Network Marketing Training: 3 Critical Components To Have So You Never Have To Call Another Lead Again by AdrianHines


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									Network Marketing Training: 3 Critical Components To
Have So You Never Have To Call Another Lead Again
by adrianhines | on December 12, 2012

                                                                     If you are looking for network
marketing training that will show you how to stop all that tireless prospecting then you’ve come
to the right place.

I don’t call leads nor prospects anymore.

I really don’t pick up the phone to talk to anyone that’s interested in my business unless they’ve
already joined my team.

Now I wasn’t always like that.

I used to do the face to face prospecting, 3 ways calls, burning up the phone, setting
appointments and all that.

If you like to do that then that’s cool.
But not me.

I hated it.

So I found a different way to get the same end result.

A way that was easier, less time consuming, and one that I actually enjoyed.

My only intent is just to show you a different what I believe more leveraged way to get the same
results which is more new team members and more money in your bank account.

Now that we’ve agreed that’s both what we want let’s dive into the details.

The first component you need is:

1. High Converting Sales Funnel
Let’s both be honest with ourselves. Most of these websites that network marketing companies
have for their distributors are garbage. They don’t convert much at all because they are
designed by corporate people, not internet marketers.

So if you are sending people to your website and wonder why they are not signing up, that’s

If you want real leverage you NEED to have a very high converting sales funnel that literally
compels people to give you their information and credit card number.

2. Massive Traffic
The key word is MASSIVE. I’m not talking one or 6 views on whatever form of advertising you
are putting out.

I’m speaking hundreds if not thousands of people looking at your advertising every single day.

Just like face to face prospecting is a numbers game, so is placing ads online.

All this is a numbers game its just that this offers way more leverage.

See I do videos on a consistent basis. I have well over 400 videos on the internet. Some get 25
views and others get tens of thousands.

The 80/20 rule applies here all the same.
Again its leveraged though.

I have people watching my videos when I am sleep, eating, sleep, watching a movie, preaching,
sleep, eating, watching basketball…


….you get the point. My videos are always working for me.

3. Systematic Upsell
Ok you have a high converting sales funnel that gets people to opt in.

You have massive traffic coming to your sales funnel.

So what’s next?

What’s the last thing so you will never have to call another lead?

Your system has to be able to eliminate all the objections and get people to say YES I’M IN.
You have to have a systematic upsell process that doesn’t require you to pick up the phone.

Something where what you have makes so much sense that it gets people to buy right away.

Not only that but a process that gets them to buy more things from you STILL without you
having to pick up the phone.

If you are a seasoned network marketer you know that those that spend money once will spend
it again.

It’s always easier to make money off an existing customer than trying to get a new one.

So use that principle to your advantage.

And that’s it.

Those are the 3 critical components that you must have in place if you never want to call
another lead ever again.

Unless you like that type of stuff

Now if you do an honest assessment of your business and realize you don’t have any of this in
place then here’s what you need to do right away if you are sick of the phone.
Just go to the website below, watch the video, and make a decision to go ahead and get your
high converting sales funnel so I can show you how to drive massive traffic to your system.


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