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									Hey it's Brian Couch from ThoseMLMBoys dot com, and you're here 'cause you're trying to look into
compensation plans, either your into an MLM company, or maybe you're looking to join one, and you
want to make sure that there's a compensation plan where you can actually get paid.
So you've got a unilevel, binary, forced matrix, all the different kinds of compensation plans, one up or
reverse one up plans, where you can get paid. And what it really comes down to is the 2 reasons you get
paid either selling a product, which you know you can make some money from that. You know, getting
customers, or you get more money by recruiting people to sell products, right?
Recruit some distributors.

Then, recruit some distributors that find other distributors without your help.
When you're looking at the compensation plan, what you want to do is you want to work backwards.
Think about how much-- Set a goal, let's $10,000 a month. That's the average for a lot of network
marketers. People will be pretty happy making a part time income of an additional $10,000 a month.
The thing is, in most network marketing companies, and I've researched a whole bunch of them, you
need about 2500 or so. 2500 people that are customers or reps, on an active monthly auto-ship. With
2500 active monthly auto-ship ou can get $10,000 a month. Now, that's a good thing to go for obviously,
and you know there's plenty of people out there that are making way more than that. But for the erson
first getting started, if you're brand new to this, and you haven't done anything, or you're trying to figure
out what company to choose, that sounds like a lot of people.

What it really comes down to is how well you can lead and influence others
How well you can attract people to you that are ready to join your business. Because you know, 2500
people you may have met that many people in your life, but there's no way you're going to get to that
many people signed up by only talking to 2500.

You know, even if you talk to 10,000 people and get 2500 of them signed up and active in the amount of
time that anybody really has in a day, and unless you're full time in this already, 'cause you don't have a
job, it's kind of unrealistic. So, what you really want to do is find a way to generate your own leads
I did the bandit sign thing, and I made a little voice broadcast for people who can call in, off the number
of the bandit sign. It said something like 250 thousand dollars from home. don't believe it, don't call. I
think I got that from Jeffrey Combs. When people call it up, and then I got a little sizzle message, talking
about what they needed to do next so I could find out who can follow directions.

What I'm doing with that is qualifying the lead, right? You probably heard from your upline that
everybody's a prospect, anybody can be in this, and that's true. But really what comes down to is timing
but everybody's not there yet. Some people aren't really ready at that point in their life for starting a
business or doing anything like this. So in order to find people at the right time, you're going to want to
market. Learn to market anyway you can. You're going to want to put some information out there to
attract people to you, that are ready to join your business.

So if you are looking for a company to choose that has a good mlm compensation plan, I suggest you
check out my xocai review.

xocai review

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