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“The Devil and Tom Walker” Themes


									               “The Devil and Tom Walker” : Themes

       Greed                Hypocrisy             Moral Corruption
   Tom is offered         Tom refuses to         Tom is presented
    wealth beyond           become a slave          as an individual
    his wildest             trader on moral         who has always
    dreams.                 grounds, but has        been morally
   At first, Tom           no problem              corrupt. He is
    doesn’t want to         making a profit         described as a
    take the deal           by impoverishing        “meager, miserly
    because he would        others.                 fellow” and his
    have to share his      Tom is insists          “house and
    fortune with his        that people keep        inmates had
    wife.                   to their end of the     altogether a bad
   Tom “was not a          bargain with him,       name”.
    man to stick at         yet he tries to get    Tom engages in a
    trifles when            out of his with         pact with the
    money was in            the devil.              devil.
    view”.                 Tom displays           In acquiring great
   As a money              religious               wealth, Tom feels
    lender: “In             hypocrisy,              that the end
    proportion to the       because his heart       justifies the
    distress of the         is not into his         means.
    applicant was the       new belief in          His conversion to
    hardness of his         God.                    religion is made
    terms”.                Tom denies that         for the sake of his
   When he                 he has made a           own personal
    becomes wealthy,        penny from an           interest rather
    he refuses to           “unlucky land-          than his faith in
    furnish his house       speculator for          God.
    and properly feed       whom he had
    his horses.             professed the
   He denies his           greatest
    greed: “The devil       friendship”.
    take me if I have
    made a farthing”.

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