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									December 13th, 2012                                                                                        Published by: Sandy Neumann

Marketing Success Tips
                                                                     of the time you have available to build your business really
  Have you burned through your list of family and friends            sponsoring and hiring.
  already and suddenly wondering, “Now, what?” Your
                                                                     The big money comes from the leveraged efforts of everyone
  network marketing company has instructed you to call
                                                                     on your team who are also building their businesses.
  at least 20 new leads every day, but your list of phone
  numbers is dwindling and you’ve only made a few                    So what do MLM prospecting systems do?
  measly sales. If marketing success is a numbers game,
  and you are all out of digits, what will you do now?               It is simply a means of exposing your opportunity to others
                                                                     who may be interested in learning more. The method of
                                                                     sharing information should be a simple, easily accessible,
MLM Prospecting Systems                                              repeatable, hands-free presentation that allows the interested
                                                                     prospects to contact you after the presentation or get the
Work For You                                                         information they need to join. Your presentation should elicit
December 13th, 2012                                                  a simple yes or no response. And that’s it. That is how internet
                                                                     recruiting is done.
Have you burned through your list of family and friends
already and suddenly wondering, “Now, what?” Your network            Understand that running a successful
marketing company has instructed you to call at least 20 new
                                                                     MLM business is performed by using the
leads every day, but your list of phone numbers is dwindling
and you’ve only made a few measly sales. If marketing success        strategies that work for you.
is a numbers game, and you are all out of digits, what will you      Some successful marketers have been able to achieve
do now?                                                              enormous incomes by doing the very unlikely — by reaching
                                                                     out and promoting their opportunity to friends, colleagues,
If you are serious about building a moneymaking social
                                                                     and family. Other successful network marketers still rent
marketing business, it’s time you start evaluating professional
                                                                     meeting rooms and promote their opportunities to lots of folks
mlm prospecting systems that could potentially work for you.
                                                                     at the same time. Some may even have the capital to purchase
Here are a few proven tips to help you get started…                  highly qualified leads. (But they still have to exert a significant
                                                                     amount of time and effort to screening and evaluating those
Establishing an MLM Prospecting                                      prospects by phone, which could result in hours of phone
System is Critical                                                   interviews every day.) Still other marketers promote through
                                                                     paid advertisements. And there there are those crazy internet
Unlike the standard affiliate agreement that pays you a              marketers who have found success by online promotion.
commission for each product personally sold, in network
marketing you can also receive payment on the efforts of those       The only successful mlm prospecting systems are the ones that
you recruit or sponsor into the business.                            do the work for you. Additionally, if you can diversify and use
                                                                     a mixture of different strategies you will increase your chances
So it isn’t difficult to see why sponsoring other distributors       for success.
into your MLM is so vital – you earn income from your own
sales AND income from those below you. If you personally             Do you know lots of people or have a large group of friends, or
can only produce a couple of hundred dollars worth of sales          a big family? Perhaps you are skilled at public speaking?
monthly, this isn’t going to pay your bills. The secret is to have   Well, the majority of us are not, and it’s probably best that we
a massive team who sells thousands of bucks worth of product         stay away from that strategy at first.
every month. You are, in effect, leveraging these people’s time
to your monetary advantage.                                          How are you at making phone calls? If you’re comfortable
                                                                     sitting in an office calling lists of names and you are good at it,
It really boils down to the concept of leverage and multiplicity.    you are in the minority but this is going to be the way for you
Sort of like compound interest…where a little here and a little      to get your leads. A few people are amazingly effective at cold
there over time can accumulate into significant wealth.              calling and can qualify prospects successfully and efficiently
Ahhh, the appeal of network marketing as a business model!           over the phone. Most ordinary folks hate this method and if
BUT, you may only benefit from that residual income if you           you are one of them, it’s best not to even try it.
select your MLM prospecting systems carefully.
                                                                     Many individuals join MLM opportunities
MLM Prospecting Systems Defined                                      because they like the idea of internet-
If you’re serious about building a profitable network                based marketing and sponsoring.
marketing business that will continue to pay you dividends           There are numerous MLM prospecting systems that may help
even after your efforts taper off, you should come to grips with     you generate an endless stream of qualified leads and also
the reality that you should be spending at least eighty percent      help you produce a stream of earnings until you build up your

December 13th, 2012                                               Published by: Sandy Neumann

business, and these prospecting systems will often help you to
build your business immediately.

PS – If you don’t have time to evaluate all the mlm prospecting
systems out there–I know when I finally found this system
I decided to hit the “buy now” button–I just got “all in” full
speed ahead! I now do 100% of my marketing online, working
at home, doing what I love while wearing my sweatpants!


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