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									  Real Estate Wholesaling
           by Ameraco, Inc.

“Making the American Dream a Reality”
                              The American Dream
             Get up, go to work, drive home and fall asleep; wake up just in time
 to do it again, again and again. Is this the American Dream that we all desire and work so
   hard for? Not hardly, yet for most Americans this is their fate. What about you? Are you
ready for a change in your life’s direction? If your answer is “yes” then we have good news
  for you, “The American dream is alive and well!” If you are willing to do what it takes to
change your life and destiny, your future just got a lot brighter. You can start fresh today by
            beginning Ameraco’s step-by–step Find It and Fund It Tutor Program.

                                 Debt and Despair
 Why are so many people trapped in a dead end job with nowhere to go but down? Could it
  be that they have given up on their personal dreams? These are common people who once
had high hopes and glorious ambitions and today they are settling for mere crumbs. They are
   trapped in financial bondage with no end in sight. We are talking about millions of hard
 working people that have been robbed of their dreams! The great American dream thief of
                          debt and despair has closed in for the kill.
 Now what about you? Are you going to take that deathblow or are you going to do what is
necessary to change your life direction? Is it time for you to break out of the prison of despair
and become debt free and financially viable? The American dream is alive, well and waiting
  for you. Ameraco will show you how you can become financially independent in the fast-
             paced, exciting world of real estate wholesaling and redevelopment.

                                 Stake Your Claim
   The word spread like wildfire, “you can’t be serious, they’re giving it away?” In the early
    1800’s people came from far and away to stake their claim in the great land giveaway in
America. And where was this land? Better rent a sport utility vehicle to get there because this
land was only accessible to the hungry, willing pioneers and trailblazers of the day. Of course
  all the prime real estate had been staked out and sold by then. Fortunes were made over and
over again on the same property. As you would expect, the very best land had changed hands
 more times than you could count and continues to do so today. You may ask, “How can this
    be?” The answer is simple, “there is only a limited supply of real estate left in the world
today.” But be sure to note that we will never run out of people to buy what is left. Let’s face
 it; we all have to live somewhere. The only question is where and how well? Whether it is in
   a single-family home in a residential neighborhood, a duplex or even an apartment; a roof
  over our head is a fundamental need with no substitute. Real estate is a finite resource with
                unlimited profit potential, so stake your claim while you still can!

                              How It Works
   The Program teaches you how to locate good investment opportunities, and then Ameraco
will get them into the hands of our nation-wide network of over 10,000 investors that pay just
for finding them.

1 - Locate
Locating properties is a both a skill and an art. There are many different strategies we have
found most effective and efficient in locating properties. In fact, over 90% of the successful
deals submitted to Ameraco are located using one of the methods in our training.

Any good locator follows a basic system:

   A) Set up a few basic marketing strategies to generate leads
   B) Pre-screen each lead with a simple set of questions
   C) For the deals that pass the pre-screen test, a basic checklist is used to see if the deal
      qualifies as something to pursue

It is that simple – this short set of steps saves Ameraco locators the headaches of pursuing
deals that are actually what we call “non-starters”. Your time is your most valuable asset, so
it is important to make the best use of it.

2 - Analyze
Performing due diligence is important to verify that a deal you found is actually a deal worth
investing in. Analyzing involves performing a Comparable Analysis of similar properties
that have sold recently in the vicinity of the subject property. Estimating the cost of repair to
bring the property up to the Fair Market Value is another component.

From this information, an easy calculation determines the best price to offer for the deal.

3 - Agreement
You secure the deal with a simple agreement in order to move forward. Making an offer and
getting the agreement in writing are the last steps in the basic process.

Of course, the forms you will need are included in the program. These are also available
online so you can download, print, email, or fax them.

