
attention that it deserves.

If you're currently seeking jobs in Ohio, consider using a niche job search board instead of spinning your
wheels with the big employment sites. You will find more relevant opportunities specific to your industry,
and will probably land a new position much faster!

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