           Three Ways to Make Money
Once a good deal is located, the fun really begins…

There are three different ways to profit from the Find It and Fund It system:

           Assignment of Contract:
               We recommend you start with the Assignment of Contract first. It’s the easiest
           way to make money with the program with virtually no risk. You just find deals at
           less than 70% of “Fair Market Value,” secure an agreement, submit it to the
           Investor Network, and get paid. The average assignment commission is 8-10% of
           the purchase price.

               Here is an example of a typical deal:

                                  The Average Home:           $200,000
                       Average Assignment Percentage:              8%
                                Average Commission:            $16,000

           Joint Venture Partnership:
               This is another way to make money with the program. Instead of being bought
           out by the investor, you can partner with them, jointly prepare the home for the
           market, sell it and make 25-50% of the net profits. The idea is to make the home
           more presentable to the market to maximize profits.

           Personal Investment:
              We’ll teach you the methods to get into a home with little or no money down,
           and then to quickly flip it on to the open market and keep 100% of the profits.
           And soon, you too can join our “Investor Network” and have “Locators” bring
           you the deals.

   Now you have three different ways to make money with real estate; you just need the
Tudor Program to teach you how to do it. Then there is no limit to how much you make, or
how many deals you do because the potential is unlimited!

                             Featured Deals
Home: 268 Barnard Street - Buffalo, NY 14220
Assignment of Contract, $4,000 Flat Fee
Bought for $10,500
Fair Market Value $45,000
Robin B., Sr. - Property Locator/Member
Buffalo, NY

Home: 3830 Lake St- Fort Myers, FL 33901
Joint Venture, 50/50 Split with Investor Member
Bought for $82,000
Fair Market Value $120,000
Marie S., Sr. - Property Locator/Member
Fort Myers, FL

Home: 837 Casa Ybel Road - Sanibel, FL 33957
Assignment of Contract, $5,000 Flat Fee
Bought for $130,000
Sold for $200,000
Eugene T. - Private Investor/Member
Indianapolis, IN

Home: 800 North River Road - Coventry, CT 06238
Assignment of Contract, 12% to Locator Member
Bought for $194,000
Fair Market Value $365,000
Cynthia B. - Property Locator/Member
Coventry, CT

Home: 2420 Eccles Street - Pittsburgh, PA 15210
Personal Investment
Bought for $25,000
Fair Market Value $45,000
Sean & Julie P. - Property Locators/Members
Pittsburgh, PA

Home: 6947 Stoneridge Court - Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Assignment of Contract, 10% to Locator Member ($15,000)
Bought for $154,900
Fair Market Value $250,000
Cedric F. - Property Locator/Member
Kennesaw, GA

        Featured Deals, continued
Home: 215 Linda Avenue - Panama City, FL 32401
Personal Investment
Bought for $69,000
Fair Market Value $129,500
Joan J. - Property Locator/Member
Panama City, FL

Home: 6710 Memorial - Detroit, MI 48228
Personal Investment
Bought for $83,875
Fair Market Value $115,000
Edward C. - Property Locator/Member
Detroit, MI

Home: 1244 NE Jackson St - Washington, DC 20017
Assignment of Contract, more than 12% to Locator Member
Bought for $150,000
Fair Market Value $325,000
David H. - Property Locator/Member
Fairfax, VA

Home: 1017 South Yachtsman Drive - Sanibel FL 33957
Assignment of Contract, 10% to Locator Member
Bought for $414,700
Fair Market Value $880,000
Eugene T. - Private Investor/Member
Indianapolis, IN

Home: 1 Brafferton Way - Baltimore, MD 21237
Personal Investment
Bought for $175,000
Sold for $237,900
Bill S. - Property Locator/Member
Baltimore, MD

Home: 424 East Gulf Drive - Sanibel, FL 33957
Assignment of Contract, $15,000 Flat Fee
Bought for $230,000
Sold for $585,000
Eugene T. - Private Investor/Member
Indianapolis, IN

"I discovered the system by accident while closing a deal for a client that was using the training in the
field. As a Real Estate agent for over 16 years, the Find It And Fund It system is a dream come true
for making money. It is the best system I have seen to date and definitely a win/win opportunity."

Mary A., Licensed Real Estate Agent, Buffalo, NY

"I was amazed at how simple the Find It And Fund It system is to use. Using this system, I purchased
my very first deal in one of the hottest markets in America at 32% below fair market value..."

Kel P., Real Estate Investor, Modesto, CA

 "Ameraco is to be commended for this system Ameraco's course. It equips its new Property Locators,
after their very first quick and fascinating read, with the skills required to hit the road in real estate
investment. Time is money!"

Michael H., Real Estate Attorney and Broker, Fort Myers, FL

"(This) system knocks it out of the park. I don't know of an easier way the average guy can make
money in real estate without actually owning any."

Steve. B., Steele Building Manufacturer, Monticello, MN

"I have been investing in real estate for over 25 years and have completed several transactions with
Ameraco. Being one of the first to review the new system, I was so excited about what I saw that I
invested in the company."

Carl T., Private Real Estate Investor, Indianapolis, IN

"I've purchased several real estate programs over the years and none of them even come close to the
ease and power of the Find It And Fund It system. If I had this program 5 years ago, I would probably
be retired by now."

Dr. David Y., Chiropractor, Minneapolis, MN

 The “Find It and Fund It” Program
Training Manual:
Ameraco’s Find It And Fund It Program is a 232-page training manual. This is
extensive Step-by-Step instruction on how to undertake an Assignment of
Contract, Joint Venture, and Personal Investment. The Tudor Program is a
unique system for locating and acquiring a wide variety of residential real estate
found right in your area. You will be taught how to work with foreclosures, pre-
foreclosures, HUD and VA foreclosures, Real Estate Owned by the Bank
(REOs), For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBOs), distressed properties, undeveloped
homes, motivated sellers, etc. Best of all, you can either assign or joint venture
in real estate no matter what your current vocation, financial condition, or credit
rating by partnering with our Nationwide Network of Private Real Estate
Investors. This in-depth training provides chronological, Step-by-Step
instruction on the entire wholesaling process, from locating good deals, all the
way through rehab and resale.

System Guide:
This is a light-weight summary version of the full manual to take with you
anywhere. Designed to work hand-in-hand with the Find It And Fund It
Program, the System Guide is a 72-page training handbook focused specifically
on Assignment of Contract. Packet with a condensed version of the full step-
by-step wholesaling process, the System Guide is perfect for quick reference
while out in the field. The Guide contains the Step-by-Step training, the tools
and even all the forms and agreements necessary to conclude an Assignment

Internet Directory:
This is a directory of free online resources to aid you in qualifying good deals.
This 96-page directory lists websites for every Property Record Database
currently available on the Internet for each county and state. These searchable,
online property databases allow you to quickly research and qualify your
prospective deals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer with an
Internet connection.

System Coach:
This booklet provides a hard copy of detailed answers to commonly asked
beginner questions listed by subjects such as Deal Types, Earnest Money,
Locating Properties, Joint Ventures, the Investor Network, and many more.

Getting Started CD:
This gets you started in the right direction and teaches the basics of the
program. This question and answer audio CD interviews a 20-year expert who
has personally renovated over 50 million dollars of residential real estate and
has educated thousands of people to locate and profit from residential
properties. This audio roadmap provides a clear, overall understanding of
wholesaling real estate.

Username & Passcode:
This gives you access to our “MEMBERS ONLY” online services. This
exclusive feature includes the ability to access all the forms and agreements you
will need that you can easily download, save, print, or email.

Investor Network Access – Deal Submission:
Your Username and Passcode allows you to use this one-page form to submit
good deals to local, regional, and statewide investors in our ever-growing
nationwide Investors Network.

This “Lifetime” membership is available with no recurring dues or fees.

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